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Two New Obama Scandals in a Single Day

The Obama administration scandals kept coming Monday at a dizzying pace, with two new ones cropping up to complement nearly a vast roster of others that have emerged from the administration.

White House Dossier last week noted a total of 20 significant Obama administration scandals, but that was before these latest two and the revelation that the government is keeping track of telephone calls and Internet traffic.

In one the fresh scandals that came to light Monday, CBS News revealed that State Department investigations into misdoings by officials overseas – several having to do with sex – were manipulated or quashed.

From the report:

CBS News’ John Miller reports that according to an internal State Department Inspector General’s memo, several recent investigations were influenced, manipulated, or simply called off. The memo obtained by CBS News cited eight specific examples.

Among them: allegations that a State Department security official in Beirut “engaged in sexual assaults” on foreign nationals hired as embassy guards and the charge and that members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail “engaged prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries” — a problem the report says was “endemic.”

Meanwhile, another inspector general revealed that nepotism has become an “open and widespread practice” at the Department of Energy, which is already home to the Solyndra scandal. At least a dozen children or other relatives of Energy Department officials have received summer jobs at the agency. One official got positions for two of his kids at the division where he works.

The burgeoning list of Obama scandals is not some remarkable coincidence.

President Obama has set a tone that makes such abuses of power seem more likely and even acceptable by actions such as increasing the size and importance of big government, deriding other branches of power and the private sector, allowing himself and his wife exorbitant vacations at taxpayer expense, and acting unilaterally in defiance of the law and wishes of Congress.

As of 8:15 am ET Tuesday, no new scandals had yet emerged from the Obama administration, though the day is very young.

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  1. I still want to know who paid for the President’s pals to fly out to California on Saturday.
    Was it on our bill, their bill (are they going to try to claim it should be tax deductible for work)?

  2. I don’t know which disgusts me more: our employees’ engaging in sexual misconduct, or this administration’s covering them up.

  3. “Where apathy reigns, tyranny rules”

    Unfortunately Keith, the number could reach 20 times 20 and with the current depth of apathy in this country to anything important it sadly would not matter.

    I’ve been following this nation’s politics since the Watergate hearings and I have never seen anything like the public of today.
    It’s not just that so many are “disengaged” from the day to day politics, it’s that their so ignorant of everything around them. Except Facebook, E News! and the Daily Show of course.

    I used to think the profligate spending and national debt would sink us, now it’s beginning to look like we won’t even reach THAT tipping point, as “idiocracy” seems to be expanding at an exponential rate.

      • Somebody going by “El Guapo” wrote a long post yesterday, explaining in detail how America was formed as a Constitutional Republic, but “that form of government needs, no, requires the people be educated, literate, and involved. Does that sound like the America you know?” and going on to point out that tyranny is the logical direction for a nation not equipped to handle itself.

        It’s a sad, but rather truthful evaluation of our present state.

  4. It is no accident that the secret service vice scandal last year in S America was described by Pres Obama as involving some “knuckle heads”. He sets the tone, tempo and levels of acceptability on his administration. Being too focused on image and not enough on content will result in this type of thing. The armed forces are in the midst of a wave of serious sexual assault behavior, yet Pres Obama opts not to act. The core of this administration is weak, un qualified for the scale and scope of the task and obsessed about how they look. A phony president and first lady are allowing the standards and output of many great government institutions to erode and become collateral damage in what has fast become the worst Presidency in US history. This should be a living lesson as to the perils of all show and no go in our leadership. The first family can’t believe that they got in power and have wasted no time exploiting it for every perk it can offer and more. The Obama’s are financially set for life post office, books, speaking tours, appearances on the voice etc etc etc. It’s only reasonable to put pressure on this administration and directly the President on his actions. What annoys me the most is that the President has not as yet answered specifically yet what he did, where he was and what decisions he took in relation to the specifics of that night in Benghazi. The parade of scandals post Benghazi testimony on the hill by those present should not stop those questions being posed and answered. Can Issa call the President to answer those questions?

    • It is no accident that the secret service vice scandal last year in S America was described by Pres Obama as involving some “knuckle heads”. He sets the tone, tempo and levels of acceptability on his administration.


