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Video || Morning Joe: Obama Must Give a Prime Time Address

I think maybe President Obama needs to put a lid on it at this point. He’s already participated in exacerbating the situation by highlighting, yet again, the relatively rare and often debatable instances of white police officers irresponsibly and unjustifiably killing innocent blacks. It happens, and it’s tragic when it does, but it doesn’t appear to be a frequent occurrence, and there doesn’t seem to be an epidemic or racist cops killing blacks.

There is, however, an epidemic of African Americans killing African Americans. Maybe he can talk about that once in a while, since that is was is ending blacks live that matter, and particularly those of young blacks, today. I believe we have unnecessarily created racial tension in this country when Obama could have brought us together to find ways to stem violence in the inner cities. But that’s not as interesting or appealing as stomping your feet about racism.

So disappointed that Obama bought into the Al Sharpton approach. I thought he was something different. I was deceived.

Of course, the best way to help the inner cities is through conservative policies that take poor people off of government assistance and give them jobs and new alternatives for a better education. But that certainly would not be Obama’s focus.

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  1. Blacks saw him as the messiah, he failed them.

    He failed to stop urban violence.
    He failed to raise black youth from unemployment.
    He failed to instill a sense of pride and responsibility for black males.
    He failed, as a biracial man, father and elected leader, to bring together factions of both sides. Instead, he subjectively fanned the flame of racism.

    And in the process, he finger pointed and blame everyone but himself: it’s the police, it’s the armed forces, it’s the GOP, its guns, it’s the racists….

    Another notch in his legacy belt.

    This is what happens when we elect people who have no proven managerial track record. They spawn emotional favor but fail in their responsibility to our nation as a whole….

    He had such promise as the first national leader of his culture, but perhaps it was all smoke and mirrors after all…..

    • Very astute Harv. That POtuS has harmed America so deeply it will take true Patriots to come together and reverse the garbage that has been dumped upon us.

    • Excellent points Harv. But in reality, from what I’ve studied of him, I don’t think he ever intended to try to solve any of it. Solving it takes away Dem power and all Obama and crew care about is maintaining power and the only way to do that is to keep the agitation up and convince everyone they’re a victim.

    • thanks. I was never an Obama follower or supporter, but was hoping his tenure would add at least some kind of positive accomplishment.

      alas, not to be.


      • Agree Harv. I had my hopes also (but I gave it a 5% chance), hopes that the big fuzzy hug he wanted to give the thug culture and islam might do some good.

        I always thought the worst thing for the dems would be to give them exactly what they want. Here it is.

        • Suddenly it occurs to me that the reason he is so against high-powered assault weapons is that he fears someone, someone a whole lot smarter and a very good marksman, will use one on him.

      • Obama is simply acting the way he was programmed to act from an early age. He’s a student of Alinsky. Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is a close friend and supporter. Soros is a mentor and financially backs exactly what Obama supports. Obama was trained to create political fires as much and as often as he could by these and many other similar influences, no doubt.

        So what’s the scheme here? What’s the plan? Simple. It’s the principles and actions of Hegel’s Dialectic sponsored by the White House. It goes like this: Step 1-introduce maximum chaos in the current state. Step 2-fuel that chaos until it destroys our institutions (police, the military services, schools, the Justice system, the economy, gender distinctions, etc.). Step 3-when all seems hopeless because of the created chaos, introduce the government “solutions”, i.e. take away our First and Second Amendments and other Constitutional protections, raise taxes, grab power and wealth from the citizenry, rely completely on government solutions to solve the “problems” created by the planned chaos.

        It’s the oldest strategy in history used to destroy a peoples’ will, the sovereignty of a country, and used by tyrants, corrupt governments, power grabbing leadership, the ones in the “inner circle”. It’s a very old story.

        That’s what these past eight Obama years have been all about. I think we’ve all figured that out long ago. Hillary will bring more of the same. That’s the plan.

          • Yep. That’s where we are. All destructive forces, solidly united against us for the past 8 years. They will all fail eventually, but will leave a wide swath of damage and destruction in the wake. Evil incarnate, with Obama currently sitting in the driver’s seat.

        • Marcus, your post is fantastic. It makes me cry to know what is happening. My feeling is that you are exactly right — everything he does is done on purpose, just for the power, how horrible is Obama! We have to pray that Hillary Clinton doesn’t win but she’s just like Obama and all the dems, they care only for the power and control. Let us pray that she loses or drops dead! thanks for your post, I hope many people read it and wake up about Obama. How could he get a rating of 51 percent in popularity? I betcha even those polls are rigged or him and the dems. Most people I know can’t stand him, but there are a lot of low I.Q’s and Food Stampers out there that would vote for free bees. I also think we are being punished by God for the millions of abortion murders here in the U.S. and thats why we got Obama and now we might get Hillary Clinton. So many babies killed, even animals take better care and we are supposed to be a civilized country? What happened with these women who love abortion, how could they?

