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Leading From Behind, Obama Hands Europe a Back Seat

Amid a growing dispute between Great Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands, President Obama is refusing to take a stand, a sharp contrast to the decisive support given Britain by Ronald Reagan during the 1982 Falklands War.

In a recent referendum, fully 99.8 percent of island voters declared they wanted to remain British even as the leftist Argentine government has begun reasserting claims over the archipelago, which lies a few hundred miles off the Argentine coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Britain has administered the islands since 1833.

Obama’s posture is a symptom of a more general disease infecting the president’s foreign policy: a devaluation of America’s traditional cultural, political, and philosophical ties to Europe.

The growing fissure with the cradle of our own civilization was aptly captured today in an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal by Kenneth Weinstein, president and CEO of the Hudson Institute.

Weinstein notes Obama’s scrapping of missile defense for Poland, his failure to consult Europe about policy, and his passivity toward Syria and even toward sanctions for Tehran.

These days Europeans don’t complain to visiting Americans about feeling bullied by the White House. They complain about feeling ignored. It isn’t a question of policy per se, but rather a general sense of alienation: a cumulative impression across the Continent that liberal, democratic Europe—as both idea and practical priority—is sliding off Washington’s radar.

Those less civilized – and increasingly well armed – nations of the world are taking note.

In Washington, with isolationist tendencies in both major parties, our policy makers may not have noticed. But the non-Western rest of the world is paying close attention—and eagerly anticipating an international playing field in which vigorous, coherent NATO responses need no longer be assumed.

As Nile Gardiner writes in the Telegraph, even youthful Brits one would expect to lean to the left are disturbed that the other half of the supposedly “special alliance” can’t bring itself to back Britain in a dispute that could bring war.

During a recent BBC program, the young studio audience offered strong applause for a speaker calling Obama “a hypocrite and an coward” over the Falklands betrayal.

And what do we get for Obama’s passivity? China increasingly intent on military supremacy; North Korea heading toward the day it produces nuclear weapons like M&Ms; Iran playing the West for time as it makes its nuclear program impregnable and then operational; and al Qaeda newly resurgent overseas and no doubt readying for the day it can again attack the U.S. homeland.

Weakness and apathy has its price. If Obama’s lucky, that price will be paid by the next president, as our enemies’ momentum rises to a crescendo a few years hence. Just as Bush paid the price in September 2001 for Clinton’s dismantling of our military and failure to take on al Qaeda.

But no matter who’s in charge, the price will be paid by America.

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39 Responses to Leading From Behind, Obama Hands Europe a Back Seat

  1. Obama will now replace Quisling he’s step by step in cowardice and complete
    lack of what the strength of America means made us weak. The military aren’t
    to blame the blame and repercussions fall on one person only Obama. Let it
    on his head be the reality of a country who’s leader aims to fail. It won’t just
    affect America but the world.

    • The best evidence the author seems to have to support his views is some audience applause at a T.V. show taping. Having watched a few episodes of Wally George and Jerry Springer, I can say with confidence that TV audiences are not a good measure of public sentiment. I’m surprised Kieth Koffler thinks they are.

  2. ah, the joy of schadenfreude (a very useful German word I learned from watching “The Simpsons”). I love seeing Europe unhappy with Obama!

    European whining is ironic. Europe LURVED Obama. it was great that he wasn’t going to let the US “bully” anyone anymore–or, in O’s own words, “dictate” to other countries (except to Israel, of course, which isn’t even allowed to choose its own capital city).

    but now Britain is sad we’re not on their side about the Falklands, or Malvinas? (or, as Obama would say, the “Maldives”? imagine if Bush had made this mistake.) well wah wah wah on the world’s smallest violin.

    not only does the UK have contempt for Americans, their Muslim immigrants have helped bring out that green and pleasant land’s inner anti-Semite. the Ahava store in London were ridden out of town by the BDS movement, and many elected officials are virulently anti-Israel, even members of Parliament. so…protect your own bally islands, old chap!

