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Obama to Address Nation on ISIS at 9:00 pm Wednesday

President Obama will address the nation at 9:00 pm ET about the threat from ISIS, the White House announced today.

And he has a strategy ready! Or he will by 9:00.

According to the White House the White House:

The President will deliver an address to the nation from the State Floor of the White House Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EDT to discuss with the American people the threat posed by ISIL and to lay out the United States’ strategy for degrading and ultimately destroying the terrorist group.

The address comes on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

I can already sense the ruthlessness of the new strategy. No doubt ISIS will want to tune in to see what they’re in for, and I’ve figured out, the speech is going to be 4:00 am IST – that is, Islamic State Time! It’s even earlier than morning prayers. They are going to be some sleepy terrorists. Watch Obama order an increase the bombing runs Thursday to take advantage of their drowsiness.

Not sure I get this degrade and destroy stuff. Why not just destroy, and skip the degrading? Why give them time to adjust to our strategy? Or provide a big window of opportunity for them to dispatch terrorists to the United States?

And exactly what does he mean by degrade anyway? Probably, simply to insult them. Obama is going to insult the terrorists, and then kill them. That’ll teach ’em

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  1. From a WH that relies on optics for everything, speaking from State floor in WH & not Oval Office signifies a half-assed response to global terror threat…There will not be a serious commitment to destroying the evil that is #ISIS…

    • Agree. Obama avoids the Oval Office at all costs — whether day to day work, or addressing the nation on a serious threat to national security.

      Now it’s possible that for his big Amnesty EO he might do it from the OO — expect to see a full backdrop of flags from Mexico, and Central American countries.

  2. I agree. We are hearing now of a “creeping mission” about three years long. (That’s after he leaves office so, if it fails, he can blame the next guy for not following what he will say he set in place.) Why not strike hard and strike fast and get the damn thing over with? And why announce to the world what your stratergery is? I’m old enough to recall that Vietnam was a creeping mission.

  3. Primetime huh? You know the networks HATE that, especially with the new season beginning.

    I had a horrible thought, if a terror event happens on the 11th, will they blame the “degrading ISIS” speech as the reason ? Well, that’s pretty convenient for BO this time. “See what happens when I talk tough?”.

  4. Of course, the US is famous for giving our enemies a heads-up before we drop bombs on them. That’s how we won WWII. /s/
    The US is going to hashtag The Dozens to degrade the savage barbarians. Wait until they see what we think of their mothers, ha.
    The plan is to send the next batch of “unaccompanied minors” to the Middle East so that the compassionate Islamists will be required to take care of them.
    The US Treasury is going to print billions of phony money that it will make the US dollar almost worthless so the terrorists won’t be able to buy more stuff.
    Oh. Wait. We’re already doing that.

  5. 9pm…all the low info voters are asleep – or engrossed in some stupid reality show. MSM or “whateveh” can tell them what he said.
    And yes, in the rest of the world it is WAY early morning. And believe it or not, main stream US media is not usually broadcast in the rest of the world in other than reruns and reruns of two year old reruns.
    The US MSM is not a go-to media site for the rest of the real world.
    “Newbies” vs “Oldies”. Who has game?

        • Agree. Reminds me of a short stint on an HOA board. Talked everything to death and rarely reached a consensus.
          No one wanted to take responsibility for the outcome of any decision. FOBs (friends if the board) were allowed to disregard any bylaw that inconvenienced them. All other residents were held to the rules and regs.
          Sound familiar?
          Annoying to no end – hence the short stint.

      • Julie — I really think on ISIS he is just wanting to figure out a way to vote Present and then leave America, the world and the next President — assuming we are all still standing — a big mess.

        It’s hard to actually believe that what we sense and think about this man is true, but it appears to be bearing out. He has been handed everything, he is an empty suit front man, and when confronted with a real threat upon which he has to act he is scrambling for cover, and cowering in a closet comforting himself with worn out speeches and words.

