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Sunday Open Thread || August 3, 2014

You know what to do.


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    • That should be our first thought in the morning every morning. Of course, I don’t know about you, Harv, but I’m almost 72. And then my second thought as a woman is how blessed I am not to have been born in the Muslim world.

      • Getting shot in stadiums and stoned to death and no schooling and bossy guys is bad. Some wear Chanel under their burkas and have great shopping trips to Paris. But you’re right! Overall, not a deal. the bossy guy will always be there.

  1. After watching the GWB video, I circled back to the original Bush at Yankee Stadium clip in 2001. It was amazing how united we were.

    Then it occurred to me. GWB was real, never exuding any semblance of an imperial leader, always concerned about the image we presented to the world. Our current President should watch theses clips and take note.

    How the heck did we get this far removed?


    • Harv, Obama is incapable of learning anything by watching others. He’s a malignant narcissist. He is the center of the universe and everything revolves around his greatness.

    • Bush is also the product of a good upbringing. In the future I think it’s a good idea to vet the families of the candidates, as well as their religious, social and academic backgrounds. ‘

      Bill Clinton and Obama are prime examples of dysfunctional family life. With his Muslim background and his father’s hatred for colonialism/America, Obama never should have been allowed to proceed from the IL state legislature.
      We’re all paying the price!

      • Bill Clinton should have stayed in Hot Springs, AR, too…his background is a as you say, iffy…not a functional family and Hillary supported him through much more than he ever deserved in order to get ahead on his coat-tails.
        To be fair, a lot of what I say I have learned since moving back to Arkansas…lived in New England and upstate New York when he was in Arkansas politics….but oh, the stories that are told!

        • Harry, what about the “LOSER” we have now? GWB was not perfect, but he is by far, heads and shoulders, a better person than Obama.

          • The nasty in the White House couldn’t shine President Bush’s shoes. Bush loves his country, Obama and family hate the country. Every day they tell us that.

        • People whose only contribution to a “conversation” is “name calling” are one of the major problems in the USA. IMO.
          Old sayings are old because they are true – so here goes:
          “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
          Seriously – you name callers need to develop a new plan of attack. You have worn this one completely down to no effect except for a response of “How tiresome.”

    • “How the heck did we get this far removed?”

      Since you asked…It’s the Walter Cronkite effect. Cronkite, single-handedly turned Americans against the war in Viet Nam forever neutering the military thereafter. Once the war in Iraq and Afghanistan began, it was easy-peasy for the msm to belittle GWB and continue where they “Left” off forty years ago. Look no further now than the myriad of Rules and Regs for our soldiers now.

    • He can watch until the cows come home. You will never change his deeply held narcissistic belief that he is the “WON”.
      All of his life he has been patted on the head, told how bright and good looking he is, and that he was born to greatness. Then the Democratic party took it from there. He is an Alinsky Communist and his early education in Indonesia confirms that. Indonesia is the 4th largest Muslim population.

      • Good looking? Not anymore. He was also filthy looking before he ran for President and so was Bill Clinton filthy looking before he ran also. Check out pictures. He’s not great, he was put there by the dems ’cause he was black and he knows it! He’s also nasty, every day something else he snarks about America. A real low class welfare family is what the Obama’s are and that includes her mother who is living high on the hog now with hand-outs.

  2. Good Morning . Any “deportation Republicans” out there? Yep, the overlords on the WSJ editorial board has come up with “deportation Republicans” and I am pretty sure it will stick. Unlike Voter Importation Democrats, which will not.

    As we noted before, here is the set up , — no matter what you think of them, Republicans did stay and write and vote immigration legislation, the Democrat Senate left town so the legislation probably has already been stuffed in the harry reid memorial sock drawer, and little dik’ has already said — with his sneer — since Congress is “on vacation” he might have to act without them since the Republican legislation is unworkable and going nowhere. So the story is deportation Republicans writing bad legislation and not dealing with the immediate issue.

    Mike Wallace managed a completely worthless left leaning panel this morning.

    Israel got better press than the Republicans.

  3. Regarding the influx of new people into this country and reported diseases being spread (especially to border agents and their families)… If you bring a dog into this country, it might be quarantined for up to 30 days to make sure it is disease free. Just sayin’…

    FYI, just made fresh coffee in the WHD VIP lounge. Help yourself.

      • I think the McConnel race will be too close to call until the final vote. Hope I am wrong. His opponent has the women’s vote, plus Bill Clinton will be here multiple times before the election stumping for her (Alison Grimes’ family and Bill Clinton go waaaay back.)

  4. I was speaking to a young woman yesterday who had done a report on Abola several years ago for school.
    She said that it was airborne. The news has been stating that this is transferred with bodily fluids.
    Is this a new type (strain) of Abola?

    • body fluids: have you ever seen a still shot of someone coughing or (gasp) sneezing? Body fluids flying through the air for yards!

      So air-borne, yes it is.

    • Here’s my take on it. They are being treated by the best. It is unlikely it will spread. But the media has hold of it, and now it’s a big scare.

        • When it comes to hype, I include them all unfortunately. Except for the more reasoned like Brett Baier. If only we could get news like this.

          But we are in the new information age — speed of light. Just as soon as we get all whipped into a frenzy, they have moved on. Magpies to the shiny object.

          That said, this invited invasion of illegals looks like it might have legs. That’s a real threat to the country’s stability and security. And yes, for all of those who might be feeling — oh the children — let’s focus on oh the costs and oh the gang members and oh the traffickers and oh the terrorists.

