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We Must Go to War With North Korea and Iran if Necessary

I hate to share bad news. I’d love to pretend nothing was wrong. Dreadfully wrong.

I know many of you will disagree. But there are two existential threats to our country that President Trump must deal with. Militarily if necessary, and it will not be pretty if it comes to that.

Secretary of State Tillerson warned Congress that Trump may pull out of the Iran deal. Now that’s welcome news. But I’d milk this one along for a time, while not letting the goal of ending the deal get out of sight.

From the Washington Examiner:

Tillerson certified that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama’s team in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan that was released late Tuesday night. But he hastened to add that Iran’s role as “a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods” has the Trump team debating whether to stick with the agreement.

I am not an interventionist. We should not be in Syria except to fight ISIS. Abandoning Mubarak, our longtime ally, was a dumb idea. I supported the overthrow of Qaddafi, but it was a mistake, we should have left him right where he was. I think I let myself get carried away by the fact that he killed so many Americans in the skies over Lockerbie. And the brutal reality that he was set to slaughter thousands of his own people. But that, unfortunately, is how these countries work.

But a nuclear Iran or a nuclear North Korea is simply, as a previous president put it without understanding the term, a red line. We cannot be in a position where the insane, terrorism-supporting rulers of either of the countries are in a position to destroy us with nuclear weapons. And once they have the capability, we may never be able to rid them of it.

In short, we must do everything short of war to end their hopes of a first-strike capability against the United States. But if everything short of war comes up short, then there must be war. Our survival, and perhaps that of the world, depends on it.

The reason I say to “milk it” with Iran is that North Korea already has nuclear weapons and is developing ICBMs with which to strike us. That is, North Korea must be dealt with first. And if we have to strike North Korea, it might just convince Iran to make a verifiable deal to end its nuclear weapons program, and it may even encourage those in Iran who want to overthrow a regime hell-bent on confronting the United States with nukes.

But I doubt it.

This country has big problems, both domestic and foreign, courtesy of the previous administration. People don’t want to hear that we can’t pay for entitlements and the government must be massively cut, wiping out service many people depend on, or think they depend on. Or that we have obligations to defend ourselves that will result in grievous violence and loss of life.

But those are the facts.

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28 Responses to We Must Go to War With North Korea and Iran if Necessary

    Oh, I disagree of course, but I guess you knew that. Existential threats to the US ? No, I don´t believe that. How so ? Maybe you really mean a new proxy war with Russia when you say Iran/Syria ? Oh, don´t go there. Seems like there are people hell-bent on war who have invaded this administration, who have taken Trump as a hostage. He went quickly from non-intervention and America First- isolation to this. Why ? I go with Pat Buchanan here : ” If, after Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, we do not want America in yet another MidEast war, the time to stop it is before the War Party has us already in it, that time is now ”
    And North Korea ? Buchanan again : ” Why, 64 years after the Korean War, are we still obliged to go to war to defend South Korea, why are we, so far away, still responsible for containing NK when two neighbors, Russia and China, are nuclear powers and when South Korea and Japan could field nuclear and conventional forces far superior to Kims ? ”
    Yes, good questions. I wish that this administration stops banging the war drums, that people remember Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and all the young people who had to die in these dubious wars. And poor , old Europe will be totally swallowed up by refugees once again. It will never end.

    • Your opinion is valued.
      The view from Sweden and the concern of a invasion of refugees from the Middle east is valid.
      However, IF Montreal Canada was in a dispute with Nova Scotia, but was preparing long range nuclear devices and threatening Sweden with a nuclear holocaust you might feel differently.
      It’s believed that NoKorea has the capability to send their missiles to our farthest state- Hawaii- now. Authorities in Hawaii are making preparations to cope with a nuclear disaster.
      The threats from NoKorea to our country are real, exact, and without nuance.

    • Seems like there are people hell-bent on war who have invaded this administration, who have taken Trump as a hostage. He went quickly from non-intervention and America First- isolation to this.

      I don’t see the Donald Trump you see.

      As for South Korea. I suppose after so many years and so far away there is no point.

      I wonder if Mr. Buchanan and you feel the same way about Europe and NATO. You are a Putin fan and Sweden is Baltic country so perhaps Russia’s help and support is preferable.

      I am pretty sure all of Eastern and Central Europe it would not be.

