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Koffler Gets it Badly Wrong

On Monday, I predicted that Gov. Mitt Romney would get 321 electoral votes and President Obama would receive 217.

As you are probably aware, I was exactly correct.


Actually I got it about backwards. Obama beat Romney by 332-206, nearly sweeping the swing states I said Romney would mostly win.

I think I understand why I was so badly mistaken. But I’m not going to tell you, because it wouldn’t benefit anyone but me.

I’ve started giving you my analysis of the election in other posts that I’ve put up, and I will continue to write about it. From that, you will understand what I think occurred on Tuesday.

But I’m not going to frame my analysis in terms of excuses or explanations for what I predicted.

I went out on a limb and made a forecast that showed a bigger Romney win than almost anyone else was comtemplating. I based it not on wishes or cheerleading – this is a news and analysis website, not an organ for promoting candidates. I based it on what I believed was hard headed analysis.

If I was right, I would have accepted the applause from my perch above the rest of the prognosticators.

But instead, the limb broke, and I landed on my ass.

And for that, I apologize to you.


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