As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump-Pence Announcement on Carrier in Indiana

Scheduled to begin at 2 pm Eastern.

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8 Responses to Live Stream || Trump-Pence Announcement on Carrier in Indiana

  1. Not only is this Indianapolis trip live on Kieth’s sight but it is also on FOX right now. Also FOX just announced that Trump will be in Ohio tonight with his “thank you” tour.

  2. Just a hunch, I bet Trump and Pence will start at 2 pm as scheduled. Unlike Obama, who kept everyone waiting for ‘His Majesty’ to strut into the room.

    • I heard Michelle Obama call it his swag.
      She said he was “swagalicious”. That’s where I turned it off. When Trump walks up to the podium, it is purposeful.

      • Only in Barry and Mooch’s world is being late, rude and keeping people waiting considered a positive character trait.

        Yeah, and Trump’s the one who’s unfit for office.

      • Obamas pimpin’ to center stage, while Trump walks into a board meeting.
        Back in my day it wasn’t called swag, we called it pimpin, the walk, not the career.