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Video || Biden Gives a Shout Out to His Old “Butt Buddy”

Uhhh boy. Today in Iowa.

Here’s a review in case you need catching up, courtesy of the Washington Post, which means the ridicule extends even into what should not be hostile territory.

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13 Responses to Video || Biden Gives a Shout Out to His Old “Butt Buddy”

  1. And this imbecile want to be President of the United States of America? It’d be more likely that we’d elect somebody with no personal history, questionable origins and zero professional accomplishments. Uh oh!!!!

  2. Joe Biden’s contribution to America is his foolishness. In these dark times, we need to be able to get a good laugh.
    It is unfortunate that it is at the expense of someone who could conceivably be POTUS, should something unfortunate happen to King Barry.