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CNN Anchor Thinks Star-Spangled Banner is French National Anthem

Anchor Poppy Harlow today did her part to abet CNN’s self-destruction by failing the recognize the national anthem.

Well okay, she corrected herself, either because she had a sudden spontaneous infusion of patriotism or because a producer started yelling AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM!! in her ear. Most likely the latter.

No, I don’t think Poppy Harlow doesn’t know our national anthem. But not the best time for CNN to have this kind of error.

H/T Daily Caller.

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11 Responses to CNN Anchor Thinks Star-Spangled Banner is French National Anthem

  1. Umpty-million Americans recognized the National Anthem AND know all the words.
    Poor lil’ Poppy probably passed on participating in the popular pastimes … football, baseball, conventions, meetings, and so forth.

    Who names their child “Poppy”?

  2. Sounds to me like she wouldn’t understand this whole “America” thing if she left the county fair in a Chevy pickup, and ate a hot dog on the way to a baseball game.

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