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Obama Apologizes to Calif. AG for Comment on Looks

President Obama Thursday evening telephoned California Attorney General Kamila Harris to apologize for a remark he made at a fundraiser in the state earlier in the day complimenting her on her looks.

“He apologized for the remark,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. “He apologized for creating this distraction.”

Carney said Obama did not want the reference to her appearance to “diminish the attorney general’s accomplishments and her capabilities,” noting Obama said he believed Harris has done “great work” and is “dedicated and tough.”

Carney sought to make the comment appear a little less controversial by noting that Obama and Harris are old and good friends, suggesting it was kind of joshing between people who know each other well.

Obama acted fast to stomp out an incipient PR crisis. The Washington Post ran a piece this morning – which the White House was likely aware of last night – dredging up old charges that the White House is a “boys club” with a hostile environment toward women.

A Harris spokesman told Politico that all was cool with her. “The attorney general and the president have been friends for many years,” Harris Communications Director Gil Duran said in a statement e-mailed to POLITICO. “They had a great conversation yesterday and she strongly supports him.”

63 Responses to Obama Apologizes to Calif. AG for Comment on Looks

  1. I’d be a lot more interested if he apologized to the country for having messed up the economy and, soon-to-be, the best health care system in the world, and for being such a bad example with all the vacations he and the Missus take (not to mention the kids!) when we are in such dire times in this country. Oh, and let’s not forget that he could apologize for being such a hypocrite! But that’s just me….I’ll have some chocolate in a bit and be able to calm down!

  2. Speaking from my binder in an undisclosed location thank God I doubt we
    could have survived that crisis. So anything new along the 38th parallel?

  3. I could see him making it worse…”I am sorry I said you were smokin’ hot…You’re really kind of luke and all professional and all…Make no mistake, pro-fess-shun-al!”

  4. Maybe the Secret Service detail at the WH told him Moo had a hissy fit and started to throw his autographed Reggie Love photo collection out the window of the First Bedroom.

  5. Good grief, with all this PC nonsense ever end? Guys notice attractive women, it happens all the time. Sometimes, they say nice things. gak.

    If MrO was going to go all PC, he should have apologized for commenting that she was a woman, much less an attractive one.

    • Of all the idiotic lies and BS that’s come from the lips of Obama this he
      decides deserves an apology? There goes my head exploding again.

  6. Hoisted with his own petard! Has he ever apologized to anybody before this? Sure he has apologized for US often enough, but has he ever apologized to US before? He sure didn’t apologize to police officer James Crowley for saying he”acted stupidly” for arresting his buddy Skip Gates.

    By the way, if he has time to apologize for an idiotic issue like this, when is he going to speak to the American people about what is happening with North Korea? I already know the answer, just thought it was worth asking. The captain has abandoned the ship.

  7. Mr. President,
    You,as the leader of the greatest country on God’s Earth, should be able, as President be smart enough not to look like a fool. And yet your arrogance rears it’s ugly head more times than not. And by the way 2 for 22 shooting hoops at the Egg roll? Please spare yourself even more embarrassment and go into exile in your coven of cohorts in Chicago.

  8. Obama voters would still love Barry even if he said she had nice t its and he wanted to bend her over and ride her. Barry can arm Mexican drug cartels, engage in a cover up for it, and cover up Benghazi, what’s a little sexism compared to that?

  9. Well, it was nothing to begin with. And now, this big deal about an apology for nothing. I´d say it is smoke and mirror again. He probably wants an image as a ladies man , trying to dissolve all those rumours about, well you know. He is never trustworthy.

  10. There’s an article from the Atlantic on RealClearPolitics this morning which has an interesting, mutually admiring photo of Obama with Ms.Harris. Take a look. I would imagine that the Mooch is fuming.

  11. If a Republican made such a comment, he would be ridiculed in every newspaper headline in the US. Obama is so pathetic and the press protects his every move and word.

  12. There is not an ounce of true decorum in the man, no sense of modesty. He is supposed to be a president let alone a husband and father of two teenage girls.

    This is only serious because it’s this type of issue that he understands. After all this is the man who didn’t act when the Benghazzi attacks were taking place against America, who claims our economy has been saved by him and has so little understanding of economics he will never get (or is it care) that he ruined it and who has divided Americans into resentful and weak citizens who are fearful for the future but are becoming increasingly clueless. Perhaps he’ll invite the Attorney General and the Georgetown law school contraceptive hustler for a beer to talk about his relationships with women.

  13. What a bunch of bull this whole episode regarding what that consumate liar Dictator Obama said. Look at all the deadly issues facing us and what this really is just another propaganda distraction from ongoing destruction of the country by the democrat party communists and their Dear Leader. I do enjoy it though, when political correctness becomes a problem for someone like Dictator Obama. Best part is this farce is that Kamila Harris is not even good looking, and Dictator Obama is not attracted to women. The real truth about Harris is that she has worked diligently to destroy the State of California over the years and seeks to impose totalitarian rule over the State.

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