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Obama’s Surgeon General Should Try Practicing Medicine

There’s an old story that just before John F. Kennedy announced he would be making his 35-year old brother Robert attorney general – because his dad made him – he quipped something to the effect of, “I don’t see what’s wrong with giving Bobby a little experience before he begins practicing law.”

President Obama’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, is in fact a political animal with relatively little experience working as an actual doctor. That should be no problem for Obama, who when he became president in 2008 was a political animal with little experience working at anything.

Murthy, who is 37, only graduated from medical school – Yale, from which he also received an MBA – in 2003. He completed his residency just eight years ago. I’m not sure I’d trust him with my gall bladder yet, let alone make him surgeon general.

And then, according to a profile in the Boston Globe, he got busy practicing . . . politics. And business.

His job at the Brigham is part-time, largely so he can devote energies to his other professional interests. Those include TrialNetworks, a software start-up company in Needham that he founded in 2007, to help drug developers efficiently collect information from clinical trials. In 1995, he founded VISIONS Worldwide, a nonprofit dedicated to AIDS and HIV education in India.

In the past five years, his work mobilizing the medical profession around Obama’s universal health care law has been a prime focus. In an article in Hospitalist News in January 2012, he gave his thoughts about why he helped start Doctors for Obama in 2008, which worked to get Obama elected and was later reborn as Doctors for America. He said he was “struck by how few physicians were organizing and gathering their ideas to actually make an impact on the candidates’ platforms and, ultimately, on a health reform bill.”

The reason his nomination had been held up for more than a year before he was confirmed by the Senate Monday is that Republicans understand he plans to use the position of surgeon general to advocate a broad political agenda, not look out for Americans’ health.

As noted in the Globe profile, he has led the charge among physicians for Obamacare. But even more disturbing, perhaps, is that he thinks gun control comes under the purview of surgeon general. This tweet has caused a lot of concern.

Murthy tweet

Actually, guns only become a health care issue after they go off and the guy on the wrong end of the barrel enters the emergency room. Not that Murthy, given his lack of experience, would necessarily know what to do at that point either.

Doctors are no more qualified to influence gun policy – which is related to the Second Amendment, crime, and other issues – than are beauticians.

Note the presumptuousness, so typical of liberals, within the Tweet, dismissing the notion that “politicians” – not to mention those who elect them – might have legitimate opinions about the Second Amendment, the value of an armed citizenry, and the right to self-defense. It’s all just NRA money corrupting us dolts, according to the new surgeon general.

Here he is, making a rare appearance in his doctor outfit.


Smug-looking fellow. Prepare to suffer Murthy using the surgeon general’s bully pulpit for the next two years to lecture you about your politics.

63 Responses to Obama’s Surgeon General Should Try Practicing Medicine

  1. If you like your gun, you can keep it… unless you enroll in Obamacare, then we’re sorry, you will have to forfeit it, for health reasons you understand.

    Wish he had nominated what’s his name instead (the Ebola Czar)… at least he didn’t show up and didn’t do anything.

  2. It makes perfect sense for Obama to pick a partisan for political purposes rather than for expertise.
    Today’s White House snapshot is a short profile on Eric Holder, complete with photo opps on the Rosa Parks bus and at the scene of MLK’s assassination, lecturing on how law enforcement needs to change their ways, rather than on how communities need to show more respect to those charges with their protection.
    Whatever happened to that “level playing field”?

  3. Wow. Another scumbag community organizer with little experience like Obama himself. Obama doesn’t seem to have any difficulty finding the absolute worst people to fill positions in his administration. With his nominations it is more than clear he really does have the goal of transforming America into a hellhole.

  4. My gun is only a health care problem if some idiot tries to harm me or my family.
    Then it is the criminals health problem that they were stupid enough to attempt to take or harm my honestly earned material items or family.

    • We have bug spray to keep out small pests, extinguishers to deal with fires. Why not have the most suitable tool to deal with those who would break in and cause us great bodily harm?

      A gun is like insurance. It’s a tool you don’t want to use, but had better have it if the need arises.

      BTW: The NRA had a recent three-part article precisely detailing how the “gun control” arguments raised by Sandy Hook, etc. completely miss the target. Ammo capacity was NOT the problem, as the shooters fired at a speed equal to an ancient rifle. Time for cops to arrive was what allowed the slaughters. So it turns out that, in fact, what is needed to stop a bad guy with a gun is the presence of a good guy with a gun.

  5. Guns, knives, scarves, automobiles, skis, skateboards, stairs, golf clubs, frying pans, tall buildings, flowing or stagnant water, tornados, hurricanes, tsanamis, lightning strikes, cold weather, hot weather, fire, smoking, fatty foods, drugs, crazy people, sloppy doctors, hospital air, subway tracks, railroad tracks……………………………………………………………….etc.

  6. Over the next two years this Obama ‘suregon general’ Murthy will declare being a “Conservative/anti-Obama” a “mental disorder” (old USSR tactic) and we all need to be locked up…

      • I appreciated her efforts to stop the spread HIV. I somehow doubt Murthy will report on the rising numbers of young gay men who refuse to get tested for it. I wonder what his views are on allowing homosexual and bisexual men to start donating blood again.

  7. Dr Oz–surgeon not dietitian or gastrointestinal specialist.
    Atul Gawande–internist (I think) not health policy guy.
    Zeke Emanuel–some species of MD in wayback, university poohbah now–but won’t be around long bec he will refuse all medical care at 75, so I am not bothering with even Wiki-ing him…which we all know is dodgy at best anway.
    Howard Dean–pediatrician turned screamer.
    Rand Paul–actual eye doc who helps people in off hrs.

  8. My husband says that the Republicans are allowing 88 of Obama’s judicial nominees to go forward. Maybe that means just going forward on confirmation?

    And I just read on the Washington Times that a Bush-appointed federal judge has declared Obama’s amnesty unconstitutional. They also have an article that the Obama administration says that there is nothing the courts can do about his executive order on amnesty. It would seem to me to be a very good reason not to approve Obama’s judicial nominations.

  9. I saw another story that Obama is going to pressure healthcare providers to concentrate on that big health problem, global warming, next year so I imagine that will be a big part of Murthy’s agenda too.

  10. I heard Joe Biden recommended Vivek after meeting him late one night at a 7-11 in Delaware. Joe was on a night run for Slurpees for Beau and Jill.

  11. Vivek Murthy is the son of Karnataka, India, parents. He was born in England and moved to Miami, Florida, with his parents when he was three years old. At 37, he is highly educated, and very weak in experience!

    Why was he confirmed? Is his anti-guns position a qualification for Surgeon General, because bho is determined to ‘dis-arm’ the American citizens making every law-abiding person a TARGET for terrorists and criminals? Very disturbing! jb