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Rush: Obama Will Never be Impeached

Some conservatives are pushing for it, either because they think its deserved or because they know it provides a thrill up everyone’s leg. But Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that it will never happen: President Obama is just not going to be impeached.

There isn’t going to be any impeachment because there isn’t any political will. Even if you had a slam dunk legal case for it, you’re never going to succeed in impeaching the president unless there’s the political will for it,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday in a segment noted by Buzzfeed.

That would require Obama’s approval numbers in the 20’s. And even then I’m not so sure that the people of this country would ever support removing the first black president. It’s just think – it’s never going to happen.

The bar for impeaching a president and dragging the country through such an event is properly high. Despite Obama’s abuse of his executive power, I don’t think impeachment is warranted at this point.

And I agree with Rush, that Obama’s race adds more height to the bar, politically at least, especially since his defenders appear increasingly fond of suggesting his opponents are animated by racism. An impeachment trial could well lead to race riots, and many Republicans, even if there was a thoroughly legitimate case for impeaching Obama, would be cowed.

H/T Buzzfeed.

55 Responses to Rush: Obama Will Never be Impeached

  1. For what it is worth. He has destroying the years of this Country coming together regarding the race issue.
    EVERYONE is afraid to protest what he is doing> Every race.
    He drew the Red line between everyone. I bet everyone of every race here in America does not like him using their tax dollars for vacations.
    I made a comment the other day, that I thought someone/some people were leading him.
    Everything that is going on, and he his finding time to campaign.
    He wants all little children of every race fully dependant on the Govt.
    That is ugly as far as I am concerned. So poo on their race card argument.

  2. As much as I dislike MrObama’s agenda, he’s not committed any of the high crimes&misdemeanors that would give me reason to call for impeachment. He treads very carefully on a lot of issues, but never has crossed that line of criminal or unconstitutional acts.

    The race thing, the don’t upset the Black community because they’re just a powder keg of violence waiting to be lit up by someone or something is racism at it’s worst application.
    Why should we assume that Black people would burn their own cities, trash communities and commit crimes if MrObama was accused of criminal wrongdoing if not for the racist attitude that Blacks are inherently violent and racists themselves.

    • ” … they’re just a powder keg of violence waiting to be lit up by someone or something is racism at it’s worst application.”

      Well put. Some areas in the country are experiencing flash mob robberies and Polar Bear hunting. A harbinger of what could become “normal”.

    • He has the ultimate firewall in that he can claim he knew nothing. He has done this already. You won’t discover tapes of secretly recorded conversations. I’m guessing he is not even involved in all the top controversial decisions. ValJar has relieved him of the responsibility. She may tell him what’s going to happen and he merely nods his head in acquiescence. You can’t visit the WH visitors’ logs. Everything in his official records from his education to the present moment is under lock and key. If you could find evidence of misdoing in the WH, it would be attributable to someone other than him. But even that is nigh impossible.

      I believe high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed by Obama by tacit agreement.

    • What did Nixon do that Obama has not done? Either than get caught with the bumbling plumbers that is. Just because Obama employs his own personal staff to fix the laws(Holder) submerge the evidence and refuse to talk (Lerner) does not mean that he is not a candidate for impeachment.

    • …back in the 1960s Black people burned their own cities & trashed their own communities when MLK was killed.
      Dont forget the LA riots of the 1990s; it was a ‘racial issue’, yet the Black people rioted in their own neighborhoods.

      • They rioted where they were. What else would you expect? That they’d charter buses and travel to a white part of town where they’d probably be shot?

  3. Rush is spot on. It will never happen.
    I have to disagree with you, Keith. I believe impeachment is thoroughy warranted based on the Big Lie. ObamaCare never would have become law, and Obama never would have been re-elected if the country had known the truth, i.e. you can keep your doc and your plan. Your cost will go down, etc.
    The patient/doctor relationship is essentially dead, along with the greatest h/c system on the planet. All of us will be reduced to the lowest common denominator, aka expanded Medicaid for all.

    As a result of the new law, my SIL is in serious condition after suffering what turned out to be a stroke last week. She lives in a small community of 20,000 with one (state of the art) hospital. The hospital is not on her ‘approved’ list. Instead, she had to be transported 100 miles away to the nearest metropolitan city. It was 3 hours before she received any treatment Her private physician, who IS on her ‘approved’ list, cannot treat her because of the distance involved.

