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Hillary will Finish Obama’s Amnesty-by-Fiat Within her First Year

From a piece I have running today on LifeZette:

Hillary Clinton is signaling she will move fast and furiously to force upon the nation President Obama’s drastic and unconstitutional executive actions legalizing millions of illegal immigrants, putting them on a path toward permanent citizenship — and Democrats on the path to a permanent majority.

The signal that Clinton will act by fiat, and quickly, was ironically sent by her vice presidential choice as part of a pledge to abide by constitutional norms and push “comprehensive immigration reform” through Congress.

Here’s the problem with that strategy, a problem Clinton and Kaine are well aware of: It has no chance of succeeding. What will succeed, however are executive actions that will be confirmed by a Supreme Court she will get to appoint, including the replacement for stalwart conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

Please read the rest of the piece at LifeZette.

11 Responses to Hillary will Finish Obama’s Amnesty-by-Fiat Within her First Year

  1. I don’t know who’s the worst of the two, Hillary or Barack?
    But what incenses me is to watch Congress watching the machinations of Barack and not react.

  2. Great piece Keith.
    Like him or not, Trump will do for this Country what needs to be done.

    The Clinton Kaine ticket will put this Country into a deeper chaos than it is in now.

    Kaine wants to go and talk with the drug dealers.

    Trump is going to build a wall to stop them.

    The Obama administration has had 7.5 years to fix this and all they have done is exacerbate it, intentionally.

    Wake up America.

  3. The only important questions on the table for tonight’s Hillary screech speech:

    Will she have a coughing fit again, and how many times will she cough?

    Follow up question:

    If she doesn’t cough, which steroid was administered to her before her speech to prevent the coughing?