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Video || Colbert on Speaking-Impaired Republicans

Thought you might enjoy this. Particularly the portion about Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is in line, ironically enough, to be Speaker, when speaking is what he seems to do worst.

Not sure McCarthy seems like the brightest bulb on the tree lamp. Between that and the likelihood that he will spend his time batting back conservatives, his ascendancy is probably not great news for the right.

The McCarthy part starts at about 4:00.

Video || Hillary Abandons TPP for Political Gain

In one of the most naked, shameless political moves I’ve seen in some time, Hillary Clinton came out Thursday against President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal she helped negotiate and promote.

Here’s how she sounded just three years, ago, before she was running for president.

The opportunism is so obvious, even NBC can see it.

Videos || SNL Binges on Politics

Saturday Night Live Saturday had several sketches that centered on the presidential campaign.

Of course, they’re mostly zinging Republicans, but that’s to be expected. Here’s the opening, which goes after some pretty easy prey is you want to send something up, Donald Trump.


This is maybe the best of the lot, a commercial on a medication designed to help delusions presidential candidates.


Finally, an appearance by Hillary Clinton. Sure, she gets tagged for a few obvious hypocrisies everyone. But this is basically an attempt by SNL to help her say, “Hey, it’s not so bad,” while doing some inevitable humanizing.

Video || Obama Immediately Politicizes the Shooting

President Obama marched directly to the podium of the White House briefing room Thursday and specifically turned the tragic shooting at an Oregon college into a political issue.

“This is something that should be politicized,” Obama said.

I wonder. Guns have always been available. And yet these shootings are occurring more than ever. What else is stoking it. Video games? Excessive attention to the issue?

The president of course didn’t mention that the shooting occurred in another gun-free zone, just like the one in July on a military base in Tennessee.

No guns allowed at the college where this happened. Unless you’re a murderer.

Video || Netanyahu Blasts Iran Deal at UN

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cogently outlining for a non-listening world the problem with President Obama’s Iran deal: That if Iran does what it is supposed to, it will remain a tyranny, continue its aggression, and eventually build nuclear weapons:

“When bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse,” Netanyahu said.

Here, Netanyahu decries the “deafening silence” of the UN in response to Iran’s vows to destroy Israel, and then adds some deafening silence of his own to bring home the point.

Koffler on Fox Business

I did Fox Business News Wednesday morning. It was kind of a funny thing. My appearance was at 6:05 am. So they take to a room at about 5:58 to sit me down for TV, and, uh oh, there’s someone else in the seat where I’m supposed to go. Time to rush to another studio where… Continue Reading

Video || Political Correctness from Birth

Political correctness is learned early these days, of course. School kids must be taught that “trigger statements,” “bullying” – i.e. anything that might possibly be upsetting to another kid – and any reference at all to the Confederacy, global cooling or any lack of global warming, the existence of differences between races or genders, the possibility… Continue Reading

Video || Planned Parenthood Under Fire

Here’s a great video mashup of the best moments from today’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee by Planned Parenthood President Cecille Richards. Put together by our fantastic staff at LifeZette’s PoliZette, where I am the political editor. As one of our wags in the office mentioned, shouldn’t it actually be called Unplanned Parenthood? ` Continue Reading