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Live Stream || Democratic National Convention – Day 4

The big events are, of course, Chelsea introducing Hillary, and then, Hillary.

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  1. For those who can’t take the torture of watching another night of watching yet another night of trained seals honking the tune of why Hillary is the greatest and smartest human being who ever walked the face of the Earth, may I recommend a movie I saw last night: “The Railway Man”. I watched it last night on either Amazon Prime or Netflix, I forget which at the moment. It’s a true story, one that will stay with you for a while, well acted and directed, and presents a hard look at an important moment in history.

    You can thank me later.

  2. With all the glossy tributes to the smartest woman on the planet last night, no one bothered to mention that she flunked the Washington, D.C. bar exam in 1973 – ‘spectacularly’.

    “On November 3, the District of Columbia Bar Association notified Hillary that she had failed the bar exam. For the first time in her life, she had flamed out — spectacularly, given the expectations of others for her, and even more so on her own. Of 817 applicants, 551 of her peers had passed, most from law schools less prestigious than Yale. She kept this news hidden for the next thirty years. She never took the exam again, despite many opportunities. Her closest friends and associates were flabbergasted when she made the revelation in a single throwaway line in Living History. “

  3. There is some Kazan guy up there. Of ME descent with a son who was in the military and HRC called his son “the best of America”.

    And he might indeed have been a great young man and a good American this is the crap the DEMS pull to convince americans that the AllahAkbar screamers are not Terrorists but potential recruits.

    This is insane.

    • This is the only part of the Convention I saw and will see.

      Obama and Clinton shamelessly use the military for their propaganda purposes and spit on them and abuse them in real life.

    • Sorry to hog this space. But I also saw this:

      U.S. Military killed 6,639
      U.S. DoD Civilians killed 16

      Of which were Muslims 14.
      Muslims are .8% of the population.
      Punching below their weight.
      Until it comes to top-level government jobs by appointment.

      • You’re not hogging when no one else is posting. Just so you know, I’m with you on the military propaganda abuse.

        Chelsea talks about “Mom.”
        Ivanka talked about her “father.”
        Take note Repubs.

  4. I hear they finally put out some American flags. To fool fly over . Hope they had to buy them — from the Republicans — at a huge mark up.