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Quote of the Day || August 14, 2013

“Of course the Hillary documentary is going to be balanced. We’ll include both the good and the great stuff she’s done.”

– Piers Morgan

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Great idea. First they can start with the, uh, ahh, stand by your man no matter how screevey he acts. Then on to the, well, the travel thingy that , well scratch that. OK, here’s something; when she was FirstLady she never said anybody was obese.
    She spent years on some kind of national health insurance stuff that went’ nowhere. Afterwards, she then sorta kinda spent some time in the US Senate and didn’t do anything bad.
    When the Senate thing didn’t work out, she ran for the Presidency, but that didn’t work out either. She quit the Senate to be Sec of State, flew all over the world and didn’t start WWIII. There was that Benghazi thing, but it wasn’t really her fault.
    Maybe they should rethink producing a documentary until she actually does something good.

  2. I recently saw a poll of Dems for 2016 and Hillary was both their first choice and last choice for President. I really think the Dems are split again. If not Hillary, then who ? Cory Booker just won the Dem primary for Senator, he should be a shoe in to win and I’ve seen his name thrown around for 2016, he’s already more qualified than Obama :)

  3. “Of course the Hillary documentary is going to be balanced. We’ll include both the good and the great stuff she’s done.”

    …”Just as we give fair and equal treatment to the entire spectrum of political thought, whether it’s left, far left, or extreme left!”

  4. “”What difference at this point does it make?” – Hillary Clinton

    Why allow the retrospective here, Hilz? I thought you weren’t a fan of living in the past…

  5. That’s the problem. People tout Hillary as great presidential material, yet nobody seems to be able to name anything she’s done as a Senator or Sec/State that was noteworthy in a positive way. If those of us who are looking for answers to this mystery ask a Hillary supporter exactly why they support her, I believe no specific answers will be forthcoming. I don’t believe any media people have ever asked her what she has accomplished and can she prove it.

  6. The two of them, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the stress will be so bad, they may both drop dead in the White House at their age! You mean to say, they will let Bill Clinton back in the White House? After what he did? Thats funny. Only kidding, whatever Bill did in the White House or whereever, was and is his own personal business and shouldn’t have been bandied about in the headlines, but thats over now. I loved Bill Clinton when he was President, but I don’t love him anymore because I can see he is full of baloney now regarding Obama and Hillary.