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Video || Hillary Makes Surprise Appearance with Obama

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  1. Amid all this propaganda bilge being vomited forth by the mentally deranged democrat communist convention attendees and their bootlicking comrades in the media, a very critical and vital question has not been asked by anyone.

    Recall the firestorm over the obvious deal that had been cut between the corrupt, venal Clintons and the Attorney Generally Lawless Loretta Lynch not to indict the glaringly guilty Butcher of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton. It has been assumed that part of deal was the continued employment of Lynch as Attorney General in a Clinton Dictatorship.

    The real question that should have been asked and hasn’t been asked is what kind of deal has been cut between Dictator Obama, his evil Grand Vizier, the lizard featured Valerie Jarrett, and their mortal enemies, the Clintons. No doubt among the 30,000 missing emails are the ones that Obama, Jarrett, and Hillary sent back and forth over the Hillary’s private email account which means that they too (Obama and Jarrett) are just as guilty as Hillary of violating the Espionage Act and committing the crime of Obstruction of Justice.

    One reason the all three of these corrupt traitors are terrified of a Trump Presidency is the fact they he may appoint a real Attorney General who would go after them (Obama and Valerie) not only for these crimes committed but all of the other laws they have broken over the last 7 and a half years including misuse of government funds on lavish vacation trips,on political fund raising trips, the Secret Service protection for Jarrett and using the IRS to destroy their political enemies. (Does anyone in their right mind not believe that Obama and Jarrett weren’t the ones who issued the orders to the IRS?) Having Lynch as Attorney General is a guarantee that no charges of any kind will be brought against Dictator Imam Obama or Jarrett.

    Naturally no one in our intrepid and honorable media has any interest in pursuing this major story.

    The raping and pillaging for personal gain of what used to be our government will continue unabated under a Clinton Dictatorship and will even get a lot worse with no consequences for any laws broken and crimes committed. The only pleasant thought in all of this is the odds are the Clintons would break their promise to Obama and Jarrett and go after them as revenge.

    Who says crime doesn’t pay because it certainly does for the democrat communists.

    The picture above does not show the knives that Obama and Clinton wishes they were plunging into each others back. All I see is evil embracing on a stage.

    • Absolutely brilliant post and analysis. Clintons vs Obamas—War of the Roses, House of Plantagenet right here in Barry’s little ol’ Amerika. Which is Lancaster, which is York? Doesn’t matter in this case. Both sides will ultimately destroy one another, in a far more spectacular manner than any outside force could do so. Obama gave Hillary the Hug of Death last night, and she and Billy are too stupid to figure that out. One day, their mutual blackmail agreement will collapse of its own corruption, and that’s when the fun and fireworks will begin.

  2. Surprise? Hardly. It was scripted down to the color of Hillary’s pantsuit to match Obama’s tie, the moment of black and female firsts, a hug, the wave, the unity. This was Oscar winning choreography. Garbage, but no surprise.

    Did anyone else hear Obama say something like “he’s grown to respect/like Hillary”? I don’t remember the exact quote but my ears perked – my translation is that he’s disliked her from the get go but he sees his legacy crumbling, so he’s climbing aboard the Clinton camp. Liars all.

  3. Oh please. Read Gary Bryne’s Crisis of Character (about the USSS) NOTHING is a SURPRISE to sitting Presidents and the party candidates, who have been protected since the RFK assassination.

    The attempts on Gerald Ford’s and Ronald Regan’s lives made it even tougher for them to be a “regular” guy.