    Whoever designed this incoherent, nightmarish ‘law’ should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • My heart and prayers for your SNL.
      The Dems that are not up for re-election are rambling how good it is still. They still have their job, and their insurance.
      What they are not discussing and who they are not helping are the people in your SNL’s situation.
      That would have been something for Mrs. O to do with her bored time. Meet with everyone who got messed over by this OMess and try to resolve the terrible time they are having.
      No Job being layed off because of the Mess, No insurance due to the Mess, or having to travel to go to a doctor.

    • Thoughts and prayers for your SIL and the family.

      This is so sad and obscene. Most likely there are many others. I agree that all of those who designed should be prosecuted. They are threatening peoples’ lives.

    • When you are in the hosp in many, many cases now, your doctor does not treat you–some stranger called a hospitalist does. Horrible about your SIL–maybe she could have gotten tPA–the clot buster–or did she? It must be given rapidly.

      • Lee, Grace. Star, and Julie…thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Will pass them on to my dear SIL. She is a big fan of Keith and considers the readers/commenters on WHD to be the greatest!

    • Yeah it was so much better before when millions of people were forced to turn up in emergency rooms to get any care at all. I LIKED have the 37th best health care in the world. It gave people something they could rely on, an early death.

    • What a sin, to turn away someone who urgently needs medical attention because the closest hospital isn’t on some “approved list”. It’s unconscionable. I hope your sister-in-law has a complete and speedy recovery.

  4. “Despite Obama’s abuse of his executive power, I don’t think impeachment is warranted at this point”. If turning the IRS loose to harass your political enemies and suppress voter turnout, illegally change portions of numerous laws especially Obamacare, refusing to protect and defend the borders of this country isn’t sufficient grounds for impeachment than just what in hell does constitute grounds for impeachment? The illegal assassination of American citizens without due process? Oh yeah he has done that. What exactly does Dictator Obama have to do to get impeached, run amok with a flamethrower around Washington DC? That’s the trouble with all of this PC race crap that protects this lawless Dictator from suffering the consequences for his felonius actions. While I agree he won’t be impeached because he is half black to the everlasting detriment to the rule of justice in this country, he has committed numerous crimes which rise to the level of impeachment. He knows this and his arrogant criminal actions will only get worse, a lot worse.

  5. Rush is correct………….however, I will settle for Eric Holder being impeached. There has to be a change in the laws that forces the AG to enforce all laws of the U.S. If he/she doesn’t then there needs to be a simpler method of removing him/her. The 10 year term of the FBI director seemed to allow for some type of independence from the Administration but the FBI is just as political. While Mueller was appointed under Bush, he became gutless under Obama. Look at his testimony regarding the IRS. He couldn’t name the agent in charge of the investigation.

    If Richard Nixon had Eric Holder as Attorney General he would have completed his 2nd term. If Obama had Elliot Richardson, he would have been gone before 2012.

  6. I don’t think he will ever be impeached either.
    If we are successful in cleaning the RINOS from the house and flip the majority in the senate, the most we can hope for is that Obama will be stymied at every turn during his last two years in office.

    • I wonder about ‘what kind of a message does this send’. How do we go about restoring the Constitution and Rule of Law? It’s not just Obama. What about the ‘polar bear hunting’ and flash mobs someone mentions above? Are we never going to prosecute those actions because we’re afraid the cities will be set on fire if we do?

  7. I doubt there was this much angst over the impeachment proceedings of other Presidents. Obama deserves to be impeached. The fact that there will be no proceedings speaks to the depth of which his organization has intimidated and perverted this country and its institutions.

    At a minimum Eric Holder should be impeached.

    • This is NOT the time to get weak knees.
      Rather this is the time to buck up and take the bull by the horns.
      The Obama administration has been weakened on many levels.
      The house of cards that he is sitting on is extremely fragile.
      All we need is a congress with some balls to go after him and he knows that.
      The next election will be skewed to the democrats through fraud and deceit
      Why would you think that it wouldn’t be ?
      They will be relentless in their attempts to remain in power.
      We see the enemy and are aware of what they are capable of.
      That is the first step in changing the tide of battle.

