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  1. Well, Kareem Whatshissport says the coming race war won’t be about race- it’ll be about class inequity.
    Wonder what he thinks about the black-on-black murders and shootings in Chicago? “Never mind, we shot that 3-yr.old ‘cuz she was poor”?

    • Now, the dim-witted Governor who has joined in keeping this madness stoked up has called in the National Guard to, to, what? control the rioters, proctect the non-rioters, and for how long, no one knows.
      The demand from the rioters for “justice” will be poor gruel if and when the policeman who shot the Black man is charged, not with murder, but realistically with a much lesser charge – some form of manslaughter, and his attorneys claim he acted responsibly or in self-defense.
      This will not end well for anyone.

      • If the locals didn’t like the stormtroopers look of the local police before, wait til they get a taste of National Guard lovely wardrobe. These guys faught in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        I’m getting the feeling this is not a local issue anymore, many outside agitators are showing up doing most of the damage. I blame Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson for that.

        • Someone posted a terrific cartoon, w/two panels:
          the first showed Cops, and the caption was “Less Government”. The second was Military personnel, and the caption was “More Government”.

        • I blame them too, they act like its okay for looting and violence, never say a word about telling their brothers to stop the looting and violence and that its all whitey’s fault. This is all this government cares about, black people only! Obama, Holder, etc. love this stuff. They are as stupid and hateful as the protestors are. I only hope that we can get rid of this communist racist government one day.

      • 2 people shot last night. Not by police.
        molotov cocktails
        McDonald’s employees locked themselves in storage room, after the place was overrun.
        Children unable to attend school today.
        Fox news online

      • The governor of Missouri is going to end up owning this. He wasn’t popular to begin with so I bet he is ousted in November. BTW, the mayor of Ferguson is black, and they sure are keeping him under wraps.

      • The 18 year old should not have been shot 6 times! Unless it is true that this big kid, after first running away from the officer, turned around and charged the officer? And stole his gun? I feel very badly for this boy, not matter what he stole or whatever, I feel its his parents’ fault that they didn’t raise him right and that the poor kid had steal some little things when he wanted something because his parents couldn’t give a few dollars every day to spend? I can’t eplain this thing but its tragic and the riots, well, it looks like the rioter are having a grand old time getting all this attention on T.V. and media. The Guard has to do something with these illiterates, maybe even shoot a couple of them, I mean, this can’t go forever! They gotta stop it. I know i am ranting because I really don’t think the protesters are on the level and that they are now doing this for fun because they are stupid and raised right to care about other humans inhabiting this little town. I could go on and on but i better stop. Thanks for listening.

  2. I just saw a clip of Obama and Malia getting off Marine One at the WH (from last night?). Maybe it is for her driver’s license? Like the girl has to drive herself anywhere, but I guess it’s an important rite of passage :)

    Or, she was bored out of her gourd with Mumsie and her drinking buddies and craved the lessor boredom of going back to that “nice prison”.

    Obama goes back tomorrow to finish up his vacay. Why he picked a Monday to come back, worst day of the week at the DMV. ;)

    • Please, please, please let that be all it is today. The million dollar trip for a driver’s license….. Or maybe it’s a million dollar trip for her to see a boyfriend or something.

    • Glad to see that Obama is still wasting our money by firing up Air Force One for the short trip from the Vineyard to DC.

      There’s no requirement that he use that huge 747 to fly. He can easily use one of Hillary’s fancy Gulfstream jets and save us all a bunch of cash.

      • Saw another article that he is dropping off Malia, who will not return to MV, and picking up Sasha. Agree about the Gulfstream, especially if this is a personal trip.

        • No more of our precious remaining, unspent tax dollars should be wasted for superfluous AF1 travel. No matter what the reason. If he couldn’t attend General Greene’s somber funeral, then NOTHING is important enough to return to DC. The man and his “devoted” family make me sick.

    • If the wastrel in the WH squanders our money flying Malia into DC for a driver’s license, he should be fired on the spot. Malia has nothing but time on her hands…as well as her parents. If she wants to tool around the Vineyard in her new car, it better not be on our dime. She can go to the DMV on MV. No big deal – her father has a CT license from what I have read.

    • My money says if it’s for her drivers license she will not be doing it at the DMV…They will come to her or close the place to the public.

    • If the kid is getting her driver’s license, would she not have to get it from Illinois? She and her parents are still legal residents of that state.

      That just does not make sense to me. How can she be eligible for a DC license, when she should technically not be considered a DC resident. The WH is only a temp residence, not a permanent one. I’m confused.

