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89 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || December 15, 2013

    • Thanks for the link. Again.

      It really came as a surprise that payments for health insurance were to come from the government or insurer’s access to bank accounts or credit cards. Credit cards, too?

      If the story is accurate, the customer’s bank allowed her checking account to go into debit of $800, a large sum for sure. The question arises; if the customer doesn’t deposit any money to cover that loss, will the bank still let the insurer claim another $800 next month, too.
      Every day brings a new horror story about Obamacare.

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  1. Just read on Fox, that a certain a Breakfast joint, and Shoe Store Employees, will be pushing the Health Mess.
    If I go to any restaurant or store where employee’s are trying to talk people into this, I will WALK OUT.
    I would advise all Corp. Heads or buisness owners to suggest to their employee’s to push the idea of a smile, and proper way of serving the public.

  2. My favorite criminal, former Illinois Gov. Blago, is in the news ….

    Yet Obama remains free ;) This pay-to-play has been going on since the first American election, I always thought it was a harsh punishment for Blago doing what comes naturally to greedy, inept politicians who favor money over leadership. They should all go to jail, and let the people take back their cities, states and country back.

    Yes, all Presidents reward their favorite campaign bundlers with Ambassadorships and other “fun” appointments but Obama’s taken it to new heights. Just look at this most inept administration ever, bad for our country and the world. (Tell me again how Princess Caroline of Kennedy is qualified to represent us in Japan? Ugh.)

    • Back to GovBlago. There was more to this story than we heard, a lot more. The Feds never claimed he wanted the money for himself, but for a poltical fund or campaign.
      So, you’re right that MrO (and every President before him) does the same thing with appointments, and friendly contracts.

    • In what sense is Blago your favorite criminal? I don’t doubt his guilt, but I think Blago was gone after hammer and tongs while the prosecutor gave everyone else involved in the Senate seat sale (including Obama and Jarrett) a blind eye. He kept recorded evidence out of court selectively. And I don’t know if you remember the famous indictment press conference in which he baldly prejudged Blago’s guilt. Lincoln rolling over in his grave, crime spree etc. The man who succeeded Blago as governor, Patrick Quinn, has since named Patrick Fitzgerald to the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and has also directed state business to the law firm in which Fitzgerald is a partner. So the conflict of interest continues, I mean Fitzgerald’s not Blagojevich’s.

      • I found him quite a colorful character, maybe it was his hair. Was so hoping he’d plea bargain and nail Team Obama during that time and so disappointed that he chose jail, but probably to save his family’s life? How are they being supported now? Hush money? I find this all so fascinating :D

  3. As millions stand to lose their employer provided health care next year I hope the media will drag out Obama’s speech when he promised that employer health care premiums would decrease up to 3000%. (does that mean they’d pay us to buy ins?) He also indirectly promised employers would give employees raises because of it.

    “And, yes, we will set a new fee on insurance companies because they stand to gain millions more customers who are buying insurance. There’s nothing wrong with them giving something back. But here’s the bottom line: Our proposal is paid for — which, by the way, is more than can be said for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle when they passed that big prescription drug plan that cost about as much as my health care plan and they didn’t pay for any of it and it went straight to the deficit. And now they’re up there on their high horse talking about, well, we don’t want to expand the deficit. This plan doesn’t expand the deficit. Their plan expanded the deficit. That’s why we pay for what we do. That’s the responsible thing to do. (Applause.)
    Now, so let me talk about the third thing, which is my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for families, for businesses, and for the federal government. So Americans buying comparable coverage to what they have today — I already said this — would see premiums fall by 14 to 20 percent — that’s not my numbers, that’s what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says — for Americans who get their insurance through the workplace. How many people are getting insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands. All right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer it’s estimated would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent [sic], which means they could give you a raise. (Applause.)
    We have incorporated most of the serious ideas from across the political spectrum about how to contain the rising costs of health care. We go after waste and abuse in the system, especially in Medicare. Our cost-cutting measures would reduce most people’s premiums and bring down our deficit by up to a trillion dollars over the next two decades. Those aren’t my numbers. Those are the numbers determined by the Congressional Budget Office. They’re the referee. That’s what they say, not what I say.

