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Insurers: Obama Savings Promise Pie in the Sky

Uh oh. These insurance executives who testified before the House Wednesday don’t seem to be thinking Obama’s promise of $2,500 in savings per family is gonna come true.

Who would have guessed?

Look at them all sitting on their hands. Funny.

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12 Responses to Insurers: Obama Savings Promise Pie in the Sky

  1. Keith as always thank you for the news. That should be blasted all over the MSM.
    What blows my mind (Yes a phrase from the 70’s, have not used it, in a long time), Is a LOT of people were not doing the math, when this O Mess was in conversation, much less voted on.
    Was the issue of people loosing their jobs, and loosing their insurance in this discussion?
    I know I keep bring up the loose job issue.
    However I am very close to two people, who lost their jobs because their small CO. layed off before OMess because they were afraid they could not afford all the employees health insurance.

    • Speaking of the math: didn’t Obama say during one of his Obamacare stump speeches that premiums will decrease up to 300%? Not one human wallpaper behind him batted an eye (they must have been focusing on not fainting).

      Looked it up – he said decrease 3000%!!

      • LOL! 300% or 3000%, doesn’t that mean the insurance company would be paying the insured?

        The first time I ever saw Dear Leader I immediately recognized him as a BS’er empty suit. How has conned this country? I just don’t get it.

  2. i would have liked to seen the question to continue
    $1000? $500

    I assume none would ever admit that their customers are spending more on average. They are businessmen and that’s bad business.

  3. When I saw Obama whining about Republicans not letting him get “things done”, I remember his only accomplishment with a super majority his first two years was Obamacare ! What a miserable failure as a President.


  4. That’s pretty funny. Waiting for Obama to hold a Rose Garden event with testimonials from satisfied Obamacare customers who have received their big fat $2500 rebate/savings checks.