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Trump: Hardiman “Most conservative” Judge Who Can Get Confirmed

Is he leaning in favor of Pennsylvania jurist Thomas Hardiman? I don’t know, Hardiman seems good, but Democrats in his state “respect” him, which makes me wonder.

From the Washington Examiner:

Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Hardiman appears to have a few advantages over other candidates, in the race to become President Trump’s nominee — including a connection to Trump and Trump’s private assessment that Hardiman might be the toughest judge he can get through the Senate.

“‘He’s probably the most conservative judge that can get confirmed,'” a well-placed source familiar with the deliberations quoted Trump as saying in a private meeting.

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6 Responses to Trump: Hardiman “Most conservative” Judge Who Can Get Confirmed

  1. Out of the gate I am suspicious of anyone the Democrats “respect”. Hopefully this is Trump’s signal that Hardiman will not be the nominee. It should be Scalia re incarnated. IMHO.