  2. North Korea has made direct threats to send nuclear bombs to our shores, no doubt about it.
    We have the obligation and the right to make sure that doesn’t happen.
    Iran has made threats against Israel and as their supporter and protecter we have the obligation to see that that doesn’t happen, too.
    How we do that is the question. I have no informed opinion, but would hope that all-out war is the last answer.

    • Srdem, Albert Einstein once famously said : I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

      • SWL Less eloquent than SRDME65, I agree with her.

        We can all take whatever position we want vis a vis NORK and the US. But, the government of NORK is run by a certifiably unbalanced person who, like Iran, has announced that America is the enemy. And he is taking steps to advance his nuclear technology.

        I am unwilling to leave my country unprotected and unresponsive until one night he decides to give it a go.

        Warfare and weaponry has advanced since the time of Einstein.

  3. If we are going to be in the business of deposing dictators, then we must also be in the business of setting up a new government with USA friendly, democratic leaders. Not these tribal governments that exist in the Middle East and who continually try to kill each other off.
    As much as I detest Barack Obama and his lack of leadership and detestable policies, and as much as I blame him for the miasma that is the Middle East, these issues go back at least to George H.W. Bush.
    After driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, we should have marched on to Baghdad and eliminated him.
    I believe the Middle East would be a lot more stable if we had done so.

    • Oh! Great minds and all that!
      PresBush the First is responsible for all of the resulting turmoil in the Middle East. We had them, we won, and then we went home.
      After defeating Japan and Germany, we stuck around until they recovered and we believed they were no longer a threat to others.
      GenSwartznegger (sp) had the rug pulled out from under him and the military by wishy-washy politicians.

      We don’t have to be colonists, but we should retain an overseer role whenever the situation is iffy.

    • If we depose a dictator, my primary goal would be obtaining something of value for ourselves: oil, natural resources, tribute payment. Whatever we need to do to obtain these payments will serve well enough as a government. Time passes we will see what settles out of the main force in the nation. Then we may think of putting in a good government over the people.

  4. This whole problem reverts back to the time( which nobody talks about) when bill clinton
    thought it would be so cool to make friends with n.k. and build them a nuclear power plant..Now they are wanting to return the favor by launching bombs at us and our allies.
    The clinton crime family has done such harm to this country and the world yet they continue to be rock stars in the minds of millions who are under their sick spell.

  5. Here’s a thought – CHINA takes out Kim Jun Whatever. And his presumed next-in-command. Then China does a Berlin Wall reprise with North and South Korea.

    Simplistic, I know. But I’m pretty simple myself!

  6. “War” with North Korea & Iran…

    Task two US Navy SSBNs.
    1. One in the Pacific (launch a MIRV-SLBM on North Korea)
    2. One in the Atlantic (launch a MIRV-SLBM on Iran)

    We turn both countries ‘Strategic Centers’ into glowing parking lots…and the World is a better place :-)

    • No doubt America has the tools to win in war with either NoKor or Iran.
      But to strike first America would become a pariah in the worlds eye.
      I realize it’s not tactically sound to let the opposition to throw the first punch, but this I say.
      The very second anything shows up on our defensive warning systems incoming no half stepping, no graduall escalation, no lets talk about it.
      We dump every e’fn thing in our arsenal on the enemy. No second place winner, no participation trophy.

  7. I have written in the past how the Norks would rattle their sabers and poke at the big dog when they needed food to keep the masses from starvation or fuel so they wouldn’t freeze to death.
    But, it is my opinion Kim Un has gone around the corner and actually believes his dangerous rhetoric.
    I suspect when President Trump assumed office, he discovered things were more dire in regards to Iran and North Korea than the klown kar known as the Obama administration led us to believe.
    Surprise, surprise, right?
    I have no doubt that as soon as Iran is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead, they will. Iran has already stated they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.
    Have we learned nothing from history?
    I also have no doubt Kim Un will would also launch a weapon of unspeakable horror upon innocent people whether they are in Japan, South Korea or the United States.
    Believe me, I am no warmonger. I have been into three different combat zones in my long career in the merchant marine and believe me, NO SANE PERSON WANTS WAR.
    Regardless of there being a democrat, a republican or an independent in the White House, a head to head clash with both of these nations has been inevitable.

    I also have no doubt Kim Un will

  8. Hey Keith

    Hope all is well and happy to see you back.

    Question: WHY did you support overthrowing Qaddafi? I thought it was the height of foolishness at the time, could see no exit strategy, no clear cut victory guidelines, and the dictator was at least no longer an active enemy and controls the crazy tribes of that half-baked country.

    I would love to know.


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