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Melania’s “Plagiarism”: The Cut, Paste and Forget Theory

I’ve been a writer and and editor for 20 years. I know the process, and I know the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made. This is what I think happened to Melania Trump.

The one speech you go to in preparing for your candidate’s spouse’s introductory convention speech is the last candidate’s spouse’s introductory convention speech. And Michelle Obama’s was a good one, part of some successful rebranding that went on that remade her from the kind of sullen presence she had been previously to an attractive, smart, candidate’s wife.

So, writing for Melania, you would want to look at this speech. You probably would cut and paste a few of the better lines, thinking, Yeah, I’ll use a version of that for Melania. Change it a bunch, but what I’m seeing is good inspriration for Mrs. Trump, and she thinks along similar lines.

Melania Trump

And then, every writer’s nightmare. You cut, you pasted, you forgot about it. You passed your version, or your portion of the speech, up the chain, and the next person had no idea of your sourcing. Certainly, Melania didn’t. And then, behold, you’ve plagiarized Mrs. Obama.

It’s relatively innocent. But it is still incompetent, and signals a campaign that is too small and too disorganized. And that’s a problem for Mr. Trump.

19 Responses to Melania’s “Plagiarism”: The Cut, Paste and Forget Theory

  1. As far as I am concerned it is a nonissue. Way to much fuss. What was allegedly duplicated are things almost everyone of us could say about our own upbringings at least those of us in our 60’s. Let it go.

      • The left needs a grasping handle. They will look, search & tear everything apart to dis Trump, his family and campaign.
        It is a non issue, the msn should be focusing on Hillary & why our laws don’t apply to her.

  2. I would think lying to Congress like Mrs. Clinton did would be a more egregious matter…but the MSM has its own “priorities”

  3. I love and respect and support TRUMP 2016…

    But who the hell is running his campaign?
    I have been to several “Leadership Institute” political campaign schools down in DC and it feels like I know more about how to run a “campaign” than any of these current Trump ‘advisers’…

  4. The sweet irony is that it is also bringing back the Obama and Biden REAL plagiarism and Hillary’s lying about sniper fire, etc…
    Rush had a good point today as well regarding Michelle vs Melania. The same words may have been spoken by two different women but when all said and done only one of those women speaks in a believable voice.

  5. This is just the typical tried and true propaganda media tactic of misdirecting attention away from all of the real truth about Hillary “Crooked” Clinton who should be either on trial or in jail for her many felonies including treason.

    The democrat communist party propaganda media does not want “de common folks” to hear any of the truth that was being spoken by the speakers at the republican convention last night so it’s the ole’ bait and switch routine. Who cares if Melania Trump’s speechwriter borrowed some phrases from our First Entitlement Queen Moochelle’s previous dopey speech which was written by her speech writer.

    Queen Moochelle Obama could not write two coherent sentences in the English language if her life depended on it. Just try to read her racist, ignorant Thesis from Princeton. Pathetic.

    By the way Hillary Clinton gave an appalling racist, hate filled, pandering speech to the NCAA yesterday and you won’t see any of it reported in the media. It was disgusting. What an evil, evil hag.

  6. Keith is correct. This is about incompetence.

    Sure it’s a minor issue, but if you can’t get the small things right how are you gonna MAGA?

    I do not see what she could not have told her own story in her own words. She probably had some insightful things to say as an immigrant to America and as a spouse to a lightning rod. Instead she reads some image-makers words??!! So hiring a speechwriter was the first mistake. Hiring a bad one was the second.

    If I was going to copy a speech the last person I would copy is Michelle Obama.

  7. So far, nothing has changed my mind that this was a deliberate and designed issue. It’s still the #1 topic almost everywhere on the MSM and internet sites.
    Looking back over the primaries where MrTrump seems to say, without thinking, the most outrageous and striking comments that fuel the news cycle for days. Does he, the careful and successful businessman, just say anything that pops into his head regardless of the impact on others – you’d have to be a fool to believe that of him.
    He is most protective of his family, of his image, of the way and manner the MSM portrays any of it, we have to believe that he most certainly vetted the speech before MrsTrump addressed the convention.

    • I can see that to a point, but there were some truly great speeches last night — notably by Rudy Guiliani and Sheriff David Clarke — that are unfortunately getting little attention today.

  8. IMO,
    DJT wrote the speech. She spoke the speech.
    He knew the liberal, Republican hating MSM would be all over this and it would be the “talk of the town” today.
    He isn’t stupid, folks and he has manipulated the press for a long time.
    Let this go – it’s time to get ready for HRC who will give no quarter…if the media can help her lie, cheat and steal her way to the Presidency.
    Mr. Trump, saddle up. Time to get on your horse and ride.

  9. That sounds like the most logical conclusion, Keith. You are a genius. Of course, the first thing anyone would do is Google the speeches of other potential First Ladies – it’s only natural. And we all cut and paste for one reason or another.

    In the March interview with Greta, Melania expressed her thoughts about instilling her morals and values to her son, Barron. As First Lady, she said she would continue her charities pertaining to children –
    Make-a-Wish and many, many others.

    She is the ‘real deal’, as opposed to that awful woman who has practiced a form of child abuse for the last 8 years.

    Unfortunately, as you noted, it is a sign of the incompetence that keeps dogging the Trump campaign. You can’t run a presidential campaign on the cheap!

  10. These are collective thoughts spoken by generations of parents and grandparents to their offspring …I did not know Mooch copywrited any of her speech….the only difference was Melania spoke from the heart and Mooch spit it out with her typical ticked off phony anti American persona.