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Video || Carson: “America May Never Recover” from Hillary Clinton

Ben Carson last night gave a strong retort to Republicans who would either sit out the election, vote for someone who cannot win, or even, vote for Hillary.

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4 Responses to Video || Carson: “America May Never Recover” from Hillary Clinton

  1. Wow. Not the DrCarson we thought we knew.
    My dear Father had an explanation for the good Doctor’s new excitement, but it’s a little profane and involves a person’s rear parts and a bolt of lightning so I won’t write it here.

  2. Lucifer? Put on your #2 design tin foil hat. The only word that comes to mind is BAZAAR. My god this Republican Convention is not only a train wreck but now the speakers and attendee’s
    appear to be becoming psychotic and unhinged. I believe this Republican crowd needs a mental health intervention.

  3. I completely understand his perspective and I agree.
    Read your Old Testament and check out how God dealt with wicked kings and kingdoms.
    And you might want to peruse Revelations.
    As for Alinsky and Lucifer – that was news to me, but not surprising. I’ve always thought some of these famous people sell their souls to the devil so they can be “rich, handsome and successful.”
    I was proud of Ben. That took guts.