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  4. Two Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space will venture outside the orbiting outpost today.
    It will be a six-and half-hour spacewalk.
    I would love to be watching American astronauts walking in space today. Have our children sit down with their families and watch with pride as well.

  5. The other day Star said something about what she had heard about the shooting. I don’t know. But I saw this elsewhere from someone with more familiarity with this than I. So, here is a comment that makes sense to me. I don’t know the protocol of citing someone else somewhere else without permission so I have removed attribution.
    So it kinda looks like the first few shots fired, the ones where the witness said he thought the cop was missing entirely, hit Brown in his arm, and then he charged the cop with his head down and got one in the bean.
    Sounding likely. Unless something was really up, it looks like a good shooting.
    Doesn’t make the Tactical Response to unrest correct of course.

    • Could someone please tell me how the Brown Family can call a press conference and get every network to air it and how on earth can the Brown Family demand the arrest of the police officer? Is this family on some kind of power trip high or what????

    • The way I heard it, the cop was in his car–the big guy outside. I may be mistaken, don’t know. Why don’t we know? As for the parents–at first they were calming, then they got Trayvon’s lawyers, then it came out Mom had done time (I think), etc. What a mess. I think maybe the cops around there were aggressive from what I heard–but now this is blown up to all cops being aggressive and oppressive everywhere. No one can think anymore! That Nixon comes off as a dope.

      • Speaking of dope, apparently Brown had some in his system per autopsy. Also, the stolen Swisher Sweets are used for splitting open and filling with marijuana (I only learned that today on Limbaugh… ). A report on the radio last night said the cop is still in the hospital with a fractured eye socket. Can’t vouch for that last bit. I’m sure there is still lots more to come.

        • In the end it really doesn’t matter. Holder and the Obama Administration will make sure that this is resolved, presented, and tied up in a tidy little package to their liking.

          I feel really sorry for this policeman and his family. They will be destroyed by this Administration, the media and the rantings of a mob determined to bring a race war to the front in the guise of civil rights. BS.

          • He may have been “rousty” but sure did not deserve all this and what is coming from what I read. But who knows–I was not there and they sure have been tight with details.

          • Shot 6 times? Thats terrible, there is something not right about this shooting. Why was the cop alone in the car, where was his partner? Aren’t they supposed to do these things in two’s? I thnk the cop is a coward to shoot him 6 times. He could have restrained him after the shots in the arm. That is only my opinion, I may be all wrong.
            But the protests are disgusting, goin on and on. These people are just having fun and know the spotlight is on them, they act like the ignorant animals they are.

  6. Mr. Kareem Abdul Jabar,

    I recently read one of your articles about a supposed systemic class warfare that is ongoing in America today. This article from Time magazine was published seemingly in response to the incident in Ferguson that is amassing tremendous media attention. But unlike the media you claim that this is not an incident of race discrimination, but moreover an ongoing and much more severe case of social class discrimination.

    There is one paragraph that sticks out to me the most in your piece and it is the truly outrageous claim that you make of the wealthy of our great nation. You write,

    “There are a number of super-rich people who (are) super-supportive of their community. Humbled by their own success, they reach out to help others. But that’s not the case with the multitude of millionaires and billionaires who lobby to reduce Food Stamps, give no relief to the burden of student debt on our young, and kill extensions of unemployment benefits.”

    This is an argument that is so common coming from those on the left that it almost sounds believable. Hell, I almost believed it. But when you look further into these accusations, it is easy to see what they really are, which is utterly and horribly fictitious.

    While you claim that there are some good wealthy people who actually care about their community, you also point out that there are “a multitude” of people that this is not the case for. Mr. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, can you name me the millionaires and billionaires that according to you do not care about their community, that do not help out to reach others, and that that truly wish the demise of those that are of a lower economic status than they?

    I am willing to bet that you cannot and my reasoning is simple. You claim they do not care about their community because they want to reduce food stamps, give no relief to the burden of student loans, and kill extensions of unemployment benefits. This is a common argument of the left and it is so wrong it really does leave me disgusted. The argument from the left is that if you disagree with me on lawmaking policy, then you are a bad human being: one that does not care about their community or helping others. What kind of country do we live in if you can be accused of truly gross claims to your personal character, for merely disagreeing with bad policy?

    Speaking to policy, not only is your poor use of argumentative rhetoric appalling, but your policy prescriptions are less than thorough as well. I am not well versed enough in high level socio-economics of a quasi-welfare state to debate with you, but there is a vast amount of evidence from economists to suggest that our current policy on food stamps, minimum wage and other welfare programs actually hurt the lower class more than they help them. Not only this, but is it unreasonable for wealthy people not to help students who SIGNED their loan agreements and conditions knowing full well they might end up in debt?

