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Ben Collins: Trump Represents “a Last Chance” to People

Ben Collins, a decorated former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret who did multiple combat tours in support of the global war on terrorism, is not a particularly well known commentator. But during this appearance on Fox News today, he shows he gets what the Washington commentariat, left and right, still doesn’t.

Collins said:

What Donald represents to a lot of people is a last chance. If you look at lot people certainly within that part of America that just hasn’t had a voice, they’re the ones who voted for Bush and Romney and McCain and did what they’re supposed to do, but nothing ever changed for them.

And that’s the point of Trump, warts and all. And there’s lots of warts. And we don’t know exactly what he will do. But he’s different. He might actually do something. He almost certainly will do something about the overheated levels of immigration, which many think are going to destroy the country.

Who was going to take bold action? Jeb? Marco? No way. Cruz? Meh, maybe, but I think he’s a showboat who hasn’t achieved much. Certainly he could never get anyone to go along with him, while Trump the dealmaker possibly could.

Conservatives can sit around, write articles, dream of perfect worlds, and kiss Reagan’s portrait goodnight every evening before they go to sleep. But drastic steps are needed.

Sure, Trump’s not normal. And normal people aren’t going to take drastic steps.

In fact, normal people have gotten us into the craziest friggin’ mess you’ve ever seen.

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18 Responses to Ben Collins: Trump Represents “a Last Chance” to People

  1. “…they’re the ones who voted for Bush and Romney and McCain and did what they’re supposed to do, but nothing ever changed for them.”

    They also voted for the Republicans that took over the House (2010) and Senate (2014), and, despite their promises, those Republicans did nothing but roll over to King Barry.

    • He says Trump is not normal? He’s much more normal than anti-American Obama and greedy, Crooked Hillary! I think Trump is very normal when he speaks. Obama is just a boring arrogant drone and Hillary Clinton shakes her fist and her eyes roll out cross eyed into the corners, bares buck teeth like a viscious animal that she is, now she doesn’t look normal to me.

  2. “Who was going to take bold action? Jeb? Marco? No way. Cruz? Meh, maybe, but I think he’s a showboat who hasn’t achieved much. Certainly he could never get anyone to go along with him, while Trump the dealmaker possibly could.”
    A young man asked me today, “What kind of President was Bill Clinton?”
    I told him that I thought Bill wasn’t bad…he was a great deal maker and negotiator.
    Precisely what encourages me to support a Trump…

    • Never happen. Fox is part of the conspiracy of all the cable news channels with white witch Megan talking Trump trash every night. Ours is not a free election anymore, thanks to the first black (part black) President, Barack Obama. It is a very big conspiracy to elect Grandma Clinton, a weak-minded, shriveled up empty pantsuit. Now, she is not normal wearing those pantsuits every day! A woman? running for President in pants all the time? Worst dressed woman in America, Hillary Clinton, too lazy and/or leaking? to wear a skirt or dress once in a while? That is not normal for a woman in her position running for President? wearing pants day and night? too lazy or it leaks, or its ankles full of scars? But its certainly not normal, speaking of normal.

  3. Well said Keith, great piece.
    Warts and all caught my attention.

    Anyone that has ever served in the military was taught to ignore the warts, and follow a leader that is determined to guide you through difficult situations.

    I see Trump as that leader.
    Warts and all.

    I’m tired of the politicians lying to us.
    Remember how some members of congress and the president made every attempt they could to malign the Tea Party movement?

    Well, we didn’t go away.
    We attend Trump rallies.

    The disaffected congress that allows a president to essentially do what he wants is finally going to hear our voice if Trump is elected.

    The Tea Party is alive and well.
    We aren’t done yet.

    Watch the next Trump rally, that’s us.

  4. American Politics.

    Listening to radio. On comes Ron Paul ( I think maybe Rand — not sure). Commercial: Hi, I’m R. Paul, former Presidential candidate, and I am here to tell you about….and then he hawks a freeze drier or something.

    I don’t know — maybe there is life for the 16 or 17 Republican candidates who were not nominated. Bizarre.

    • This time, ala’ Bernie, the area directly behind Trump was kept dark. Same as he left the stage.
      Now yesterday I was really shocked to see the camera do a complete 360 degree turn to show entire crowd, and occasionally show the crowd in different areas.
      Problem with lightning? Maybe, but I believe it to be intentional.

  5. No, Trump is not normal. We are willing to be he’s not normal in a way that’s more good than bad. Hillary is not normal either, but she’s known. And many of us know her to be evil, and unacceptable.

    Trump’s challenge is to be just “not normal” enough to get elected, and not come to be viewed as completely bat-s**t, scary-cra-cra. THAT’s a real danger for him.

  6. The MSM will do anything to take the heat off Obama’s secret $400M to Iran or Hillary’s emails and lies. So, now the knives are out for Melania Trump. A report at Politico says she violated immigration laws, worked on a tourist visa and questions her current legal status. They didn’t embarrass Trump with her nude photos and they won’t embarrass him with this story.

    • So desperate.
      Thousands flooding into America across our Southern border and NOW the media is concerned.
      Every day the media, Hillary and Obama will try to destroy Trump.
      They, Hillary and Obama fear a debate between her and Trump, as Trump would would further expose Hillarys corruption and incompetence.

  7. At the debate between trump and Ms. Piggy Clinton, she better not wear an earpiece and have her criminal campaign workers whisper the answers into her ear. Everyone knows that Crooked Hillary would do anything to become the first criminal woman President. No ear pieces Crooked Hillary, we know you are weak minded and need help just to prop yourself up every day. Get lost Grandma!

  8. Stay on message, Mr. T — security and jobs, jobs and security. Say it loud, say it often and keep saying it until 8 November. Then — DO it! Hillary is already bought and paid for through the Clinton Cartel, er — Foundation, sorry. The only job and security she gives a rip about is her own.