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Sunday Open Thread || February 26, 2017



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  1. President decides to not attend the WH Correspondents dinner. There are plenty of possible explanations, but I thought he would be there, just to rattle them

    Ps…got my coffee, ready to take on the day!

    • Whatever his reason, the WHCD has just been demoted to another group banquet that many organizations hold all the time.
      Some of the MSM had already announced they were not going to attend this year’s dinner, but the bigly news is that MrTrump won’t be there.
      There are a lot of anti-Trump people who think he’s being a “coward, wuss,etc”, but it’s obvious they have never watched the dinner on C-span.
      The format is this: The emcee makes some lame jokes, a press member talks about their charity, then they hand the microphone to the Guest of Honor – The POTUS. He can say what he wishes as long as he wishes. There is no back and forth, no questions, no heckling from the crowd.
      If MrTrump did attend as Guest of Honor, it would be the All Night Trump Show – he would own it.

    • I do not think that media people and the politicians should fraternize during a jolly dinner at all. In my opinion these kind of events should end, they are obsolete. Media should scrutinize the power, not mingle, that´s what they are there for, to do serious journalism. But they have lost their way, gone astray. During the Obama years many of them were boot licking lackeys and many still are, still for the same masters, Obama/Hillary. Media is lost.Trump is right when he boycotts this event.

      • I also agree with Trump’s decision not to participate. This is a tradition that should be swept out of the swamp along with so many others.

        However, sans POTUS my money is on Obama showing up or wanna be Clinton.

      • President Trump was right not to attend. Let them party together – besides he attended a ball tonight. Enough is enough with a liberal MSM that hasn’t even tried to be fair to him. Screw them, leave them to wallow in their own mess.

  2. Trumps’s daughter, Ivanka, is pushing him to pass a child care entitlement. It would cost $500 billion a year. I consider this as a want and not a need. We need lots more things before this. I’ll be disappointed in Trump if he promotes it.

    If he goes for it the there should be a trade off. Do something about Amtrac for instance. Here is a link to an article written in 2013.

    • So the dem party is showing, once again, that their favored groups, the muslims and those for more immigration/illegals are who their party backs. Not the American people who elected Pres. Trump to deport illegals. Perez as chairman… Ellison as his deputy chairman. What an ugly combination…. but that’s how the dems roll. Their choice.

  3. I hope The President is spending his weekend making lists. Lists of all those Federal agencies and employees who have publicly gone on record opposing The President. Then announcing on Monday the Firings.

  4. Great thoughts and comments all. Just got back from a weekend down Branson, MO way (if you ever want to see Trump country and experience in real life, “yes, please, thank you and you’re welcome” Branson is it.)
    Friday was the 10th anniversary of the woman who should get the Woman of the Year award every year who has put up with me this past decade.
    The plan was head to Dallas and see the grandkids and I’d go get my Three Days in January signed by Bret Baier. They had plans, she wasn’t feeling best so a jaunt down to Branson took it’s place. The Lord works in mysterious ways, because it was one of our best weekends ever. Just good old all American fun and dining.
    Yes, I’m rambling but y’all know that’s just what I do, lol.
    Anyhow, that’s the round about way of why I’m late. Because as you know, “If it’s Sunday, it must be Geoff’s column self promotion day”.
    This week we travel back to the Zimmermann telegraph, FDR’s Japanese American internment, Cronkite crossing the line, and the press lay down on the lead up to Iraq invasion. All points to the power of the press to shape public opinion and how they are completely failing in their responsibility today.
    So for what it’s worth:
    Everyone have a great what’s left of the weekend and see ya’ round soon.