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Why Trump Should Demand a Fourth Debate

Well, first of all, why not? He’s losing. From a piece I have running today in LifeZette: By proposing a debate where comment is restricted to economic issues, Trump could occupy the moral high ground, a place where he has had plenty of trouble standing, even against Hillary Clinton. Instead of showboating TV journalists, Trump… Continue Reading

Obama to Trump: Stop Whining

President Obama, who has spent more time in office whining about his opposition than any president I can imagine, today rejected Donald Trump’s contention that the presidential contest is “rigged” and told him to go get some votes instead of complaining. Obama spoke during a news conference today with Italian Prime Minister Renzi: If you… Continue Reading

Video || Hundreds Exit Amy Schumer Show as she Disses Trump

Many audience members booed and at least a couple of hundred walked out of comedian Amy Schumer’s show in Tampa Sunday night after she attacked Donald Trump. Schumer was obviously aggravated by the response, threatening to throw people out just for booing. Seems to me like that’s the prerogative of audience members, to choose to clap or… Continue Reading

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 18, 2016

9:00 am || Welcomes Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Mrs. Agnese Landini of Italy; South Lawn 10:05 am || Meets with Renzi 11:40 am || Holds a press conference with Renzi; Rose Garden 8:55 pm || Hosts a State Dinner and reception in honor of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Mrs. Agnese Landini of Italy; South Lawn All times… Continue Reading