As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Iran and Cuba Only Countries Obama Improves Ties With

I thought Obama had no foreign policy success. Sorry, my bad.

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18 Responses to Iran and Cuba Only Countries Obama Improves Ties With

  1. To anyone who will listen, the insufferably arrogant Obama is blaming HIS foreign policy failures on the European ‘free riders’, especially David Cameron.
    Did he not learn in the faculty lounge at Harvard that our European allies have always been ‘free riders’ throughout modern times?? That it is OUR obligation to lead and stay the course until the job gets done??

    What a putz!!!!!!!

  2. Cuba or Iran
    IRS or DMV
    Rectal exam or root canal
    Combat boot wearing feminist or cougar
    Guy who dangles his hand puppet around his neck or bearded militant who open carries
    Mow the lawn or trim the hedges
    Clean the oven or clean the fridge
    Some choices are all bad.