As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Press Conference from Warsaw

Honestly, I should hold a contest to see who can get through this. But that would be promoting torture, which is illegal under the Geneva Conventions.

Five questions. One hour.

19 Responses to Video || Obama Press Conference from Warsaw

  1. Evidently he is shortening his trip to came back to Texas to address the murder of the LEO.
    More rhetoric about gun control on the horizon.

    He had planned to go to Spain.
    Why Spain?

    • This little speech is part of his audition portfolio to become Secretary General of the United Nations. As in, he’s the Great Healer, the Peacemaker, the Savior, the Wise Counselor, the Hero, the Wandering Sage, etc. All the archetypes he used to BS the American voters way back when. We’ll see him do lots more of this nonsense in future months as he tries to polish his image.

      The irony is, as we all know, that the real Obama is the exact opposite of all of these archetypes. He is a master at creating chaos, a liar, a destroyer, a deceiver, a very unwise and untrustworthy person. It’s all political theater, isn’t it, and far too many people can’t tell the difference between the actor on the stage performing off a well prepared script and the real person.

    • His gay boyfriends from Palm Desert, Ambassador Costos and Michael Smith, are in Madrid for the summer. Malia’s internship is nothing but a cover for Obama to continue his ‘not so secret’ life.

    • Texas, huh? Abbott should block the address or prevent him from entering the state — persona non gratis. Claim that Obama will only fuel and incite.

      Sound like “not who we are”? Can’t do that in the USA. Really — the media does it all the time. And the normal laws of operation and free speech no longer exist. After Lois Lerner all the way through the FBI exonerating HIllary Clinton I have no problem giving as good as we get.

      Obama is a divisive element. Texas doesn’t need this.

      Won’t happen. Should happen. It’s not like Obama does jack for Texas anyway, other than repopulate the US with illegals through its border.

      • Yes, and why no questions on Fast and Furious or Benghazi?

        He kept referring to his tenure as president.
        His legacy.

        His legacy is deplorable IMO.

        The fundamental transformation of America has been allowed by the congress.

        Remember that on election day.

    • The UT (University of Texas) poll last week has Trump leading HRC by 8 points. Why else would he be going to Texas? Hope there is a bad case of ‘blue flu’ going around on the day he arrives.

    • I thought that too. He just rambled on. Probably too early in the day for this POS that does not usually get a heartbeat until 10:00.

        • More than unsettling. The Feds are in every investigation now involving the blacks or any of Obama’s favored victims. The states need to regain control of local LEO.

          Besides FBI (where is Mateen’s wife — the one they lost) and DOJ (the fat lady who can’t move without checking with a Clinton) have lost all credibility in my book.

          Equally unsettling is the arming of the bureaucratic agencies lke EPA, DOE etc.

  2. Just thinkin’ about ole Hillbilly and the reasons why the Dems are running her — consolation prize for losing to Obama, next up on the plan, some bizarre legacy idea — who knows. But it is entitlement somehow.

    And then I thought. Hmmmm. What if Mooch decided — Nope. She wanted to be President. What would the Dems do.

    Life in my brain is sometimes so much more fun than this nightmare that the Obamas and Clintons are dragging us through.

    Mooch 2016! She’s a woman (self identity is everything), she’s black, and she can carry on the boy tyrant’s legacy. Mooch 2016!