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Obama’s Speeches Already Costing Over $1.3 Million

President Obama’s speeches are already costing taxpayers well over $1 million – and probably closer to $2 million – as the president jets around the country campaign-style to drum up support for his agenda.

The tally includes a two-stop trip Wednesday that took Obama to Galesburg, Illinois and Warrensburg, Missouri; an excursion Thursday to Jacksonsville, Florida; and a fourth speech planned for Tuesday in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Further trips are on tap but haven’t been announced.

The bill for Air Force One, which is known to cost about $180,000 per hour to fly, totals close $1.3 million alone based on the travel time already incurred and the estimated travel time Tuesday.

Additional costs include tens of thousands of dollars for a cargo plane that accompanies the president everywhere he flies, spending on the chopper that takes him from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base where he hops aboard Air Force One, staff, motorcades, and logistics on the ground in the places he visits.

The White House says it’s worth it. “Traveling across the country and laying out his vision for how best to accomplish those priorities is an important part of his job,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest Thursday.

Nevertheless, it’s also an expensive part, particularly during a moment when government services are being cut due to the sequester and a budget battle looms for Obama with Republicans in Congress.

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    • At least Earnhardt is willing to admit White House priorities. For them, campaigning and speechifying to hand-picked adoring (and occasionally fainting) crowds IS an important part of his job.

      If only “running the country” was as high on his priorities list.

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  1. It’s not necessary at all. He can tape it in the Oval Office like all of the past presiedents did and preempt every TV stations programming. The problem is he has nothing to do in the office and it makes it look like he’s working sooooo hard. It’s a farce and I hope more people begin to realize it. If he keeps this up, he’ll only be able to draw enough crowds to fill someone’s living room.

  2. Sequester? That was just a club meant to bash Republicans with.

    The sequester was never intended to impact any of the president’s discretionary spending. Look at all the rock star parties, vacations, golf outings, and other unnecessary stuff that hasn’t been curtailed one bit. Only the African safari was cancelled, but that was probably made up for 10 times over with some other extravagent spending.

    And don’t forget that lots of fundraisers are paid for by some bogus “government business” that’s thrown into the trip….like Michelle’s and the girls’ trip to Chicago last week to see Beyonce.

    So don’t expect Obama to be watching his pennies (or millions) and cut the endless spending for his personal entertainment and other goals. Ain’t gonna happen.

  3. OFA should pay for every trip he takes on AF! – they’re all campaign trips. The PINO (President in Name Only) is a fake and a fraud. Take away the TOTUS and TV cameras and what do you get? A PINO. Yuck!

  4. The real cost will be if some of his ideas get enacted. It may be cheaper to have him fly around giving speeches instead of actually getting something accomplished.

    • “You could buy a lot of fruit for school lunches with $1,300,000.00.”

      Indeed you could. You could buy also buy a lot more, in fact an unbelievably large ass-load of fruit for school lunches with $8 billion in shrink-wrapped pallets of hundred dollar bills, but unfortunately those all went missing in Iraq. But I quibble, because the president isn’t using YouTube for speeches and bicycling around the country.

      • Since you think it was okay for him to fly out and make this speech please tell me what the point of it was. There was nothing new in it, there was nothing in it about what he’s going to actually DO to get anything done. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really curious as to the whole point of it.

  5. well he could save some $$$ by taking the bus. He has 2 of them just sitting around. But then that would mean more than a day trip, and he is such a busy man. He could take one of the smaller planes, cheaper by 150K per hour. I think the bus would be more fun. Maybe they would even let him drive!!!

    So it’s family day at Camp David. I bet everyone had to drive up but BO & family. Am surprised he even knows where it is. And MO is probably pouting because she hates the place.

    But I also know VarJar will not be there, she’s up here in WI with SS in tow to attend a wedding. So am sure there is some $$$ for the “official” plane for her to make the trip. I wonder how much we spend on her anyway.

    Nothing like spending $$$$

  6. What I don’t understand about this is he keeps giving the same old tired worn out speech over and over again. Can’t his speech writers come up with something fresh?

    • I admire you for continuing to listen to the redux, OldTimer. After the first 4 years, I’m done. However, I have discovered that watching him without the audio is a hoot – especially when he takes his bows afterwards. He stands on the stage soaking up the thundering applause as though he has just won the Olympic Triathalon. He milks it for all it’s worth – as the imaginary Gold Medal is placed aroud his neck. He reluctantly exits the stage – wishing that this glorious moment in history would never end. VENI, VIDI, VICI!!!
      It’s hilarious!!!!

  7. The only guy more annoying than Gosh Earnest is that Pfeiffer drone.
    Also think of the time off work or school, valuable learning time, gas to drive to these mundane events, mental stress (us) of having to think up new insults…good heavens, this is a money and sanity sink. If he is really telegraphing some sinister coup plan or master scenario to rule by exec order, so far it’s pretty subtle–unlike anything else about the guy.

  8. The White House says it’s worth it. “Traveling across the country and laying out his vision for how best to accomplish those priorities is an important part of his job,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest Thursday.

    According to the Polls, his vision and priorities are in direct collusion with the people’s wishes. Ah well……pander on. Tickling the ears of his adoring fans is one thing he seems to excel at. Kudos PINO.

  9. Isn’t there some virtual tour of the WH available to us — peons now? I believe that was offered up around the time of La Grand Tour Afrique. How about virtual Obama speeches. NSA and Comcast can just work out a deal to have him pop up on everyone’s TV at 6pm. And good luck turning that sucker off.

  10. If President Narcissus absolutely has to have an adulation fix, he should do it in DC. Just put TOTUS out on The Mall, jack up the volume, and get on down with your bad self, Stretch.

    If his sycophants really do care so much about him, they’ll come to him, spending a ridiculous amount of private money along the way. THAT might actually be a bigger economic stimulus than the next Solyndra.

  11. How much did we pay for all bush43’s vacations jetting around?
    Honestly you conservatives need to dig your heads outta your asses once in a while.

    • Again with that trite canard? Honestly, you need to get your head out of the Kool-Aid bowl, you goddamn pinko.

      See, I can make just as vacuous an argument, profanity and all.

      But then I get to break out the facts.

      President Bush had a much better economy until 2008; gas prices were a lot lower; his idea of a “vacation” was Crawford, Texas, and not Martha’s Vineyard or The Floridian; and he played less golf in 8 years than your manchild is on pace to play this year alone.

      There were only 12 terror attacks on Bush’s watch after 9/11–a list which includes the Beltway Sniper and an ELF arson. Since Obama took office, we’ve seen 9 attacks already, and he’s got 3 and a half years to go. If I were you, I wouldn’t bet money that your little tin messiah will only see 3 terror attacks in the US for the rest of his term.

      As for failed attacks, it’s 7 apiece, and your Dhimmi in Chief still has a long, long way to go.

      As for proven plots, Bush only presided over 18 after 9/11. Obama’s at 27 AND COUNTING. The bad guys know your boy is a lightweight, and Americans are going to be paying in blood for the next three years and change.

      But you go right ahead thinking Bush was worse. If that’s what you need to get through your sorry existence, then don’t let me talk you out of your delusions.

      • “President Bush had a much better economy until 2008.” Bush presided over the collapse of the US economy.

        “There were only 12 terror attacks on Bush’s watch after 9/11.” Yeah, but 9/11 happened on his watch.

        By your logic, you could argue that Hitler had excellent race relations right up until the gates of Belsen opened.