As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Morning News || May 23, 2013

WH admits four Americans killed by drones . . . Fox News
Obama to limit targets of drone strikes
. . . New York Times
Will restart effort to shut down Gitmo . . . Fox News
On IRS, WH Counsel shielded Obama . . . Washington Post
Insurers pressured by White House-linked group . . . The Hill
Pritzker’s family stashed millions offshore . . . Washington Times
Obama to visit Oklahoma Sunday . . . Washington Times
Kerry seeks to restart Mideast peace effort . . . Associated Press
Obama’s history of targeting the media . . . Daily Caller

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16 Responses to Obama Morning News || May 23, 2013

  1. Will restart effort to shut down Gitmo . . . Fox News

    He’s only doing this to appease the Progs he’s alienated by crapping on the First Amendment.

  2. I did a quick perusal of internet sites and am happy to see no coverage of the concert at the WH last night although the Obamas may have shut it down because it doesn’t “look good” at this particular moment in light of Oklahoma and the Obama scandals. Very different tack from the recent Memphis Soul concert there.