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Video || Rafael Cruz Missile

Um, is the right Cruz running? Because Ted Cruz’s dad is on fire. Here he is speaking at the Western Conservative Summit a few days ago. He gets a special push of the Like button from me because somehow this Cuban émigré’s accent sounds a lot like my Polish Jewish immigrant grandfather’s did. Continue Reading

Obama Heckled at White House LGBT Event

I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen a president heckled in the White House. And President Obama, quite properly, was having none of it. Obama was speaking during a White House LGBT event when someone from the LGBTQ group Get Equal named Jennicet Gutierrez began interrupting him. Q, um, is for “questioning.” She is described by ABC… Continue Reading

Haass: Chances Grow That Iran Deal Will Cause Nuclear Middle East

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass said the Obama administration’s desperation for an Iran deal, with its continuing series of capitulations to the Iranian regime, is setting the table for a nuclear Middle East. From his appearance: The danger is that we will get an agreement that .… Continue Reading

Video || Dana Perino Tries to Get Co-Host Off Planet Trump

Donald Trump’s rambling nonsense of an announcement “speech” was so larded with empty promises and tough-sounding demagoguery – and so devoid of actual plans to achieve his many screwball notions – that, naturally, some people got upset. One of them was Fox News commentator Dana Perino. She zeroed in on one of Trump’s ideas, that of… Continue Reading