    • I do have something to add. Remember he wants to help the disadvantaged black youth with his “My Brother’s Keeper” program. My Brother’s Keeper program while his own half brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, lives in a rain-drenched thatch hut in Kenya.
      Doesn’t charity begin at home?

      • “That’s what ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about. Helping more of our young people stay on track. Providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Building on what works – when it works, in those critical life-changing moments.”
        – President Barack Obama, February 27, 2014

  2. Here we go again with more crazy anti gun talk. Its the guns, they drive themselves to the crime scene and shoot people….

    yup that s it…… How could this horrible divisive man have been elect twice.

    Voters really are stupid……………..

    • We voted against him, but the ones that count the votes overruled us.
      If HRC is nominated, they will try the same thing.

      The progressives have been at this for 100 years.
      The machine that keeps them in office is tuned and ready to do it again.

      We cannot allow that to happen this time.
      The Country cannot take it.

      Both Sanders and Trump have told us that the system is rigged.
      They are both right.

      Hillary has never said that the system is rigged because she is part of it.

      • Interesting that you say “if HRC is nominated.” If only the Democrats chose a halfway decent nominee, some of us would seriously consider that nominee. If only. [Anyone but Hillary, but that’s probably an outlandish dream.]

  3. “…. white police officers irresponsibly and unjustifiably killing innocent blacks.” Wrong. There is no evidence that this happened to any Black by any police officer.

    The “best” way to help inner cities (Black ghettos) is NOT to take people off of public assistance, is NOT to provide jobs, or better education. They can do this themselves if they wanted to do so.
    The government cannot provide jobs, only the private sector can do that, but they’re not going to install their business into a community that barely speaks an understandable language, and has given up on any education or getting the skills necessary to be employable.

    I really don’t want to help the inner city (Black ghetto) community do anything at all. They don’t help me and mine, they are leeches who have drained the middle class until it squeaks. Nobody, no government do-gooder, cared a big hoo ha if my family got an education, found and held a job, and lived peacefully and lawfully. They offered the education and we appreciated that. We found jobs that might not have been inspiring or fun, but rather drudgery and boring – but we stayed. We lived by the laws our betters told us would keep us safe and free.
    The Blacks who are whining about racism keeping them from doing anything to better their lives are just that – whiners.
    It’s up to them to do what must be done. Get an education, it’s out there, everywhere, from schools to TV programming to the internet.
    Live by the law, don’t sell drugs, steal things, shoot each other or abandon your children.
    Poor and uneducated Black people are not dumbo idiots, they are just unwilling to admit their lives are what they made of them. All we have to do is look to those in the Black community who excel in business, education and at the least, raise their children to be law-abiding citizens.

    • I worked for Xerox years ago and I talked to a guy that managed an agency that provided welfare to needy families.

      He told me then that this is a business.
      They are supposed to look for a job to get the benefits.
      They do but then quit because the job is too hard or you fill in the excuse.

      Maybe they don’t pay enough.

      They can’t push a broom because their back hurts.

      It’s too hot.

      He laid out numerous excuses that they use to get back on the welfare roles.

      He told me that it was frustrating to have to sign them up again but he had to do it.

      • A long, long time ago, I worked for a non-profit organization that was 100% federally funded. One of the old timers who worked there was talking to a newbie (me) about our goal of “ending poverty.” He told me the real goal of all government agencies was nothing more than “self perpetuation.” He was correct. Oh the stories I could tell…

    • Says it all. The ghettos are a breeding ground for crime, dysfunctional behavior and a hate-breeding culture. I know there must be people living in these hell holes who are really trying to live good, productive, safe lives. It’s nearly impossible for them to do so.

      • Impossible is a challenge to some.
        It’s only a word, a word and a concept.

        The mindset that conquers that word soon finds that nothing is impossible.

        I prefer the word determination.

        Those who disagree have found that hard work and the desire for success will pay off.

    • Herman Cain. His parents worked two jobs to keep their family going. They went to church & obeyed the laws.
      It’s not that difficult.

  4. Oh, the optics! Chuck Todd is calling on Obama to give a prime time speech… to put out the embers… while the worst race-baiting miscreant, AL Sharpton, is sitting on camera just inches away from him. MoJoe has its mojo, can’t watch it anymore.