    In all honesty I respect you as not only a tremendous basketball player but also as a tremendous human being. I really do hope you read this Mr. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, but I will not judge you nor call you uncaring, uncompassionate and unwilling to help those less fortunate than you simply because we disagree on policy.

    -Kyle C.

    • Wasn’t there some liberal reporter years ago who set about to conduct a study to prove liberals gave more to charity than conservatives. Turns out conservatives gave Way More than libs… so of course he didn’t believe it and repeated the study, only to obtain the same result.

      And I’d be willing to bet there is not a single millionaire or billionaire “lobbying to reduce Food Stamps”. Get real, Kareem.

      Maybe he should investigate millionaire Pelosi and her husband and their windfalls on projects in California.

  7. Why is it that when a black male is shot we have riots? Before we ever find out what happened? The shit stirrers Sharpton and Jackson are always there to egg on the riots. Do they get a commission everytime someone is shot? I mean, they should be keeping the peace with their brothers not causing them to get angry loot and rob. This is ridiculous. Cops are sometimes wrong and they should be punished, let’s duke it out in a court of law instead of riots in the streets. Nobody wins.

    • But you forget one thing, you are not dealing with people that have intelligence, empathy, character, truthfulness, common sense, etc., etc., etc.. They are not dealing with a full deck, they are always out of control. And whitey is the racist? I think not.

  8. The Washington Post is reporting that Brown had marijuana in his system at the time of the shooting. This is not going well for Dorian Johnson, as we all now his account was false and Brown was NOT shot in the back. He refused to return calls to the police, failed to disclose the previous robbery (until the video was released) and lied about the actual shooting. Johnson should be charged with obstruction of justice at the very least, IMHO.

  9. I pulled up BBC.
    Iraq crisis: Military claims control over Mosul dam.
    There are conflicting reports about whether Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi trops have fully taken Mosul dam from Islamic State
    (IS) militants.
    However, journalists in the area said fighting was continuing and jihadists remained in control of the main gate.
    An Islamic State statement also contradicted the military’s claim saying it had repelled Kurdish fighters and inflicted heavy losses.
    Now I pulled BBC up again for an update, because just a moment ago on Fox S. Smith started show with comment that there were
    airstrikes in Iraq, and that the whole area by the Dam was wired with explosives. He has not discussed the Dam issue yet, he is still talking about the other issue.
    I knew they had taken control of the Dam, I did not know of any wiring of explosives. Has anyone here read that information?

      • I just listened to S. Smith on Fox discuss Iraq. I did not hear him say anything about the explosives.
        I would think that is one of the main issues the advisors we sent are working on.

      • I am watching CNN and Don Lemon is just the worst race provocateur on air. There’s a women who called in a radio talk show with an account of the events that align with the police officer. Lemon was apoplectic and basically said no one should give her credence. Lemon, and all the other black reporters there,
        want no other outcome than that Brown was the victim of racial profiling. That said, I agree with others that one shot would have sufficed. Six, um, not right.

        • Maybe even 2 shots but 6, something wrong there. Will we ever know if this copy was a coward at the time? Just because the kid was big, he got scared? Maybe the kid charged at him but wouldn’t one or two shots stopped him — a cop knows how to control someone, don’t they? Also, maybe the cop got so angry because he got punched, that he lost control of his temper, but that isn’t right either. Its so sad, but these riots are disgusting, these people look and act like pigs.

        • Hope Don Lemon gets doused and a rubber bullett. Well, thats CNN for ya’, they are known to love the democrat communists and we are all racists, don’t cha know?

      • There was a 3 second video of Obama and Holder holding a love fest in the Oval. It’s coming – another lecture on race! Gawd, how I despise those two America haters. Hope the Af/Ams are catching on to his little act. much did this little stunt cost taxpayers???

        • Well, he’s on and he doesn’t even have enough respect for the American people to dress appropriately. He’s in vacay open shirt and jacket.

          At least it’s not golf togs or beach attire with flips flops. HA! Mental image to myself — surprised he doesn’t come out with his face covered to the nose and a keffiyeh around his neck.

          He disrespects the office,his duties and the American people every time he gets.

  10. I dosed off for 10 minutes. He’s still answering the same question?! And now he’s talking about himself and his gray hair and… You have anymore weeds you need help pulling, Lee?

      • He didn’t go gray worrying about all Americans of all colors. Just my opinion. I think too many people see “black” and think “wronged,” “historically picked on,” “Innocent of everything.” Not everyone–but it’s too easy to think that.

