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Pence Emerges — “Honored,” “Grateful,” etc.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence plunged into a mudpit of reporters Friday at the hotel where he is staying in New York City.

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15 Responses to Pence Emerges — “Honored,” “Grateful,” etc.

  1. MrTrump made an excellent choice.
    All of the rumored veeps that MrsClinton has been seeing are all guaranteed to be a better campaigner than she is. Probably be better Presidents than she would, too.

    • HRC has an issue regarding her choice.
      Choose someone who is young and looks youthful and highlights her age and haggard appearance?
      Choose someone who is older and highlights both their haggard appearances?
      Choose someone who doesn’t screech and scream and is easier to listen to than she?
      Decisions, Decisions….

  2. This has to be the most humiliating roll-out of a VP appointment…ever!
    Evidently Trump realized he made a mistake by not following his ‘gut feeling’ about Pence, and went with the consensus that he needed to placate the party elites by appointing one of their pets.

    The cable shows have been abuzz with rumors that Trump, alone in Califoria, started calling his advisors and aides late last night to see if he could dump Pence. He is not a happy camper.

    Trump should have trusted his instincts. Pence, IMO, is a two-faced hypocrite who never supported Trump or his policies until he realized Trump had an excellent chance of getting the nomination.
    Even at that, Pence apologetically came out and supported Cruz after praising both Trump and Kasich! He covered all three of his VP bases.

    At this point, it looks like the honeymoon is over. Trump is suffering from buyer’s remorse, and Pence is thanking his lucky stars.

  3. I am not very familiar with Governor Pence, but what little I’ve heard makes him sound like someone Ted Cruz’s supporters can get behind. Which is important to overcome the false witness of the likes of Russell Moore and Max Lucado among the more naive and gullible of the church-going folks.

    I am very grateful that Mr Trump did not choose Gingrich. Gingrich has his place in helping the Trump Administration, but that place needs to be removable.

    • I’m not a Max fan. He uses words like HRC does. Their words tumble all over … Words, Words, Words. And they say absolutely nothing.

    • Yep. A place in the Trump administration but not VP. The MSM, the Democrats and the Republican elites are already geared up to destroy a Trump administration. Adding Gingrich as VP would just enlarge the target frame. Maybe chief of staff, or one of those senior advisor positions. He’s too smart to be ignored, tactically clever, and he gets it right most of the time. But he’s too much of a pirate (as he called himself) to have a public, daily, always visible, talking role. He’d be better behind the scenes.