    • rulierose: I am (((clapping))). No pity party from me for the UK.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the orchard is rife with rot. The UK has set the template and tolerance of anti-Semitism with the elected and unelected.
      Ken Livingstone: “I will make London a beacon of Islam…”

        • Possibly the Archibishop was a big fan of King Edward I as well.

          Interesting article at if you want to read it.

          Ireland to Build One of Europe’s Largest Mosques
          City planners in the Irish capital, Dublin, have given the go-ahead for the construction of a sprawling mega-mosque complex that will cater to Ireland’s burgeoning Muslim population.
          The massive €40 million ($50 million) “Islamic Cultural Center” will be built on a six-acre site in Clongriffin, a new and as yet unfinished suburb at the northern edge of Dublin.

        • Does the Archbishop realize that if sharia becomes law in England, he will be an infidel and probably put to death as a leading non-Muslim? These people should read the Koran before they open their mouths and let idiocies fall out.

          • “These people should read the Koran before they open their mouths and let idiocies fall out.” – FLDemFem

            You mean like these two verses?

            ‘Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

            Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. ‘


            That’s just a taste. Other than dhimmi taxes, Muslims have no use for other religions.

            Don’t believe it? Here’s another taste of where this leads, from our good friends in Kuwait, who are REALLY starting to enjoy Shari’a law:

            “Sharia in action in Kuwait: Parliament approves death penalty for insulting Allah
            “Islam is a religion of tolerance, peace and acceptance, but that doesn’t mean it should be stepped on.” This is the kind of law that the foes of the freedom of speech, of which there are many, are trying to bring to the West.

            “Kuwait Parliament Approves Death Penalty for Insulting God,” by Fiona MacDonald and Dahlia Kholaif for Bloomberg, April 3 (thanks to Paul):

            Kuwait’s parliament approved a law imposing the death penalty on any Muslim who insults God, his prophets, messengers, Prophet Mohammad’s wives or the Koran, in any form of expression, if they don’t repent. ”


            Enjoy, Mr. Archbishop. It would actually be kind of fun watching folks like this get hoisted on their own petards – were they not dragging the rest of us to death with them.

  3. The answer is in the phrase “the cradle of our own civilization”. MrObama doesn’t have any relation, either by ancestor or culture, with Europe.
    His ancestors and culture are African.

    All of us who are White can claim a section of or country in Europe as our family’s original homeland. MrObama leans toward Kenya and MrsObama probably has no idea where in Africa her ancestors once lived. It’s not a racial thing, but geography.
    The Obamas off-center approach to all things that we consider to be American is explained by their background. We love our ethic foods from our elders homelands, we celebrate the freedoms that America gave our people, but the Obamas don’t have the same feelings about our country.

    MrObamas reluctance to support our friends abroad is more a personal, than political, reaction. He felt a strong pull to support one side or another in Muslim countries during the Arab Spring because he was raised to be a Muslim and understands their feeling.

    Like they say, he’s just not that into us. .

    • Well said, srdem65, he is leading the US into another direction, away from the European heritage that it originated from. It´s important to remember that his roots are in Kenya and Indonesia. I suspect that there are some kind of inferiority complex/revenge feelings involved.
      By the way, I have the impression that his only interest in Europe is to encourage the socialist EU/Euro project to continue. He probably thinks it is a fine model.

      • Another thing that strikes me about this roots in Africa and Indonesia POTUS is that he comes from an island nation, and simply does not grasp the enormity that is our beloved country.

        It IS interesting that that the UK seems hoist on its own petard.

  4. everything to this President is about HIM.
    The best microcosm I’ve seen so far has to do with the Basketball shooting.

    LOOK at how he had to (at first) show off his skillz. Instead of allowing the children to play he had to upstage them.
    Then when that failed, he tried and tried and tried at something unimportant (shooting a basketball). Other kids are trying to play. But instead of allowing them his ball he kept shooting. And his ball hits another kids. Poor kid. but no one cares about the kids…just him.
    When he was shown up by a young boy, he had to continue to show that he was better than the boy.

    Meanwhile the crowd was cheering for him, giving him claps for No reason. Near misses were given the “Almost!” from his low info fans.

    Finally he hit a shot and he left without a word.

    Think about the kind personality that is.

