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Video || Hillary’s Greatest Hits 2013 – 2015

Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. Incredibly, her problems now really don’t even stem from all the suspicious activity that occurred before she became Secretary of State. These are all recent screw ups, no doubt to be carried forward into the White House should she become president. It’s been an astounding past two years for Hillary. The… Continue Reading

Halperin: Other State Officials Would Have Been Fired

John Halperin of Bloomberg, hardly a left-wing radical, said Sunday that senior State Department officials would have been fired for the things Hillary Clinton is already known to have done. Honestly, it’s hard to even believe Hillary is still taken seriously as a candidate at this point. But then again, she’s Hillary. No Republican could… Continue Reading

David Frye Does Richard Nixon

I was watching the video below of former Fox News White House reporter James Rosen, with whom I used to work when he was at the White House, doing some impressions. He hits them dead on. Have a look. So it got me thinking, this being a White House publication, about presidential impersonators. Given that this… Continue Reading

Obama and Bill Nye Beat Up on Republicans

During his Earth Day trip to the Everglades Wednesday, President Obama enlisted “science guy” Bill Nye sit around with him and beat up on Neanderthal Republicans for not liking science, like Benjamin Franklin did. Just listen to how smug these two are. Goodness, they’re outdoors in the Everglades and it feels so stuffy. Okay, I’ve got… Continue Reading