As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Hillary’s Hair Color Advantage

Here’s Hillary discussing why she won’t go grey, like the rest of the presidents, from the stress of the job. Actually, I thought this was pretty good. I’ve never understood people’s obsession with her various hair styles. Gosh, the woman just likes to experiment and have some fun. It’s not an identity crisis every time… Continue Reading

White House Excuse for Ramadi Defeat: Lack of Diversity

No, really. You’re not misreading the headline. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Tuesday exculpated Obama’s Iraq strategy and instead blamed Iraqi leaders’ failure to integrate their armed forces for the dramatic loss of Ramadi to ISIS. Earnest said: What we have indicated all along is that it will require a multi-sectarian force to succeed… Continue Reading

REDLINE || Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015​ Good morning! In the news today: Sidney Blumenthal was on the Clinton Foundation payroll while advising Hillary at State; U.S. pilots hamstrung in ISIS fight; five Republicans tied for lead; brutal heat wave continues in India; and California’s water shortage offers hope for the GOP. Have a great day. Keith   Blumenthal… Continue Reading

Court Refuses to Allow Obama Amnesty to Proceed

A panel of a federal appeals court Tuesday declined to reverse a district court judge’s ruling that blocked President Obama’s plan to grant temporary amnesty for some 5 million illegal immigrants, saying that overriding the ruling could force states to take irreversible actions that would become illegal if the challenge to Obama’s action prevails. According to… Continue Reading

White House Blames Bush for ISIS

This is one from last week, which everyone missed. It’s an exchange in the White House briefing room between a reporter and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest: Q  Jeb Bush said yesterday that “ISIS didn’t exist when my brother was President.” He has a point, doesn’t he? MR. EARNEST: No, I don’t think that he… Continue Reading