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Obama’s Golf Gets the Axe

This must be pure torture.

Apparently, at least for now, President Obama has decided that golf is not an “essential” government function. Or, more likely, he’s decided he can’t get away with it as a PR matter during his current standoff with Republicans.

The White House has informed the press that it should expect no further public presidential activity today. Obama’s weekly Saturday golf is off.

Right now it’s in the upper 80s and sunny at Fort Belvioir, where Obama has been playing lately. None of the usual Washington humidity. That is, it’s a bad day not to be playing golf.

87 Responses to Obama’s Golf Gets the Axe

  1. He’ll just get nasty and spiteful and take it out on all of us.

    I just looked at your Rose Garden escapade, Keith. Good work! but what I sorry looking bunch of people in charge. Those poot dufusses he had herded in there don’t seem to realize what he is doing to them.
    I fear for my dear counttry and am so unhappy with the state of things.

  2. Wise move to skip the golf, since he shut down every other business except the golf course on military bases. My dear niece and her husband are new parents living in base housing in Lakehurst, New Jersey. This weasel shut down their commissary and every other business on the base, so they have to travel ten miles to do their shopping.

  3. NPS blocked the turn outs along the road so people can’t stop and look at Mt. Rushmore.

    100 campgrounds in AZ were closed, campers removed, yet the campgrounds receive no federal funding, are operated by a private business that actually pays rent to the feds.

    A Colonial Farm in Virginia was shut down by the feds. People were escorted out despite a fundraiser taking place. The farm doesn’t have NPS workers, nor federal resources.

    • At some point these park police are going to have to look themselves in the mirror and ask, “Is my job worth violating the natural rights of my fellow Americans?” If the answer is, “Yes, it is. I’m invested in the job.”, then please research the Nuremberg Defense – “I was only following orders.” It won’t work here either.

      • Interesting points, @Susan.
        What I find inexpliciable is the sheepish and obedient way Americans can be pushed around by some low-level government flunkys.
        Is there no one with the fortitude to remove the orange cones that block the turn-off areas near Mt.Rushmore, or no one to tell the Feds they won’t leave the restaurant until the affair is over? Military veterans who faced machine guns, grenades and evil are kept from viewing their memorials by park personnel armed with, what, shovels?

        I recall some years ago, a neighborhood in the NE that kept pulling out “no parking” signs the local government had placed on the street in front of their homes until the city gave up.
        Even the weird OWS people defied NYC laws and ordinances to pitch their tents and lived to tell about it.
        Are we really just a nation of sheeple now?

        • We have been groomed to be sheeple, srdem. Most of us have never been rabble-rousers, so it doesn’t come naturally. This federal government crackdown on the American people has stunned the country and awakened many from their comfortable conformist lives. Only time will tell if they stay awake.

          • I am not a sheeple. I am an American.
            I will not live in fear of my own government.
            I watch and read with disgust that the Veterans of our great country are prohibited from visiting their ownmmemorials.
            I will stand – for our country and on behalf of these brave Americans.
            I will stand – as a senior citizen.
            Who has the balls to stand with me and other brave Americans? Is there anyone who will stand with me?

          • Oh many more than you think are awake, and we will be awake for a long time.
            The last 5 years have been a severe jolt to those that were paying attention.

        • Not many people have the cash to retain an attorney to fight charges in federal court. That’s just the beginning.

          If one owned a business, she’d have the panolpy of the regulatory agencies–IRS, EPA, OSHA, ad nauseum–up her butt for years if she weren’t bankrupted first.

          What if the person were just an employee? How soon would he have a job after being arrested? Sure, he might survive if his employer were local and had similar beliefs, but what if he worked for a corporation that does business with the feds, or one that just didn’t like bad publicity?

          How soon would the state wait to get involved in the form of CPS? Sure, she’d likely not lose custody of her children immediately, but it’d be one of the most terrifying ordeals of her adult life just to know that some intrusive smart ass with a masters in sociology wanted to look in her pantry and refrigerator, and ask innumberable questions about her private life.

          I’ll stop now before I throw something and start babbling.