As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

House Oversight to Hold Clinton Perjury Hearing

According to USA Today: A House panel will probe FBI officials next month over whether Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton perjured herself in testimony to Congress last year about her use of private email servers while she was secretary of state. Republican committee members plan to bring up the perjury issue at a House Judiciary… Continue Reading

Video || Kaine Squirms Under Questioning About Clinton’s Lies

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine probably thought an appearance on the Today show would be an easy swim in the lake, but Savannah Guthrie was creating lots of waves instead. Here, Guthrie, who fortunately has a hard news background and used to ask some tough questions around the White House briefing room when she was… Continue Reading

Fear Clinton, Not Trump

From a piece I have running in LifeZette today. Donald Trump may say some worrisome stuff, but Hillary Clinton’s actual record is more concern for alarm. From the piece. As Donald Trump continues his string of controversial utterances, polite types in the GOP Establishment are clenching their stress balls. Some voters, even Republicans, are reportedly… Continue Reading