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Video || Hillary’s Attack Dog Chorus

Hillary has not been exactly silent. Her goons have sought to set the stage for her arrival today. As you can hear by the echoes, the response is coordinated. And of course, this being Democratic spin, it includes attacks on the press – the usual attempt to intimidate.

Video || Chris Wallace Takes Down Lanny Davis

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace wasn’t having any of Lanny Davis’ BS during an interview Sunday about Hillary Clinton’s efforts to hide her State Department emails. “Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?” Wallace wanted to know. Davis has in fact been joyfully spinning for the Clintons since Bill’s slimyContinue Reading

Video || Obama Apologizes for All of Us

I think President Obama loves this country. I do. I’ve listened to him a lot, and that’s what I think. The question would be, how much? And as for that, I really don’t know. I hope he loves it a lot. Liberals tend for focus, sometimes relentlessly, on what’s wrong with this country. They wouldContinue Reading