        • And this gross misbehavior in the streets–when someone’s grandmother or little sister gets shot or killed in a fire, then what–whose fault will that be? If people want to fight–go fight ISIS!

          • You know, that’s one of the things some history people have said about the Vietnam protest: that those activist young men preferred the easy way: to fight the police, rather than go into the military and fight a designated well-armed enemy.

  11. Lots of I, I, I, me, me, me. Stated he is Prez of the United States.

    …I do think he believes the things he says, but he has no clue that all his criticism of others (police, Iraq, Republicans, whoever) apply tenfold to his actions and his policies.

      • He owns us all, he thinks. What a sick puppy, a dangerous sick puppy. My DOJ, doesn’t he know how stupid that sounds? But he knows most of Americans hate him. Thats why he doesn’t go anywhere anymore, just to schools, little restaurants. How comes he doesn’t go to the riots? Coward that he is, I’m sure he’s afraid, he lets Holder go and never accompanies Kerry anywhere now. I think he’s going to Asia soon? But I’m not sure. But its obvious he only goes somewhere when he is assured of his safety (fundraisers) and that means not a lot of places he can go. He must know that people are gunning for him in the midwest or Texas or anywhere. Because of his attitude and stealing our money for his own personal vacations and projects.

  12. The Attorney General has basically three statutory responsibilities under Title 28, Section 547 of the United States Code:
    1. The prosecution of criminal cases brought by the Federal Government.
    2. The prosecution and defense of civil cases in which the U.S. is a party; and
    3 The collection of debts owed the Federal Government which are administratively uncollectible.
    The Department of Injustice under Holder has absolutely no business going to Ferguson.

    • Why didn’t one of the reporters yell those facts out?
      The reason why I said yell, is because he would have been cut off if he tried to ask the question:
      Why are you giving him something to do, that he has no right doing?

      • Holder and Obama want to make this about race — and about civil rights — and about hate crimes and whatever else they can come up. Which makes Obama’s statement that we are a nation of laws even more laughable.

        Somehow this will be about civil rights. This is a race baiting,race hustling WH and DOJ. Holder has proclaimed himself to proudly be an Activist AG . And having proclaimed himself biased he should step aside — which I am pretty sure he will once they have gotten rid of Ginsberg.

  13. Just watched, very briefly, what passes for “news” on WGN- CH:9.
    Opening was a picture of Jessie ” My son is in prison on a corruption conviction ” Jackson, posing, and I emphasize, posing, with some children with their hands in the air, and wearing yellow ribbons around their wrists. You know, because St. Brown of Ferguson, had his arms up in the air when that nasty, racist Po-leece shot that college bound “child”.
    Although the autopsy report released today support the Officers statement that Brown was charging him. NO wounds to the back.
    After seeing Jessie doing what he do best, I vomited, I had a couple fingers of Bourbon to wash the taste out of my mouth.

    • Jesse Jackson’s son is SO guilty that even the state of Illinois put him away…it’s not easy to meet that standard.
      Reminds me of the heirs of MLK- no, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior fighting and going to court about his legacy, historical, financial, the whole ball of wax.

      • JJjr only did what he thought he was entitled to do by his status.

        Which of course had no bearing on what he could legally do. I was astounded when he was convicted. The weight and preponderance of evidence must have been overwhelming.

  14. When time allows pull up the article on votingamerican. posted today.
    I was unaware of him planning to close the site which he posted on 8-16.
    He changed his mind. :)

  15. GGGRRRrrr: while I’m at it, has anyone noticed any initiatives by Kareem$$$$#$ to give/donate/match ANY initiatives in the AfAm community to help poor AfAms move into a better life for anyone?

  16. I just pulled up an article listed on Drudge.
    Protesters storm Governor’s St. Louis office Demand Removal of National Guard in Ferguson.
    This was not mentioned on Fox.
    Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  17. Since the fires in Iraq and Israel are out, Ebola has been cured, our southern border secured, the illegals sorted & deported, our vets are getting the proper care, our Marine released from Mexico, blacks and whites are getting along better than ever, black on black crime irradicated and the photo op to prove he actually “worked.” Time to fire up AF1 and get back to the vacation.

    • I love your post, I am laughing, but its very serious and the lack of leadership is unbelievable. And nobody wants to impeach this little creep? There is nobody now to help us, the American people, they just take our taxes and steal our money and we are helpless unless we all rise up?

  18. Up late wrapping up a project and early flight. Thought I would watch Red Eye. Nope, riots 24/7 more media than law enforcement — anyway, this is not reporting — this is very opinionated issues oriented stuff. Might just as well be reading a diary. And anywhere Shep Smith is I don’t want to be. Back to music.