      If a Republican had this attitude of “boys will be boys”, he would be excoriated by the MFM and the Progosphere.

    • True, Obama is not a leader and he is only obsessed with his own image, but where institutions are rotting from the inside, that is not because he’s inept, but because that the way he wants it.

  5. With all these scandals being revealed in such a short time frame the word “orchestrated” comes to mind. That of course raises the all important question: Who is the conductor?

    • The conductor? Look to those who must win in 2014 and times a wasting. It’s now or never and I’m glad some are playing hardball and I don’t mean Chris Mathews. I think they’ve always known this stuff has been going on but that the American people didn’t. barry and his party are the big losers in all this.

  6. Nepotism is a fact of political life and has been since, well, forever.
    It’s the ultimate legal and moral pay-back for donors or supporters.

    If memory serves, MrsClinton (and her security guards) flew over a million miles and visited countries all over the world, including a few no one recognized. It isn’t a stretch to assume that the security guards were lonely, bored, and looking for some professional companionship during their off-duty times. Except for the “assault” on foreign national guards that is alleged (man on man rape?), nothing is surprising or worth investigating.

    • Having grown up in ‘Chicagoland’, I can say that nepotism, cronyism, and the patronage system have truly gone nationwide.

    • The story isn’t that there is nepotism. There story is that no one cares.

      People will be people. But we are supposed to have systems in place that help protect us from the entire country turning into a banana republic, with the connect elites accumulating all the wealth and power.

      One of those systems is supposed to be the press.

      • My eye doctor let his partner’s 15-yr-old work summers in the office poking people in the eye to measure pressure etc. Send the kid to camp! He told me my good eye pressure was 30 (bad!). I freaked. When the doc came in, he laughed it off–“Well, I am a real doctor and you’re only 14.” I fired him! The Medical Board also gave him a pass. So..moral–maybe your relative is not the best person for the job. Does that matter at all?

  7. There is no one in charge of America. No one.

    The biggest affirmative action hire in history. White American guilt over slavery (we act like we invented it) elected a man TWICE who had and continues to have no idea the meaning of America, wants to “fundamentally change America” and is “constrained by the Constitution”. (-I could go on) He’s also a well spoken dumb ass. Want proof? Listen to him speak extemporaneously. Sounds like that old Bob and Ray bit.

  8. And the biggest scandal of all is the total secret trawling for information, Everything is collected, everything is kept. It´s a Stasi dream. The Obama administration created a monster that will not go away.There is a global uproar about this scandal and I believe that the US image is rapidly changing. Obama and his gang have hurt the US in so many ways. The young man who lifted the lid on this Pandora box did the world a great service. Now, please leave him alone ( I hear that he has disappeared ). The scandal is out, instead hunt those responsible for it. Still, I suspect that Snowden will be the hunted, slandered, and persecuted . Life is not fair.

    • The Obama administration created a monster that will not go away.There is a global uproar about this scandal and I believe that the US image is rapidly changing.

      Ah, nuts. Does this mean he’ll have to go on another “apology tour” soon?

    • I was surprised by Bill O’Reilly last night, but I don’t suppose you get to watch Fox in Sweden. He admitted that what the young man did was, technically, treason, and then I thought O’Reilly would go ballistic on him, but, no, he said he was glad that he had done it. I think Iceland is trying to give him sanctuary, but it would really be ironic if he went to Russia or China.

      Speaking of the Stasi, have you ever seen the German film ‘The Lives of Others’? More Americans need to watch it.

      • Julie, unfortunately I haven´t seen that film yet but I have read a lot about Stasi. In those days they used a lot of informers, an army of informers, and when the secret archives opened in the nineties many were surprised and angy to find out whom the informers were, neighbors, teachers and so on. Imagine if they had the technology of today. Or if all these paranoid dictators of the past had it. Unfortunately the paranoid dictators of today will install it or perhaps buy information from the NSA.
        Yes, Russia is offering asylum buit it´s probably because they want to mock the US. Putin doesn´t have a great record in these matters. Iceland, yes, he would then have to switch the sun and surf in Hawaii to the grim climate and hot wells of Iceland, but I guess he doesn´t mind. They have nice little horses there.