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Video || Hillary Passes the Buck

Of course, Mrs. Clinton is running for president, and so she is not to blame for Benghazi. In order to prove you are not to blame, you must find plenty of others to point the finger at. And at Thursday’s hearing, she did. ` Another video from the staff at PoliZette. Continue Reading

Video || Joe Biden’s Malarky

Thought you might enjoy this video from the staff at PoliZette. Will Biden get in this week? Who knows. He may want to wait for the brouhaha over the House Speaker situation to flame out and then announce next week. But all signs, as you probably know, are that he is running. And then we’ll have to deal… Continue Reading

Heileman: Obama Furious at Hillary

Bloomberg political analyst Mark Heileman reveals that his reporting suggests President Obama is “pissed” at Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, leaving her hung out to dry during a recent interview. While he said she didn’t break the law, he also suggested it wasn’t a great idea. It’s significant because to… Continue Reading

Video || Hillary Tries to be Human

Since she entered politics, Hillary Clinton has been on an often Quixotic quest to seem like a human being. She tries, but she just can’t fake realness like Bill can. No doubt, she will be attempting to present her human side during tonight’s Democratic debate, trying to act just natural enough not to seem cloying. PoliZette,… Continue Reading