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The Price for Dinner with Hillary? $200,000

That’s according to one of the leaked DNC emails. Access to President Obama was of course for sale itself, despite all the White House BS about their new, incorruptible style that would be free from the influence of money.

Democratic donors are fighting for the little people, and over fancy hotel rooms.

24 Responses to The Price for Dinner with Hillary? $200,000

  1. They all do this, but I’ve always been suspect it’s a shady way to use straw-man donations.

    Say if Soros wanted to throw another million at her, he’d pick up the tab for 5 of those dinner guests.

  2. Is Hillary Cooking? Have you ever seen a photo of the Clintons sitting or eating around a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal wth Hillary in her apron? Everyone keeps asking when the last time she drove a car? When was the last time she made a meal for her family?

    Everything is so fake. A perfect example…….What ever happened to Socks and Buddy the Dog? Socks was given to Clintons’ Betty Currie and Buddy got run over in Chapaqua. Show me how you take care of your pets and it will tell what type of person you truly are……..

    ClintonKaine……..Is that what they gave Monica Lewinsky after being with Bill?

      • The assorted Dem pets are all just props. Clinton didn’t give a crap about Buddy, and narcissist-in-chief Barry named his dog “Bo” after himself…bet he hasn’t spent two minutes with him since the original photo op (if the poor dog is even still alive).

        Pets are far too pedestrian for these grifters.

  3. Two comments.

    I wonder what $200,000 buys you from the Clinton Gift Shop? An ambassadorship, a get out of jail free card, an electronically signed Kwanza card, a free abortion?

    As for the $200,000 — what’s that saying ” A fool and his money ….”?

    • They are buying influence.
      Hillary needs all the support she can get.
      She is on the razor’s edge of losing this election and she knows it.

  4. CiscoKid….from your reply to me up above.
    Trump DOES own his own Spring Water Company-the Trump Water is served at the Trump Hotels, restaurants and his golf clubs.

    Also, Mar A Lago is a private country club where the members enjoy the best amenities. It is also used for weddings, special events and galas. The Palm Beach home has 126 rooms and years ago Trump sectioned off a portion for his personal use and remodeled the rest of the home and turned it into a private country club.

    You can google his home anytime and read about it.