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Trump Clobbers the Media

Many in the “mainstream” media act like they are members of an exclusive club that protects and covers for its members no matter what.

High-profile journalists, along with the GOP establishment, have decided real estate mogul Donald Trump is a populist vulgarian who needs to be removed from the scene.

For two months, left-leaning Washington, D.C., journalists and sullen commentators, whose only connection to the heartland occurs at 40,000 feet when they are flying over it, dismissed Trump as a comical boob popular with Neanderthal haters who would soon go back to cheering their favorite NASCAR driver.

Reporters thought Trump was the next Sen. George Allen — a man from Virginia on the cusp of that moment where a campaign falls apart over one politically incorrect line. They have been alternatively predicting Trump’s demise, or trying to put his head on their trophy wall.

The Huffington Post even snooted in mid-July that it would exile coverage of Trump to the entertainment section.

In a message to readers pompously titled, “A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump’s “Campaign, HuffPost Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim and editorial director Danny Shea informed readers: “Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.”

Grim and Shea are now trying to decide if they want the egg on their face fried or scrambled.

Trump has not just proven the media wrong. He is personally steamrolling individuals who showboat by attacking him or who aren’t on their game. To the reporters hunting Trump’s scalp, the famous line from Rambo now applies: “We’re not hunting him, he’s hunting us!”

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos took his turn at Trump hunting at a new conference Tuesday night in Dubuque, Iowa, but accidentally shot himself in the foot. Ramos, whose daughter went to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was exposed as an annoying activist with an agenda, to the delight of Trump supporters. Trump at first dismissed him as he barked opinions out of turn — then brought him back to listen to his rudely delivered “questions.”

Trump deserves recognition for enforcing decorum while at the same time not dodging the questions. Trump is unafraid. At a time when most politicians tiptoe around hot-button issues, his approach is refreshing even to those who disagree with him.

Can anyone imagine any of the other Republican hopefuls daring to dismiss a Latino reporter?

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur was famously bamboozled as Trump turned the tables on her during an in-studio interview.

“Don’t be naive. You’re a very naive person,” Trump said after she questioned his assertions about crime committed by illegal immigrants.

“The Pew Research says . . . ” she stammered, before losing her train of thought.

“Come on, try getting it out,” Trump taunted. “Try getting it out.”

“Good Morning America” reporter Tom Llamas attempted to tell Trump that the term “anchor babies” was “offensive.”

“You mean it’s not politically correct and yet everybody uses it?” Trump reasoned.

“Look it up in the dictionary! It’s offensive!”

Trump asked him what he should say instead. “The American-born child of an undocumented immigrant,” Llamas responded.

“You want me to say that? OK. I’ll use the word anchor baby,” Trump said. “Excuse me, I’ll use the word anchor baby.”

Mainstream journalists will have to deal with the unprecedented inconvenience of dealing with a politician in a presidential campaign who doesn’t care what they think.

And the Huffington Post may just have to decide in 2017 whether it will be sending its entertainment reporters to cover the White House.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette.

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114 Responses to Trump Clobbers the Media

  1. LOL! I got a kick out of the hunting metaphor with Ramos shooting himself in the foot!

    Huff Post still has their political writers putting out the stories, just on the Entertainment page. Silly.

    Trump makes me want to get up in the morning and I’m grinning ear to ear. Good Morning, America!

    • The press is used to taking politicians apart, they think it’s their job.
      Trump is not a politician and they are having a hard time dealing with it.
      They are unaccustomed to have to put up with someone that puts it right back in their face.
      Oh the audacity !
      But it is OK for them to destroy someone’s reputation.
      The American people are SICK of politicians.

      Trump is a breath of fresh air.

  2. Did you ever see a storyline in a movie where the bully gets the bejesus knocked out of him by a local kid who simply has had enough of the bullying?

    The MM is the bully, you know who Trump is…


  3. Trump’s recent interaction with Jorge Ramos at the press conference personified both the immigration problem and Trump’s solution.

    Ramos wanted to cut the line and ask his questions when it was not his turn (jump the border). Trump executed the exact policy he was trumpeting as part of his immigration strategy at that news conference…he deported Ramos, then allowed him back at a future time.

