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58 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 20, 2016

    • Back in the day–circa 1971–they had designated protest areas and the police tried to keep protestors in them…But basically, the “demos” tied up the city–I lived behind the customary police lines on G Street down by the mall–the police started throwing gas early in the morning–my cat would be sneezing and wheezing…We put vaseline on to protect from the CS gas on our faces…It was a pretty big rodeo compared with what we are seeing here so far.

      • I feel that they have a right to protest but shutting down streets and highways is a little over the top.
        How about the ambulance that can’t get through, or the lady that is in labor.

        Fist fights in a political campaign speech is coming from the dem side only as far as I can see.

        How do they get into a Trump rally to begin with ?
        Do they lie and then start a fight ?

        Like I said before, you don’t see Trump supporters doing this.

        A personal assault on me is going to result in a personal attack on them.

        • AFVet, I’ve read this past week, that the protesters pretend to be Trump supporters to get in, then organize to be butt-pains.

        • Well, I was shall we say…on both sides. I worked by day for the aerospace/defense industry and on weekends on the streets–my employers said, “Here’s a dime, call someone if you get arrested but don’t get our name in the papers.” Unique times–this stuff is penny ante compared.

    • Trump called the “protester’s” for what they REALLY are, agitators.
      At the UIC, the Campus Police were ordered to leave their OC spray in their locker’s and not to wear their black glove’s.
      No gloves because it would look to “aggressive”.
      CPD and UIC Police had order’s not to make any arrests.
      No riot gear was made available, even though a riot was expected.
      The thug, criminal and agitators element are a essential arm of the Democratic party along with leftists.
      Violence and thuggery are their game.

      • these left-wing/socialists, anti-American move on, racist black lives, pro-Bernie, anti-Trump “protesters” = Domestic Terrorists

    • Thanks for the link. I like that the cop brought up the fact that Trump paid to rent the venue, so it was a private event and he had the right to throw out the protesters.

    • Thanks, Vet. There’s a bazillion of us sick and freakin’ tired of the malcontented Left in America. They have NOTHING to be upset about that they (and their professors) don’t bring upon themselves.

  1. If I was Donald trump I would stop appearing on Fox News. He can get grief from the MSM why take it from a network that is supposed to be “fair and balanced” and yet uses him for a whipping boy and a ratings jump. Let the MSM continue to do that.

    • Are you back on with Foxie now? Yes-I would say they “balance” pos and neg on him–but he always has little Eric B and oftentimes, O’Reilly to front for him, reinterpret his already clear statements, give him advice (time to being up actual policies) and pretend to be unbiased.

      • No Star. I have just been reading about some interviews and commentary and see clips from time to time. They seem to be fairly “establishment” and happy to blame most everything on Trump as a cause, rather than a part of the picture. Even before I dropped cable I saw a slight turn toward this. The first date made me sit up and notice the bias.

        Not a big deal. No cable. Life is better. Also reading a great book — so that always helps. :) Happy Sunday to you all.

    • He did Grace.
      He cancelled his appearance on the last Fox News debate.
      I applaud him for that.
      Soon after, Kasich backed out and left Cruz standing there alone.

      Kasich realized that a one on one debate with Cruz would make him look like a fool.

    • I agree he should stop appearing on Fox. It surprised me he filmed a town hall with Hannity yesterday morning in Phoenix. Not sure when it’s to air on Fox.

  2. Here’s a comment I “borrowed” from an AOS reader:

    Seems sort of appropriate that 0bama will be in communist Cuba during Holy Week. In a topsy-turvy what the hell way.

  3. All of the Obamas and the FirstGranny are on their way to Cuba.
    About 900 of their closest friends are with them, too.
    This isn’t a diplomatic trip, this is a sorry vacation and an insult to all of us.
    We can expect to see the lady Obamas as their tour historic locations, and a photo of the President as…talks to himself.

    • Meanwhile the dissidents will be locked away from the media. Total propaganda trip for both countries.

      The Castro brothers will stage a Pope worthy welcome for the family, and again, we’re paying for the spectacle.

  4. Well everyone, here’s a musical interlude that will take you back to the days of Vietnam and the time time when music was music, instead of rap.

    I grew up with this music.
    I was glued to the radio.
    And it seemed that every week a new band was being promoted by the DJ’s.

    Sit back and listen to what we were.

    • Thanks for the link.
      Only yesterday I had a conversation with my daughter about the 60-70s protests and why the anti-Trump things are just laughable.
      Protesting the war in ‘Nam was not just walking around looking peeved or calling for some kind of ‘social justice’, but a matter of life or death for millions of people – those who were drafted and sent to the war zone, and those whose everyday life was a real war zone.

