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Is This Man Delusional?

There’s a third-world style humanitarian crisis on our border. Terrorists have established their own state, a Caliphate, no less. Israel is on the cusp of war with the Palestinians. The economy cratered the first quarter of the year. And here is your president, joshing today in Denver after a night of billiards and pizza.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s aides are feeding the boss’s churlish insouciance.

The White House has been promoting it’s latest PR stunt, “The Bear is Loose,” which features vignettes and videos of Obama – “the bear” – happily hop-scotching off his programmed schedule and staging impromptu appearances wherever he likes, presumably with his anguished Secret Service detail trailing behind.

Wrote senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer, who, one would think, should be focusing on more serious matters, in a White House “blog” post Tuesday:

Going all the way back to the early days of the campaign, whenever President Obama shook off his schedule and busted out of the bubble, we would say “the Bear is loose.”

Lately, the Bear has been loose a lot, and this week will be no different. The President is hitting the road on a three-day swing to Colorado and Texas, where he will meet with Americans who’ve written him letters and whose stories – their challenges and successes – resonate with folks from across the country.

How much denial can one man muster? The Bear needs to get back to his den, where his cubs are being eaten by wolves.

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74 Responses to Is This Man Delusional?

  1. The Bear? lol
    Bears are huge, feral, terrifying animals who rule the forests they inhabit.
    The only ‘bear’ he resembles is the one found on Toys r Us’s shelf.

    • You all know that the bear is a member of the pig family. Yes. Obama is a pig. A dumb, but useful pig.

      Ask George Soros and a myriad of elites around the world who count on him to get America out of the way of the world government AKA global feudal system they have planned through Agenda 21 … posted at the UN website … not my imagination.

      I believe Obama was promised head of UN after taking down America. Wait and See.

    • That’s funny. The Bear is loose, the Bear leaves scat, the Bear leaves crap. These people are so lame, they don’t even know what a loose Bear can mean in real life. They think it is cute, because Valerie Jarrett apparently thought it was cute to use what presumably is his SS nick’ and come up with it. But it is just plain stupid, and juvenile but entirely appropriate for this Administration which is absent even one functioning lt human.

      Personally I would be happy for Obama to retreat to a cave and hibernate for the duration of his term. The country would be safer. Nobody wants a bear in their neighborhood.

  2. “…he will meet with Americans who’ve written him letters and whose stories – their challenges and successes – resonate with folks from across the country.”

    Yeah, right…like that woman he spent the day with in Minneapolis who just happened to be a former campaign staffer for Patti Murray.

    • Since the tone of this post has been a bit scatological, I’d add that more than 99% of the “folks” in this country don’t give a **** about resonating with his hand-picked typical Americans. How stupid do they think we are?

      • Apparently, he and Ms. Jarrett think we are not only stupid, but too self absorbed to notice or care what they are doing (or aiding and abetting.)
        Only time and brave Americans will tell…
        And for you whistleblowers…surely there are those who would gladly have your back.
        And yes, I do believe I would vote (again) for Mitt should he run..and yes, I know he was the author of the forerunner of the ACA. We are in desperate need of a strong leader.
        If you run, you must Man up, Mitt.

        • Mitt Romney and his very classy wife, Ann, are not in it for personal or political gain. They are sincere and believe in our country and that he can make a difference.

  3. He is a disgrace to our country, and to the oath of allegiance he took upon taking office…all lies, deception, con games, playing at games like golf and billiards which he knows nothing about and as a president should not have the time of the inclination to do so.

  4. So President Obama enjoys thinking of himself as “the bear on the loose.”

    As Governor Palin explained to Russian President Vladimir Putin, she does not wrestle bears, she just shoots them.

    Obama would be wise to cower in the Whitehouse.

  5. DeMint is on Fox with some good info on the 2012 EA — Deferred Action on Child Arrivals of non continguous countries, or some such. The numbers went up from single digit thousands to 36,000 to now an anticipated 80,000. So, in effect an invitation.

    Myself I do not know why Congress simply does not write emergency legislation allowing us to return posthaste all of these people from Central and South America posthaste. But gee, I guess that’s why I am not a superior being Congresscritter or President.

      • The NG are protecting the Golf Courses when ‘The White House “Tiger Woods”‘ ….is ‘getting away from it all’…can’t spare a Guard!
        OMG! Now they have the Pool Halls to protect….

      • I can . Obama preplanned this invasion and it is progressing just as he hoped. Why would he do something to impede that which he and his thugs have initiated and is going better than he ever “dreamed”.

  6. I say keep Obama out of Washington. Better that he flies around the country exposing his idiocy than signing executive orders to dismantle and destroy what is left of liberty, our Constitution, and the rule of law.

  7. Keith, Every time you mention he’s golfing or on a trip to raise funds, I wonder if he’s tired of the job he took and needs to get out of D.C. He doesn’t appear to care very much about what’s going on around him. Is he burnt out? Then he has his staff/minions who do the run-around bit to put out fires, check what’s going on and who knows if his staff just tell him to do this or that.

  8. to me this is like the story recently of the woman who was hired as a nanny, quit working and now won’t move out and the law is on her side!!!! this frightens me; we (and our kids) are being held prisoner by Obama/Jarrett. BTW: does anyone else think that there is something going on with O & Valerie?

    • Apparently the law IS on your side when someone lets you live in their home. A cop told me this about my over 18 yr old kid. (Years ago. We are good now.)