    It could not have been scripted any better.

  4. Great article. Trump is doing what should have been done 30 years ago–shaking up the entire political establishment and the media elites, jolting them all out of their “we are so doggone wonderful and smart that you citizens peasants are barely worthy of us” trance. Would he be a good president? No one knows. But for now, the show is very interesting.

  5. Great article Keith. Elites misunderestimate Real Americans’ frustrations with political correctness at their peril.

    After 7 years of total incompetence (laced with corruption and leavened with divisiveness) we just want someone who will let America be as Exceptional as she’s always been.

    • Hey Star, you don’t need to get on board the Trump train. Just please don’t do something crazy like jump in front of the Trump train. Messy. Besides, I love ya and would miss your comments :-)

    • “Star” – Your routine has grown tiresome. We get it…you don’t like Trump and you don’t understand why some of us here like him…and you repeat the same snarky claptrap over & over again, thread after thread, ad nauseam. How about taking a proverbial walk around the block and give us a break?

      • Nah. As far as I can see, everyone repeats their Trump love, too. So fair’s fair. Plus–are you new? Welcome! All views are welcome but may be countered in some instances. The choir can get ornery.

      • We all have our opinions here.
        They may differ slightly but generally they go in the same direction.
        If you are looking for the BORG, it ain’t us.

        • True–I think we all trend conservative, want better thinking and better actions, and–as the site says–accountability, whether that is airing what the press is doing, or the candidates, or the executives, foreign govts, or anyone.Even the commenters are accountable and own their their stands–although I hate that “own it” thing that’s so popular now.

          • Opinions are just that.
            They are fleeting, given the accumulation of more knowledge.
            No BORG here, rather, a lot of good people trying to herd cats.

    • I’ll vouch for your seat at the table, Star! You are not a troll!

      Just because I am happy with how Trump is handling the media doesn’t mean I want him as president. For example: To some extent – a businessman can pick and choose who he/she deals with. A president does not have that option. How well will Trump handle foreign diplomacy?

      • 10Q, Kimbly. I know not everyone who comes here is a Trumpie. As we used to say in Debate, I am “negative” on this one. I could be wrong–others could be wrong. We shall see how it plays. I wonder also how he would get things thru Congress, or would be try the phone/pen gambit.

        • Star, here’s your answer. From an interview with Hugh Hewitt yesterday:

          HH: But you’ll play by the rules if you win?
          DT: 100%. 100%. I always play by the rules.
          HH: The Constitution, I mean, by the Constitution, you wouldn’t…
          DT: No, Obama doesn’t play. He goes out…
          HH: Exactly.
          DT: …and dodged, he signs his executive orders all over the place, because he doesn’t want to meet with people and try and convince them to do what the right thing to do is. No, he’s not playing by the rules. No, I do play by the rules. I will play by the rules, too.

  6. I was interested in today’s WaPo story on how the Bush-Trump feud is decades long–this didn’t just start… And this AM, Scarborough let slip that Andy (that would be Andy Lack, new head of MSNBC) had given him some new marching orders and he was glad to get them. So this stuff is choreographed on all channels, incl Fox, and in all campaigns–we may long to hear certain things, but believe me, someone is crafting those things to be just what you want.

  7. This is a new experience for us yokels in fly-over – the MSM is wondering who and what WE are and WHY we support such a “buffoon, clown, loud-mouth, jerk”.
    Why, what do the unwashed, uneducated yokels want – don’t they have ‘health insurance’ , food stamps and get to watch as the rich get richer?

    There are any number of written pieces that go along with the MSM TV opinionators who question who supports MrTrump, but not one questions MrsClinton solid 45% support even though they think she’s a liar and a sneak.
    What’s with them? What kind of American supports a socialist like SenSanders – are they insane?

    MrTrump’s appeal is a huge gold mine of news for the MSM. Ratings increases, big ad time, it’s a constant newsday without the blood and tragedy.
    @Star mentions MSNBC’s new attitude against MrsClinton, MrBush and a new kind of respect for MrTrump – all show biz. Razzle-dazzle is the new political show – no more dull scripted orations on the benefits of the new/old trade bill or some obscure legislation.
    Nope, shouting, confrontations, love it. The most real reality show in America

    • “What’s with them? What kind of American supports a socialist like SenSanders – are they insane?”

