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Clinton Blames Her Campaign for Pneumonia Secrecy

Hillary Clinton Thursday threw her aides under the bus Thursday, telling reporters that the campaign should have released information earlier than it did.

“My campaign has said that they could have been faster, and I agree with that,” Clinton told reporters.

Of course, she could have solved the problem herself Friday with three words: “I have pneumonia.” To the extent the campaign practices¬†secrecy, it’s just following the long-established lead of the candidate.

If she hadn’t turned into a rag doll following during the 9/11 commemoration, we probably would never have known that she had the illness.

Hillary spoke during a brief press conference staged after a sparsely attended rally in North Carolina, where only about 300 people showed up to see her, according to Fox News. Clinton also dodged a question about when she let Tim Kaine know she had pneumonia. “We communicated,” she said, whatever that means.


14 Responses to Clinton Blames Her Campaign for Pneumonia Secrecy

  1. Sorry Hillary- when you came skipping out the door of Chelsea’s apartment building and someone asked how you were – that was your chance to say – I have ______, I’m _________.
    So, the blame is on you.

  2. Throwing her staff under the bus now, is she? She’s gonna need a bigger bus. And at this point, she needs to consider getting a streetcar for all the people she’ll inevitably betray in the next month and a half.

    Greater ambition hath no woman than this, that she lay down her friends for her life.

  3. Hillary has all the loyalty to her staff as that of an alley cat!!! She is secretive and manipulative, and has the gall to blame her staff. Ye, Gods, how can people be so gullible as to trust that Jezebel with their pitiful adoration. Is there a death wish there????

  4. Hillary never takes responsibly for anything! For someone trying to be in charge of this nation she certainly never knows who, what, where or why of anyone or anything she is involved in that goes south.

  5. Hillary is incapable of taking responsibility for her actions….it’s always someone else’s fault that leads to the situation. Her favorite animal must be “scapegoats”! This is leadership material?