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Live Stream || FBI Director Comey Testifies before the House

Scheduled to begin at 10:00 am.

12 Responses to Live Stream || FBI Director Comey Testifies before the House

  1. Will Comey the Coward be wearing a jacket with a yellow stripe down the back when he tap dances his way through this sham hearing?

  2. Boy…..Elijah Cummings is nothing but a partisan buffoon. Facts are irrelevant to him. I loved how he mentioned that it was just one email address. No, it was multiple email addresses and multiple servers.

    A couple of things I would like to know…….

    Did HRC email any republican with her any of her email accounts?

    Did HRC email anyone at Justice or FBI with said accounts?

    How many Administration officials use fake email addresses to conduct government business? Holder, HRC, Lerner, Head of EPA, etc.

    I wish my DVR had a fast forward Cummings button……..

    • Listening to the hearing. Note that two of the panel–Elijah Cummings and Carolyn Maloney are members of the 80+ members of the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) caucus in Congress. Their tactic so far is to mock the whole point of the hearing, charging the Republicans on the committee of a vendetta against Comey because of his decision to not recommend indictment of Hillary and, by implication, insinuating a Republican witch hunt against the sweet and completely innocent Hillary Clinton.

      As we now know, the Democrat Socialists in Congress are a front group for the world-wide Socialist International. As a reminder, the Socialist International is the worldwide organization of socialist, social democratic and labor parties. It currently brings together 131 political parties and organizations from all continents. Its origins go back to the early international organizations of the labor movement of the last century. It has existed in its present form since 1951, when it was re-established at the Frankfurt Congress. They are now headquartered in London, England.

      From the DSA website:

      “We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.”

      Important to remind ourselves of that so that we know how truly corrupt certain elements of the Congress really are.

  3. Incompetence of the first order: The FBI did not even put HRC under oath or record the interview! But Comey states it is ‘still a crime to lie to us’.

  4. How many people were interviewed?
    How many of those were placed under oath?
    Was Hillary Clinton treated differently as it relates to a testimonial oath?
    Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton placed under oath?

  5. Isn’t it more convenient to use a work email and a work server for work?

    Comey is spouting the Democrat talking point when he says she used her own server for convenience.