As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

15 Responses to Video || Someone Really Digs Bernie’s Marijuana Stance

  1. war on drugs for what 10 15 years? we lost!

    Prisons full of convicted druggies.

    Time to surrender. Make them all legal and tax them like cigarettes. Over 4 or 5 dollars a pack here in ca. Still selling!
    We can never win, just like the war on poverty, we lost that one too.

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    Alright, This is the Saturday Thread.
    This thread is not dead until Keith pulls the plug.
    In the meantime, we got the field.

    Veterans, crank it up.
    Obama is determined to “not put boots on the ground”, and yet he sends our elite troops into harm’s way to train people that drop trow and run in the face of the enemy.

    Open Thread folks, have at it.