    • I agree, Scottso, spot on. It´s so revealing to watch long video sequences of this man, to watch him interact with other people , to hear his off remarks. I guess this was a disaster for his handlers. His propaganda machine just wants to deliver snapshots of Dear Leader shooting a goal. Because he is so great and fantastic whatever he does. Basta.

  5. wait – haven’t you learned yet that NOTHING BAD that happens in Obama’s fault? This deadbeat is worth a thousand excuses and little else. If it’s not Bush’s fault, then it’s the 1%. If not them, then it’s big oil. If not them, it’s the gun-clingers. If not them, then it’s the religious bigots amongst us. If not them, then it’s those fools that claim credit for things they didn’t build. Divide, subdivide, blame, obfuscate, deflect, dismiss, deride – Obama & his teleprompters are the best Teflon ever created by the mind of man.

    You’re still under the misconception that Obama will ever take responsibility or be held to account for anything he does that turns south – all that stuff is someone else’s fault.

  6. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem in action. The key to Preezy Revenge’s popularity is that he is never seen as governing, so he’s never held responsible when one of his policies goes terribly wrong. He’ll vote present until this situation shakes out. Then he’ll arrange an interview with one of the hacks on NBC to place the blame on anyone or anything other than him or his policies.

    • Spot on, Susan, that is his strategy.When he believes the field is clear he pops up and takes credit or places the blame on someone else. Once in a while it won´t work out, the situation wasn´t really clear and then….Schadenfreude for us ! But this man is made of Teflon in and out and has Praetorian Guards in the MSM so nothing really happens. Not yet.

  7. Keith, your so right. BO’s posturing on world events has lead us down a road we may never recover from. I blame him for his handling of important foreign affairs decisions, but, I also blame his so called advisors that are supposed to be experts in diplomacy and national security. I have never seen so much touchy feely BS policy come out of the WH in all my years. How they have handled issues with North Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, other nations (it’s a very long list), and worst of all a mess we call Benghazi is appalling. Nations now laugh behind our backs, Some have gone as far as to do it in our face. And we deserve it. But then things are not to rosy here in the good old US of A.

    Of course there are ways the current administration could fix some of our foreign problems. And to me it’s more than shoveling $$$ to them. Of course that is something the WH is very good at these days – shoveling $$$.

      • Yes–I am sure the brain mapping gambit is his “big initiative” from his world-class intellect–and to say otherwise or question it, is to mark us as anti-science or pro-Alzheimer’s or something.

  8. “Obama’s posture is a symptom of a more general disease infecting the president’s foreign policy: a devaluation of America’s traditional cultural, political, and philosophical ties to Europe.” – Keith Koffler

    AMERICA’S “traditional cultural, political, and philosophical ties to Europe”. NOT Obama’s.

    Even if you actually believe he was technically born in America, you still can’t deny that HIS “traditional cultural, political, and philosophical ties” are to the Islamic world, and to authoritarian, socialist governments.

    I know he was really inattentive at “reverend” Wright’s church and all, but the Islamic instructors at the madrassa he grew up in would not let him ignore his Muslim supremacy and America as “The Great Satan” lessons in the same way – so obviously, those stuck.

    Pretty much explains everything.

  9. “…leftist Argentine government…” – Keith Koffer

    Say no more. The first and last words in this simple phrase tell you right away who Obama will support…

  10. “And what do we get for Obama’s passivity? China increasingly intent on military supremacy; North Korea heading toward the day it produces nuclear weapons like M&Ms; Iran playing the West for time as it makes its nuclear program impregnable and then operational; and al Qaeda newly resurgent overseas and no doubt readying for the day it can again attack the U.S. homeland.” – Keith Koffler

    Yes. Just like Obama WANTS it. This is not a mistake or an accident, but a planned and intended consequence in Obama’s “America Last” program, and the left’s “Blame America First” agenda. THESE things will put the bully that is America in its proper, subservient place!

  11. “If Obama’s lucky, that price will be paid by the next president, as our enemies’ momentum rises to a crescendo a few years hence. ” – Keith Koffler

    NEXT President? I seriously doubt we’ll survive THIS one!

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