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Video || Just a Little More Fun at Sharpton’s Expense

I mean, he’s having fun at our expense, right?

There’s been talk that Al Sharpton’s daily “news” show may be next on MSNBC’s chopping block as the liberal network tries provide content someone wants to watch.

To which the ronniebuss says, “See you later, tax evader.”

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9 Responses to Video || Just a Little More Fun at Sharpton’s Expense

  1. It doesn’t matter if Rev(of no church)Sharpton owes 4 trillion dollars in back taxes so long as he has the ear and support of the POTUS, the man who holds the whip over the DOJ and the IRS.

  2. The Six Million Dollar Man and the Nine Trillion Dollar man make a great pair! Obama will be unemployed soon – how about teaming them up on msnbc in a new version of The Line-up’?

  3. I’m no CPA, but how much earnings do you need to make to owe $4,000,000 in Fed Tax?

    And you can bet his emails are encrypted better than Madam Clintons…


  4. Old enough to remember Bill Haley & Comets’ release of this now classic song. Absolutely marvelous parody. Larger question: why/how can Sharpton still be walking around loose?