      You hit the nail on the head once again. That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the last few years. I think I know why but I’m not eloquent enough to expound on it.

  8. Instead of ObamaMohammad’s daily schedule how about Trumps instead?

    Or both?

    I love a guy who speaks his mind and to hell with the reporters with agenda.

    The powers to be want a Jeb and Hill show and are determined to get it.

    Illegals are destroying this country and its time people wake up!

  9. Ramos just wanted attention, and got it. Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

    “Can anyone imagine any of the other Republican hopefuls daring to dismiss a Latino reporter?” This is why Trump is killing the rest of the GOP field, people are very tired of cowards that live high on the hog on taxpayer $.

  10. Clearly the media jerks have not grasped the concept of how absolutely irrelevant the have become since they stopped doing their jobs and glued their lips to the ass of the Obamasiah. They have no credibility left because they broke the bond of trust when they started trying to INFLUENCE the story rather than REPORT the story. Newspapers with obvious bias are going under; the New York Times being a prime example.
    Trump is the ultimate symbol of rebellion against the political class who have gotten far too big for their collective britches. We worked hard to elect candidates who lied about being conservatives and were really the choice of the political class. They went to DC and screwed us over and America is furious which is why Trump may very well BE the next POTUS. The election of Trump may very well be the last step before armed revolution. Americans are totally fell up with the DC establishment and are going to send a message by electing Trump. We sent people to DC to get rid of the parasitic illegals and Obamacare and the overspending that has put our nation in peril and closing in on 19 TRILLION dollars in debt and they became part of the problem rather than the solution.
    The media, so used to controlling the narrative is now non-plussed by being ignored despite their frantic lies and half-truths to torpedo Trump. People have an amazing ability to hear the truth and Trump may have his flaws but when push comes to shove, he LOVES America as much as the rest of us. Can you say the same thing about the jackass Obama? No.
    Trump speaks with conviction and his love for America comes shining through. We need to run the country as a business with no more of our tax dollars supporting illegals, lazy ne’er-do-wells and other social parasites. We are tired of being ignored by our elected officials who bend and stretch the tax code for their big donors while screwing over the country we love. If we have to elect Trump to get things done and let the political class know that we are FED UP so be it.
    No one we elect could POSSIBLY be worse than Obama and Juan Ellis Bush is not going to be the nominee. The RNC is underestimating the people’s desire to take control of the government and how enraged the average American is over the DC bullshit. We are tired of being ignored when it’s OUR tax dollars paying for the incompetence of the political class and their bureaucratic minions. It’s going to be Trump, Carson and Cruz in the end and whether the political class likes it or not, their days are numbered.
    The internet allows us to spread the truth and everyone in America who pays taxes is enraged and determined to get a POTUS who is going to bring back America. It might be Trump or it might not, but if Trump is the nominee, he WILL be the next POTUS and if he does what he promised, he’ll be re-elected. He’s head and shoulders over the rest of the field and knows what Americans care about. The rest of the mealy-mouthed politically correct candy-asses who are afraid to say “boo” without running it by their spin doctors are about to get a lesson in patriotism and freedom of speech. Obama was a massive failure we cannot afford to do again and I believe Trump has what it takes to skip the PC BS and GET THE JOB DONE. That’s what America wants and that’s what America is going to vote to have: a POTUS that will do what we need him to do to make America great again.

  11. MSM aka The Walking Dead ….
    Mindlessly with vigor sucking the essence out of their targeted victims tossing them aside when they are done ‘feeding’…
    “Creatures”who dare not look or pass by mirrors as there is no reflection ………

    • To quote the late George Peppard, aka, Hannibal Smith in the A Team shows.
      ……I love it when a plan comes together.

      They are self destructing.
      Sit back and watch the show.

  12. This is the reason I am halfway on the Trump train!
    I LOVE his disdain of the press and how he eats their lunch. It is delightful to watch.