As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Earnest: Iran Payment Shows Obama’s “Tough Diplomatic Strategy”

Wow. If paying ransom for hostages is Obama’s “tough diplomatic strategy,” I’d dread seeing what his weak one is. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said that in fact there were not two “tracks” to the Iran negotiations, as we had thought all along, but three. One to give the Iranians nuclear weapons, a… Continue Reading

Video || Bill Clinton vs. FBI Director Comey on Clinton’s Emails

Bill Clinton, though sounding increasingly frail, still has undiminished ability to try to con the American people. Here are his comments trying to explain away Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and put words in FBI Director Comey’s mouth, cleverly juxtaposed by the Washington Free Beacon with the actual statements by Comey. Don’t forget to share Continue Reading

Obama to Visit Louisiana After His Vacation is Over

As criticism mounts of President Obama’s failure to even make remarks about the disastrous flooding in Louisiana, the White House today said Obama will travel to the region Tuesday, after his vacation to Martha’s Vineyard is finished. In a notably defensive statement, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest sought to demonstrate that Obama has at… Continue Reading

Trump Gets Presidential in Louisiana

Wanted to share with you my latest piece for LifeZette, “Trump plays the role of president in Louisiana.” It’s currently residing at the very top of the Drudge Report. From the piece: In a brilliant maneuver perfectly timed to complement his campaign revamp, Republican nominee Donald Trump today landed in Louisiana to witness first-hand the… Continue Reading

Manafort Exits the Trump Campaign

Despite all the spin that came out of the Trump campaign about Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway being an “addition” to the operation, it’s clear that this was part of a move to ease Manafort out. I mean, three competing big personalities at the helm? Talk about unclear lines of authority. Look, there’s a certain… Continue Reading

Obama’s Compassionless Vacation

President Obama is one of those types, often seen among liberals, who care deeply about abstractions and are angry about the “oppression” of the have nots by the haves. But when it comes to the person right next to them? Meh. For Obama, what gets him going are the social justice issues that he started getting… Continue Reading