    **The first step in eliminating racism would be to ship Sharpton off to a deserted island.

  5. Well said Harv, and written.
    More of Obamas failing of the black community.
    Chicago, Year to Date
    Shot and Killed: 309
    Shot and Wounded: 1761, yes, one-thousand, seven-hundred and sixty-one.
    Total Shot: 2070
    Total Homicides: 344
    Obama, spelled FAILURE

  6. I agree with that gasbag piston head Morning Shmoe, Dictator Imam “I love Hillary” Obama does need to give a prime time address to the American people but only if the main subject is tendering his immediate resignation from the badly sullied office of the presidency. I would definitely tune in for that speech. Any other speech, nope.

  7. The last person I want to hear from AGAIN is Barack Obama. He should get his butt on AF1 and go directly to the homes of those dead police officers and offer his condolences. In private.

    • I’m sure they don’t want Obama to come see them, after all he has said about the police officers. Anyway, Obama is a coward and he would never go see their families, he might get an earful and he couldn’t stand that! He thinks he’s a king, don’t you know! Forget Obama, he’s a lost cause, everything he says and does is the mark of a sadist, no one could be that dumb, so he has to be sadistic after all the death and destruction he caused, yes, he caused it, we never had blacks killing so much before, he’s driving them crazy with his racist talk.

  8. It’s the Alinsky way. He’s never been anything but. If not for the media covering for him he’d have never made it to the Oval. But now that he has, ALL AMERICANS are paying the price.

  9. Without an investigation and evidence of possible others involved, Jeh Johnson — that dirtbag who should have been fired or impeached years ago — has determined there was only one shooter and no reason to suspect connection with terrorists groups during the Dallas Massacre.

    The Feds should back off and out and allow LEOs to do their jobs. Lynchmob and Johnson bring nothing to the table except plant political dos and donts.

    And Paul Ryan needs to keep his mouth shut about guns.

  10. This is OT –about Hillary and Bill. Quote from John Podhoretz that I received as part of an email.

    John Podhoretz, New York Post, On Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Scandal:

    “FBI Director James Comey stood before the nation and issued a list of Hillary Clinton’s astounding wrongdoings Tuesday as regards America’s national security – and then said he was not recommending prosecution because, in essence, what Mrs. Clinton did was ‘extremely careless’ but not criminal.
    “As he spoke, I recalled F. Scott Fitzgerald’s peerless description in ‘The Great Gatsby’ of a feckless wealthy couple: ‘They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into . . . their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.’

    “Fitzgerald’s Tom and Daisy are pikers compared to Bill and Hillary.”

  11. I’m sorry, but its all Obama’s fault –he has incited murder and mayhem from the beginning. He’s so dumb that he doesn’t even realize it either. All he and that fat Lynch (boy, she got fat, all that rich food and money being the rigged Justice Dept. hostess?)all they give lectures about is racism, investigation, all the time and so the blacks are wilding and killing all the time. Its almost like a joke with the black on black murders, but it isn’t a joke at all. But you don’t see the Jews killing each other every week, what’s wrong with the black people in 2016? Obama is driving them all crazy with his stupid talk? He sounds like a moron, beating the same drum over and over with his puppets.

    • About Obama: “He’s so dumb that he doesn’t even realize it either.”

      He acts like he’s some sort of trance much of the time. Or detached from what he’s saying or doing. Maybe he’s really a cyborg constructed by a mad scientist in a castle in Bulgaria who was funded by Soros? It could happen. ;+}

      • Maybe he’s on drugs, downers, when he lectures us, he sounds so without emotion, like a drugged up depressive. I can only listen to his loss of words for about 2 minutes, so boring too, aside from being hateful rhetoric towards the good old USA. But he really did start this craziness in the country, it like he gives the go ahead for anarchy every time he talks, its all racism he says??? Duh? I’ll say it again, he is so dumb, and that goes with being just a plain old trouble-maker, BUT WAIT, I promise you that he will change his tune about the police now, just for phony Crooked Hillary to win the election. All of a sudden starting today, he’s GOING TO DALLAS TO HELP THE POLICE??? WHAT? After all his hatred toward police and whitey. he will now do a 100% turn about about the police because of the election. Don’t believe him, if that Hillary Clinton wins, it will be Obama’s 3rd term and down the pike to socialism, off we go! Only for the power, Obama is the worst racist and he had to become the President? I knew it would be like this, I hated him from the beginning and it isn’t because of his color. Of course, he is skinny and homely but that has nothing to do with race. He’s just, well, call him Stinky.

  12. FBI statistics shown the a black man is 3.3 times more likely to be shot by a BLACK police officer than a white police officer. But regardless, the real problem is that black males, who comprise less than 6% of the population, perform 50% of the crime in the US.

  13. The arsonist-in-Chief continues to
    imitate one of his idols…Saul W….
    We have six more long and insufferable months of his……I’m so sick of seeing and listening to the entire family….just go away