  4. Why are we taxpayers subsidizing braces for kids up to age 19 on the exchanges? Average cost: $6500.
    In the good old days, orthodontia was not covered on most policies. Parents took responsibility for their child’s dental care.

    i read an article recently that Medicaid pays for braces for minority children but the parents are having a hard time finding a dentist who ‘speaks their language’ and also accepts Medicaid. What the BLEEP! Are we now obligated to see to it that every anchor baby and Dreamer has a million-dollar smile?

    Stop the insanity!

    • Really–orthodontia is on there? Dentistry, too? That is really expensive. I paid $75 a mo for my kid’s braces–and they totally LIED to me, said starting before teenage meant I had a 95% chance of not needing them in the teen yrs. I agreed. Then when she turned a teenager–they said well, bad news–she still needs them. I said I had a 95% chance. They said no, they said 5% chance. Come on–had these people ever MET me…I would never chunk out that money on a 5% chance–I would have waited. She would not wear her retainer anyhow, so we stopped the treatment…her teeth are fine.

    • I just feel so obliterated by Obamacare and what we’re now finding out is in it that I can’t comment coherently on it any longer.

      • Neither can the congress members that passed it, even though we told them that we didn’t want the bill to pass.
        All of the blood suckers that voted for that abomination should spend the rest of their lives looking for work.

        • I seriously think someone is telling them to sit down and shut up or else. Including John Roberts silly decision last year.

          I’m over it, and no I won’t comply if we have to face that. Right now we’re holding on to Tricare with dear life.

  5. The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election, according to documents and interviews with current and former administration officials.

    Some agency officials were instructed to hold off submitting proposals to the White House for up to a year to ensure that they would not be issued before voters went to the polls, the current and former officials said.


    The Obama administration has repeatedly said that any delays until after the election were coincidental and that such decisions were made without regard to politics. But seven current and former administration officials told The Washington Post that the motives behind many of the delays were clearly political, as Obama’s top aides focused on avoiding controversy before his reelection.


    This goes beyond the ACA, and shows how FCMABBHO has used the process to gain further power.

  6. The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election, according to documents and interviews with current and former administration officials.

  7. Some agency officials were instructed to hold off submitting proposals to the White House for up to a year to ensure that they would not be issued before voters went to the polls, the current and former officials said.

  8. Daily Briefing:
    Obama; how is the ACA progressing ?
    Advisor; It is creating chaos in the medical and the insurance communities.
    Obama; Excellent,….Mission accomplished.
    I’m going to Hawaii, you guys have the helm.

  9. Went to a friends house for barbacue, and watch a football game.
    We live in nice neighborhoood, nice town. My friend said his next door neighbor had his flag out side. Man drove by and very rudely told him he needed to take his flag down.

  10. I meant to advise you all of this a couple of weeks ago. In Ohio, there’s a white car (I forget what kind, Mini Cooper, maybe?) with an Obama-Biden sticker and a license plate that reads:

    I ADOR 44

    MAJOR BARF. I couldn’t see who was driving it.

  11. Just some evening ranting:
    Nelson Mandela has finally been laid to rest. Now the relatives and hangers on will start the eternal fight over his name, his ‘brand’, and whatever assets he left behind.

    The O’s (and their hangers on) are now finishing the packing for a lovely vacation in Hawaii. The Dem Congresscritters probably wish they were going to Hawaii too instead of heading back to their own districts.

    A few days ago, we chatted a bit about the impact, or lack of it, of writing to our representatives in DC. I never have any contacts from my US Senators (McCain and Flake) or my weird Congresswoman, but I do hear regularly from Sen Rand Paul after an e-mail to support his stand on some issue. I like that.
    As most of us are on the OFA e-mail list, it’s just a mystery why the Repubs aren’t keeping any of us informed on any issue. It doesn’t cost any postage, or special knowlege to hit a “send all” message.

    As one of the “greedy, takers” who expects a Social Security check every month, I was notified of the rate increase for 2014 that will result in a net of +$2.14, after deductions for Medicare, that I might toss around as I wish. Yippee!

    Back to the tea trolley now.