As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Remarks on “Violent Extremism”

The event has concluded.

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13 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Remarks on “Violent Extremism”

  1. Did not say Islamic.
    I missed the comment just mentioned on Fox of the element of stopping them in their tracks. What element??? He said he wants to isolate them. More investment, not profiling. Reporter just said he said he wants to reject premises.
    Make sure world is economically developed. Also said that rich people like Bin Laden. Contradiction.

    • Lee, why did you watch him? He will never admit that Islam is what drives their sick murderous ideology. As far as the Americans that were murdered, Obama can’t be bothered to care. He is a Muslim, he is the enemy, he is evil.

      • Oh, but he does care about murdered Americans. He went out of his way to mention the “three Muslim American students” who were killed in NC last week. So predictable.

        I agree with you, OKLady. He’s the biggest enemy this country has ever known, destroying it from within. He’s an evil SOB, and I hope the country can survive him.

      • To be honest I hardly ever listen to him. I did so, and turned him off after he repeated the issue, I believe 3 times regarding the m. students. He did not bother to mention the American hostages, that were killed.

  2. I had Fox (Cavuto) on in the kitchen as I was making chili. Then Obummer came on and I was sort of half listening. Just as I was getting ready to turn it off, I saw where he was going with it and sure enough, just as I predicted, he had to mention the three Muslim students who were killed in NC last week just because of their religion. That’s according to Obummer, despite the fact tha there has been no evidence reported (yet) to support that claim. Click, I turned the TV off at the point.

  3. I guess The One sees himself as the Martin Luther King of muslims in America, whom he has begun to imagine are the sufferingest people on earth.

    Coptic Christians? People burned alive in cages? Don’t bore President Adolescent — he’s chosen his battle.