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Joe Scarborough Leaves the Republican Party

Good. That means there’s a place open for someone who’s actually a Republican. Mika is beaming in this video, and who can blame her? She’s a Democrat, and now her fiance, who proclaimed himself an independent on lefty Steven Colbert’s show Tuesday night, is halfway there. No one who is a Republican sits that schmoozily… Continue Reading

With Donald Trump as President, Investigative Journalism Makes a Comeback

The New York Times’ report that Donald Trump allegedly met with someone offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, and who said they were doing so at the behest of Russian government officials, shows what determined investigative reporters can come up with. Now, is this “a story”? Yes. But does this one dumb meeting arranged by Donald… Continue Reading

MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle Gets Snippy With Sebastian Gorka

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle this morning failed, at the very end of an interview with senior White House aide Sebastian Gorka, to keep her disgust with her guest under wraps, bringing up a meaningless criticism that made no sense except to be antagonistic. Gorka wasn’t taking any nonsense from her and shot a retort right… Continue Reading