  6. Excellent Keith! The “degrading” word/plan they came up with was even worse than I do not have a plan.
    In other words at least there was a slight fear to put upon them, by not knowing what the plan… was.
    DEGRADE! I do not recall that plan in any wars/attacks though out history.
    I am not wishing this, please do not misunderstand me, however I can picture these maniacs laughing and betting on what he will do next.
    There is no excuse for this. Heads were turned time and time again.
    This has been stated here a couple of times. Keith and my fellow readers have come up with better things that should have been done, or should be done. End of vent.

  7. I don’t need to hear his strategy. I need to hear that he has the capability to lead. Short of that, we are all better off if he says nothing.

  8. At 9:00 PM time to start the Obama drinking game: One beer or cocktail must be chugged every time he says “I” or me. Guaranteed that one will be Blind Drunk by 9:15 PM.

    Why even bother watching this propaganda nonsense that will be chock full of lies, lies, and more damn lies!

  9. Correct me if I’m being ignorant here, but don’t the Joint Chiefs of Staff have something to say bout military matters? Since when does a sitting President go to himself for “military strategy”?

  10. Degrade and destroy. Little Barry is never happy using just one word. A storm of words is how he always operates. I think he wants to make sure Americans realize what a Sooper Intellectual he is.

  11. The degrading will begin with unflattering photo’s taken by Obummers official photographer, to by followed by harsh rhetoric and finger pointing by secretary Kerry (formerly long face). After that we plan to get other nations involved to rachet up the degrading. This dope is getting worse by the day. If you didn’t have a strategy at the outset why would you admit it and once you got one wouldn’t you keep it a secret from the bad guys? What an idiot!

  12. It’s the eve of 9/11…he switches to prime time. No doubt we’re going to hear (ad nauseum) about how he single-handedly killed OBL and ‘core’ A/Q has been decimated.

    Wendall Goler reported that after a dinner with Dem and Repub ‘foreign policy specialists’ last night, former Rep Jane Harmon stated that Obama is still in ‘full intake mode’, which suggests he has not yet finalized his ‘strategy’ for degrading and defeating ISIS.

    Obama’s ‘strategy’ is being cobbled together at the 11th hour by his speechwriters only b/c the polls show that 77% of the public want ISIS destroyed. He can’t make up for the 6 years he spent skipping class and refusing to do his homework. Reading the words on a teleprompter does not qualify anyone to be POTUS.

    • It will definitely take lean to the political and the criticism. Won’t amount to much. He lies anyway. I just hope no one allows him to talk about red lines. Or say the word “truth”.

      It will be mission creep. He is too much of a coward to do anything else. So our blood and treasure will be spread out and become someone else’s problem. And ISIS will be notified of this , how long it will take, how many bombings, where, how many men and women, where.

      From time to time, ISIS will behead someone — just to stay in the news. And because they now know they can — without retribution.

      I don’t have a whole lot of respect for Harman. That’s me.

  13. Just an odd thing. Having a chat with my ex about a prayer that “covered all the bases” — he said yes, except the weather — I responded with some silliness about weather,golf and God — he said,no he was thinking more along the lines of Patton’s WWII request of his Chaplain for a prayer for weather to enable air support for an attack.

    Here is the Chaplain’s account. I cannot imagine this in today’s Army or country and there is nothing in it that nods to a man of Barack Obama’s understanding of war.

  14. His strategy is to take the $5 billion and run. He’ll give it to helping RACISM to expand all over the country and he’ll give it to the Muslim Brotherhood and he’ll give it to all his friends WHO AGREE WITH HIM! If he gets this money it will not be used to fight ISIS. We have no President now and the one in the White House is a liar and a thief. He shouldn’t be give any money, for what? What does he need the money for ? to help more terrorists again and again like he does. He is completely dangerous and will never do the right thing for America, not even Black America, he just can’t be trusted and should not have authority over taking $5 billion from the taxpayers. There is money missing from his Administration, where is that money?