      It’s hard to explain to young people what it was like to watch the horrors on TV every night, to hear or read about another young man lost in a stupid, stupid war.
      Waving a “stop Trump” sign is nothing like the “hell, no. I won’t go”.
      Today’s “protesters” are just a bunch of whiny, self-indulgent, spoiled brats who want things their way.

      • Well said srdem.
        They were there then too, spitting on the troops coming back to this Country.
        The same ones that are determined to keep Trump out of office.
        The same ones that are in office in our government.

        • It was wrong to take it out on the troops–I think most people see that now…My ex’s twin sister called him a babykiller. But as SrDem said, most people barely knew where Vietnam was…I barely did and I was an Asian Studies major. The draft upped the ante incredibly–the lottery drawings, people deciding whether to go to Canada, trying to get deferments, or going like my college friend Nick killed in the first month. The demos attracted a million or more, some were police riots (sorry but they were), the 1968 Convention (same)…Kent State–young guardsmen killing young students in a panic. Activists poured blood on draft records after breaking into govt buildings. Yes–there were people who took it too far (Ayers etc) with bombings…Some bombers in NY blew themselves up in Greenwich Village making a bomb. The 24-hr news cycle then would have self-destructed. Blocking a street in Arizona…kid stuff.

    • Thank you very much AFVet, It really gave me remembrance of days gone by, good day’s.
      This was a terrible weekend for me, really down in the dumps.
      Two fine Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty.
      Greenville, South Carolina Police Officer Allen Jacobs, 28, Iraqi War Vet and 4 year Department Officer.
      Shot and killed by Deontea Mackey, self-admitted gang member.
      Officer Jacobs leaves behind 2 sons and a wife expecting their 3rd child.
      Howard County, Indiana Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Koontz, 27 and 3 year veteran, shot and killed in line of duty serving an arrest warrant.
      Also shot was Sgt.Jordan Buckley, 9 year veteran.
      He is expected to survive his wounds.
      Both offender’s in these murder’s are dead by their own hand’s.
      Remember them in your prayers tonight.
      And the next time you hear fuck the police.
      Didn’t mean to take so much space and time, just had to say it.

      • Syracuse, N.Y.
        My first duty station.
        Hancock AFB.
        We supported NORAD (Air Force), on the other side of the wall in the Comm Center, the Navy had their network, same equipment different circuits.

        I got to see the Northeast on Uncle Sam’s dime.
        We had radar sites all along the coast that we were to maintain.

        It was great.

        • Did you enlist or were you drafted? My former brother in law was able to get into the Coast Guard–it was hard to get into…He was in the Honor Guard for a year, funerals, etc., then did two trips to the South Pole on the North Wind icebreaker. I have another friend who was drafted and ended up staying in the states and making ceramic beer steins for officer clubs–an Army pottery shop kind of. But not everyone, of course, got such duty…

          • I see above–you enlisted…Many did…but to me that does not make people who did not go “draft dodgers.” Maybe those who fled to Canada fit that, but it was such a crazy war–no one knew what to make of it…There were people who insisted on “my country right or wrong” but others thought, what is this, why should I be killing these people or getting killed. My ex had Bronze Star–but for a police action we undertook in Santo Domingo in the Vietnam era. Most people on this list seem to be older–don’t you remember a lot of this?

          • My husband had a low draft number (45) in the first draft in 1969. After being rejected for ROTC while in college due to ear deafness, he never thought he’d be drafted.

            When he went for his draft physical, he was told he was acceptable for the enlisted Army.

            He did enlist in the National Guard and avoided the draft. To this day, he lives with survivor guilt.

          • I remember some of the protests and how horribly our troops were treated when they returned home. One of my cousins has suffered from Agent Orange exposure. As for draft dodgers, in Phoenix there was a popular doctor/artist that young men flocked to in hopes of getting a diagnosis for medical deferment. The doctor referred them to the radiologist where I worked for x-rays. Many of the guys said they were leaving for Canada if they couldn’t get a deferment. Word spread about this doctor and he was eventually interviewed by the Phoenix newspaper. If I recall correctly he was investigated later on.

        • AFVet, thank you for your service. My Dad was career Navy. We lived in Winter Harbor, Maine NSGA, Adak, Alaska, 3 years in London and ’59 to ’62 in Kamiseya, Japan. My oldest brother was born IN Honolulu on Dec. 6, 1941. What a wonderful childhood I had! I think that is why I love my country so much.

          • Well my Dad served in Burma during WWII as a radio operator for the Army Air Corp.

            I maintained communications equipment while I was in, during Vietnam, and my brother was a crew chief on F-111s.

            We have served our Country.

            What a great childhood you had.

            I love my Country because there is nothing better on earth.

          • Army. Similar childhood. Japan and Germany and Italy. Until the age of 17.

            International career. Great childhood and glad it encouraged my curiosity and appreciation of the world and history.

            And you guys are right, America is the best!