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Top Ten States for Turnout All Went to Obama

In a sign of the success of President Obama’s political machine, every single one of the states ranked in the top ten for voter turnout went for Obama over challenger Mitt Romney, according to a report by Nonprofit Vote.

The report illustrates the extraordinary value of the Obama campaign’s ability to turn out its base. The Romney campaign’s efforts failed to match Obama’s, and many among Romney’s key constituencies – including white voters – stayed home, helping hand the election to the incumbent.

Notably, The top five states – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire and Iowa – were are swing states Romney desperately needed to win. Two other vital presidential battlegrounds – Virginia and Michigan – were also in the top ten, ranking seventh and tenth respectively.

In Minnesota, 76.1 percent of eligible voters went to the polls. In second place Wisconsin, 73.2 percent showed up to vote. In 50th place on the list was Obama’s home state of Hawaii, where only 44.5 percent of eligible voters made it to the polls. The Democratic-leaning state was always a lock for the president.

Nationally, 59 percent of the eligible voting population took part in the election, down from 62 percent in 2008 but still relatively high by recent historical standards. While in 2004 61 percent showed to choose between George W. Bush and John Kerry, only 55 percent voted in the 2000 matchup between Al Gore and Bush and 53 percent voted in the 1996 contest between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

Of Course Romney is Right About “Gifts”

I checked this morning to see what planet I’m on.

I looked outside, poked around a bit. It seemed enough like planet earth.



Martian ingrates is what they are. All of them: Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie – Big Mr. Truth Teller – and the rest of the lot who have criticized Gov. Mitt Romney for telling his donors that Obama gave politically beneficial “gifts” to various constituencies.

Because only on Mars is what Romney said untrue. Instead of governing, Obama in fact spent the last year parceling out nicely wrapped little gifts to various constituencies.

This is the same lot of Republicans who, had Romney won, would have been basking in his glow and obsequiously pawing at him for a favorable glance – not to mention, when they eventually run for president, his endorsement.

Romney deserves better than to have his political corpse stuffed in the trunk of a Buick and dumped in a New Jersey landfill by his own former group of henchmen.

“I don’t think we advance this discussion or debate by insulting folks,” said Jindal.

So it’s an insult to say people vote their interests? Please, Bobby, spare me your outrage.

Location of Bobby Jindal found on Mars

Let’s be clear, these Republicans are posturing, trying to use Romney’s statement to begin photoshopping a new Republican Party that includes people of all backgrounds – and genders. That’s a good idea, but they don’t need to kick Romney or pretend what’s true is false to do it.

And they are hoping to dissociate themselves from a loser.

I disagreed with him at times and questioned his strategy, but Romney is an honorable man who, in addition to the personal ambition every politician harbors, ran for president because he is genuinely concerned with the future of the country.

The only thing I might quibble with is Romney’s assertion that the bestowal of gifts is why Obama won. He of course already had these groups in his pocket. The gifts surely increased his share of their votes, but whether it made the difference in the election we can never really know.

But it might have.

Here are some of the gifts Obama came bearing in 2012:

A gift to gays: Obama’s position on same-sex marriage finally, in an election year, finished “evolving” to the point where he could accept it. Apparently the timing of Obama’s conversations with God on this issue couldn’t have worked out better.

A gift to Hispanics: In a probable violation of the Constitution, Obama stopped enforcing the law of the land, decreeing he would no longer deport illegal immigrants under 30 who came to the United States as children. In doing so, he basically implemented a portion of the Dream Act – creating by fiat legislation Congress refused to pass.

A gift to young voters: Obama bashed Congress into keeping student loan rates at 3.4 percent.

A gift to women: He resisted all efforts to change the Obamacare mandate that the ladies get free contraception.

And yes, Obamacare and its guarantee of health insurance is a gift to minority voters, whose incomes lag those of whites. Obama certainly believes Obamacare is the right thing to do, but he knows the political benefit as well, and to deny Romney’s contention that Obamacare helped the president with African Americans and Hispanics – as it does with other groups, like young voters who get to hang out on their parents’ health plans – is to deny reality.

The Obama people are having a good laugh over all this. They know what they did. They know Romney’s right. And they know, believe me they know, cynicism when they see it.

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