As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

12 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || December 11, 2016

  1. Good morning all…..feels like winter is close this day, with temps low but spirits high! Army Navy game was a great display, on and off the field yesterday.


    • The treatment MrTrump is getting from the MSM is just disgusting and outrageous. Ignoring that the crowd – civilian and military- cheered him being there, and that he took time away from his pressing job issues, the MSM found an off-hand remark and ran with it- without context.
      “Trump throws shade at the game”…and worse – too many to list.
      They’re not going to give him one inch, not one minute where they just allow him to get the WhiteHouse in order, and do the next-to-impossible job of transition without picking at this or that, or making strong statements without any real proof.
      (I’ll quit now – profanity is bubbling)

      • Get ready for it srdem.
        It’s going to be four years of petty, sniveling, snide remarks everywhere we turn.
        The only thing that can mute it is what he is able to accomplish while in office.

        If he turns this ship around, most people will begin to ignore the yapping media and see it for what it is.

  2. Trump is polished and seems to know lots of good people.
    Lying fake new MSM just can’t handle it.

    From out here in Mexifonia I was amazed at the Army and Navy people in the stands. OMG white faces, not the all brown faces speaking Spanish I put up with here in Southern Calif.

    Pass any school within 20 miles of Ontario Airport and its a sea of all Brown kids. Its not my Calif anymore.

    The invasion is complete here!

    • Sorry. They don’t like AZ at all. It wasn’t just the “white” population that refused to put up with the invasion – We have generations of Hispanics who don’t want them here, either.

    • Von Ebb, I lived in California in the eighties, it was rather white then. Sad to hear that it has changed so much. We have some invasion in Europe too, but of another kind.

    • I’m about 40 miles south of you in Temecula just east of Camp Pendleton. The only crime we have have here is when the Injuns get a bit crazy on the Rez. I live about 1/2 mile from Pechanga, beautiful town Temecula is.

      • Ahhh wine country in Southern California and the casino/Rez. Grew up north of there in Huntington Beach where Palm Springs was our getaway. Good times back in the day.