      Julie,…discouraged ?
      Naw, we’re just getting started.
      The game is afoot,….embrace it.

  8. If there is a GOD of Justice, which as a Catholic I pray to, then… “Barack Hussein Obama” should/needs to be Impeached ASAP…

    Yet, GOD will not answer my prayers…?

    So now I pray to GOD to smite every so-called ‘Republican’ who will not impeach Obama. (WOW… there are ALOT of so-called ‘Republicans’ who need to smitten/struck-down :-)

    • Well…

      There ARE more forceful ways of declaring your intent. Some of them, such as candle magic, aren’t all that complicated to do, either. Richard Webster has a good introductory book on that particular subject.

      They say one has to be aware of the karmic consequences of one’s intentions, but at this point, I’m hoping SOMEBODY out there will decide that there are karmic consequences they’re prepared to accept.

  9. C[mon he’s stealing taxpayers money. We don’t know where our money is going because we don’t trust this President. The Republicans are cowards because they know what he is doing and are so afraid for themselves that they don’t care about us little people. Its all about his race, if he were white, he would be impeached. Not fair that both parties are lying to the American people and the worst part is that the country may never recover because of Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Obama, etc. and don’t forget Lois Lerner. Nice fix we’re in and we deserve it I guess for voting for race only.

  10. I am so tired of hearing about the race riots that will happen if (anything).
    Race riots probably would occur, but it’s because the rioters are racists.

  11. Republicans are weird thinking people…Now you take all the power from a President that you can, then using his own powers to run the Country is somehow impeachable. Then your cowardice really starts to show when you start to talk about how difficult impeachment would be… Ha…a Race Riot you say…ha ha ha…You wouldn’t want that to happen because history just might call you Republicans “Racist”….But Oh nah…that’s not what you are is it??? …The Republican Party has already made a grave mistake against this President…it can’t be undone…all the gerrymandering and Koch money in the world won’t fix it….It’s already done….

  12. I still have a hard time believing we have a Communist as a president. It just doesn’t fit in the american way of life and freedom. I honestly do not believe he is an american. Due to all the trouble he has caused, I will NEVER vote for another democrat as long as I can vote, NEVER !

  13. Removed by force is the only way, and I am not sure the marshalls would do that anymore. There are other ways but I do not know if that will happen either.

  14. The race card is what liberals and Democrats play when they are losing the argument or have nothing else to use. That’s it in a nutshell, lay a guilt trip on whitey for what whitey’s ancestors may have done to his slaves.

  15. It does not show much of congress when they will let someone destroy America without doing something about it. History will show obama as the absolute worst president ever and because of that will also tear down congress for not doing anything about it when there is an open case that he is doing it.
    If something were to be impeached or found guilty of not being qualified to be POTUS or something else were to happen to obama where he was not president anymore, I and many others would be celebrating the rebirth of America and the rebuilding of America would begin almost at once.


  17. Not warranted? This treasonous recreant has no right to sit in the White House. He is not an American culturally, if he even is a legal citizen at all, and much of the country is fed up with seeing his face on the news. He is a weed in a land that should be flowering. He chokes the life out of all of us. His policies are blatantly anti-American and he hates White Americans with a passion that is unprecedented.

    He is a brazen racist and works tirelessly to make the descendants of this nation’s founders such a minority that we will no longer have a voice. Wake up. Illegals are becoming the most prized voter demographic. They should not be allowed to dictate the fates of true Americans. They should be deported as is the LAW of this nation. They do not belong here and are not compatible with our culture. The only reason that this communist was ever given his crown was because he had the full support of the illegal alien demographic. People who should never have been allowed at the polls were indeed given citizen’s rights.

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  19. That president Obama can never and will never be impeached is exactly what they want us to think! If every concerned, fed up citizen got determined and pursued this objective like a pit bull, not letting go, immense pressure could be brought to bear, and it would happen. Flood Congress with communications, making your will known, demanding of your lawmakers that this president be impeached! Do you realize all the damage president Obama can yet do to our republic and remaining civil liberties in his remaining three years?!

    They want us to believe it’s impossible! If we believe them, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be determined to be free and independent! Let’s show them!