  5. ESPN analyst discussed the controversial suspension… “We know you have business putting your hands on women…let’s be sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions
    He should have said: He should have walked out the door before hand.

  6. A possible scenario. Obama and the Dems and assorted illegals succeed in turning America into a Third World country. Progressively socialist. Money becomes an issue finally for the country, running out of it, and all the people on the dole — most of the country — are finding it a little more difficult to maintain, and they begin to notice that yes indeed Nancy Pelosi does have a nice big estate and a few houses, and those Clintons , hmmm — don’t even know how much money they have– . In short they look around, and decide, we want (because this is how they have been raised) what they have and we will take it from them (because this is how they have been raised).

    Pretty much the Dems and overlords do not have too much to fear from the conservatives who advocate a return to the constitution and the rule of law and less government. Nope, if it comes, they will have brought it to themselves.

    Took 50 years in the Soviet Union — and then there was an overflow into the Republics and satellite countries.

    All those people the Dems are importing and the welfare state they are building to help them fundamentally transform the country — this is where it leads.

    Pretty amazing. The drip, drip, drip of history.

    Good thing for Nancy Pelosi that her face and brain are frozen. The shock will be unbearable and it would be a very bad photo.

  7. I love what Matt Drudge does. Now there is a single black and white of Mitt Romney against a totally white background — caption Romney stirs.

    To me, The Unbearable Whiteness of Being.

  8. I wonder how last nights sleepover went? Keith, do the invitees to Obama’s PJ party at Camp David pay their own transportation costs? Or, is Mr. & Mrs. John “Q. Taxpayer paying for flying the leeches to the party?

  9. So I just read that Ben Carson is a step or two closer to considering a 2016 bid for POTUS.
    Any thoughts on this?
    From what I have heard from him, he is thoughtful, coherent, concise and conveys a lot of conservative oriented common sense.
    I guess that means the left will try to utterly destroy him.

    • We’ve seen what the Dems and the msm do to conservatives who happen to be African American. If Dr. Carson decides to run, I hope he’s ready for an ugly fight. Personally, I think he would do better as someone’s VP running mate. I have such enormous respect for him, I wish him well whatever he decides.

      • I would like to see Dr. Carson end up in a Republican cabinet in charge of demolishing Obamacare once and for all. But as for the presidency, I think his opponents would go after him on foreign policy experience.

        • Just his being Dr. Ben Carson would give him more foreign policy experience than the dear ONE. I am all in on Dr. Ben and have sent a donation to prove it. I do not donate easily.

      • I know people will get mad at me–but I think he hits the “God’s will” thing too hard. If God wants him to, or God does want him to… Also his voice murmurs along in a way that’s kind of hard to hear. I know he’s a fantastic physician and surgeon with a “narrative,” but I dunno. He speaks a lot about insurance–but as a surgeon probably had little to do with the nuts and bolts.

        • I am not disagreeing. But I have seen many doctors who hit the God thing — because they know their limits and they have seen success where science argues it shouldn’t be.

          Just sayin’. He is driven by quality care and access I think he would do well in Health and Human Services which didn’t use to be the department in charge of 1/6 of the nation’s economy with more rules and regs and flying pigs. It’s doable.

          He’s a gifted and talented man who wants to serve. But I don’t see him as President.

  10. Nasty Obama said today and yesterday that a report is coming out that America “tortured people/folks”)? Okay, Obama DRONES people to death, doesn’t torture them, he just kills them and the innocents that are with these people that are droned! Obama also sanctions and ENCOURAGES abortion, the KILLING AND TORTURE of millions of babies! So, where does he get off criticizing America AGAIN! I hope he gets whats coming to him, he is definitely committing treason everyday with his spying too, I’m sure he told Brennan to spy on the senate.

  11. In other news, the wicked witch of the WhiteHouse is at it again. New ban on school fundraiser bake sales. The regs are becoming so draconian that cupcakes and brownies will probably be replaced with fruit cups and granola bars. Not that there’s anything wrong with granola bars and fruitcakes. But bake sales used to be a competition for the prettiest and yummiest looking home-made confections. They were fun ……and no one, but no one, was concerned with calories. How much ‘dough’ will the schools raise on granola bars??? Ridiculous!

    I suppose there will be a ban on bake sales at State Fairs and Pillsbury bake-offs in the near future if the old hag gets her way..

    In an ironic twist, the new ban also gives States the power to LIMIT fundraisers for the little tykes. Never mind that Obama is out on the campaign trail 24/7!

  12. About those cookies — I was reading about Mooch and FDA stupid dietary guidelines/laws/regulations for schools — outlawing bake sales. That woman needs to get a life and the bureaucrats at FDA need to know she is not an elected official. Period end of story.

    That said — ok, that ranted — in one of the comments over at the WSJ about this someone suggested we have a Bake Sale for Liberty — Kind of like the Boston Tea Party, but different. Works for me.

    Anyway, here’s a link — read the comments if you are so inclined.

    • Mrs. Obama is so out of line about restricting food. All growing children need to eat EVERYTHING! THEY ARE GROWING AND THEY SHOULD NOT BE ON A DIET! THEY NEED ALL NUTRITION, OKAY, IN MODERATION PERHAPS, BUT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE DENIED ANY TYPE OF FOOD! Its so stupid that I am screaming. They have enough time later on, but a growing child should sample everything for their bones, bodies, brains, etc. That fat ass is really a doozy, with all her rich 5 deserts every night in the White House where she doesn’t belong.