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Reid: My Tactics Worked, So Who Cares How Bad They Were?

“Romney didn’t win, did he?”

That was Harry Reid’s response to charges that he lied about Mitt Romney of not paying taxes and that his attacks on the Koch brothers were McCarthyite.

It’s always the same with the Left. The ends justify the means. Because the ends are so pretty.

Matt Lee Has a Low Tolerance for BS

I know that Associated Press State Department reporter Matt Lee has become a kind of folk hero to many of you. Not because you know whether he is conservative or liberal, but because he is so relentless performing what is supposed to be a journalist’s duty – holding the administration to account.

Here are some of his greatest hits.

Haitians Protest Outside Clinton’s Offices

The charge is interesting, though as far as I know, not at this point substantiated: that the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti aid program was used to funnel kickbacks from foreigners who were seeking to influence Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They want a look at her emails. Either way, the notion of Haitians protesting the Clinton Haitian relief programContinue Reading

When Will We Start Talking About Bill?

So far, the press has focused on Hillary. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness of the coverage. But what exactly has Bill been up to for the last 15 years? Suddenly went from treif to kosher? Doubtful. The Ronniebuss hasn’t forgotten that Bill will also eventually be an issue.

Here’s What You Paid For

Just want to make sure you have seen exactly what you paid for when you flew First Lady Michelle Obama round trip to Los Angeles Thursday – on a separate flight from the one her husband took to Los Angeles. Here it is. You paid for the fun! Michelle couldn’t just appear on Ellen’s showContinue Reading