As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Clinton: Benghazi was “Not My Ball to Carry”

Here’s Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes, denying “culpability” for Benghazi while comparing herself to George Schultz, who was Secretary of State during the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 Marines. What’s she talking about? That was a bombing of a Marine barracks, not a diplomatic mission. Also amusing here is how she takes responsibility “as… Continue Reading

Obama Schedule || Week of July 24, 2016

Obama decided to be quiet as a mouse this week to keep the spotlight on Hillary and her convention. Because we would never want politics to interfere with governing, would we? Sunday he did nothing, after golfing in like 98-degree heat on Saturday. On Monday and Tuesday he has no public schedule. Wednesday, he heads… Continue Reading

Clinton Selects Kaine for Vice President; Bad Idea

Hillary Clinton announced Friday evening that she had selected Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to be her running mate. Kaine brings moderation, appeal to Latinos — because he speaks Spanish and worked in Honduras — and quite possibly, the state of Virginia to the ticket. Kaine was viewed widely as the “safe” choice and one backed… Continue Reading