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Obama Tees Up His New Golf Game

Having received instruction from Tiger Woods’ former coach – and then from Tiger Woods – President Obama is spending the day putting their teachings into practice, golfing for the third day of his three-day vacation at The Floridian golf resort.

Today he is playing with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk – known throughout the trade community for not having negotiated a single free trade agreement of his own during his four years in office – Obama Chicago pal Dr. Eric Whitaker, and Marvin Nicholson, the White House aide who is Obama’s most regular golf partner.

It’s Obama’s fifth golf outing in the young year and the 116th of his presidency.

41 Responses to Obama Tees Up His New Golf Game

  1. Sorry, not buying it. He may be on a golf course, but they’re not golfing.
    Drinking, playing cards, whatever. There are private cottages on this elite golf course to hide in.
    Golfing is the perfect excuse for being out of the WhiteHouse and out of the prying eyes and ears of the pesky press.

  2. Once the weather warms up in DC, look out.

    Without a campaign to worry about in 2016, Obeyme will have the full year to hit the links. At the rate he’s going, he will easily eclipse 240 rounds of golf over his presidency, which would be TEN TIMES as many rounds of golf as Dubya played.

    AND with unemployment numbers well above 7% the whole time so far, and gas prices heading for record highs. Wait ’til they start rolling out the summer blends, folks…$5 gas, here we come.

    But hey, at least King Putts will have a heck of a short game before he has to start paying for all of his golf.

  3. The girls’ spring break is Mar 23 – Apr 2, I bet there’s another vacay being planned, unless they’re going on another school trip ?

    Or, back to Florida :)

    • Maybe the girls will go on another school trip, take the secret service, and take over their own personal hotel for them and their mates as the older girl did on a field trip to Mexico.

  4. Yeah. The math, 4 years as President is roughly 208 weeks in office, forgetting his second term of a week or two… That’s playing about once every two weeks!

    OMG! A golfer playing twice a month on the average? Heck, our President is blowing his past trend line… And, I like what srdem65 says, we all know stuff goes on before and after the game – heck, even during the game… ;)

    Sidebar: Wonder if our President keeps his own card… Thinking… Someone will go there… Good material available… Write me… Thought of three just now…

    Back On Task: We can all agree all President’s have “really, really, really, aged” while doing their job (or in a few cases died early….). To that end, President Obama is not different, not different at all. We can all generally agree that the job of president is hugely stressful and the link of stress to health and aging is a “like duh” medical correlation. Frankly, we have no clue and can only imagine – which is, of course, what we do best…lol…

    So what – the man plays golf. He may even occasionally smoke a cigar and nip at the bottle while playing cards… My goodness, he works as hard and is as stressed as any president – it is just simply a fact. His aging demonstrates the nature of the job…

    Have fun as you will, but, at the deepest level of your cognitive ability, you do understand all presidents actually work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even old Bush 2 worked like a dog and worked hard to handle the stress he was under. They have to work to avoid work. They can not escape their job even when they try: Jogging, biking, golfing, treadmilling, drinking, carousing, site seeing, eating, partying, writing, speaking, holding hands, walking to Marine One, flying in ULTRA first class, doing photo shoots, and, hopefully, washing their hands after using the crapper or shaking the hands of a bunch of booger-picking 5th graders…

    ’nuff said…

      • RT’s not a loser, let me translate for you:

        “We survived 8 years of Bush, you can survive 8 years of Obama”

        RT just wants us all to get along :D Unfortunately, we may not survive Obama, he’s not only worse than Bush, he doubled down on all of W’s fiscal mistakes … and doesn’t seem to care.

        • I hear you, Denise. Anyone who persists and insists to continue to torment a blog with their blunder is a loser in my book. He should go to his Obama loving blogs and play kissy face with his buds. He wastes his time spewing his venom here. No one really cares what he has to say.

        • Denise – I just used Bush as an example of a hard working president cuz he was recent history. No other purpose. But thanks for coming to my defense!

          Somehow, some folks just do not get it. There is NO CORRELATION with how hard a President works and the efficacy of their efforts. ALL presidents work hard – every one of them. How effective they are in the (a) immediate, (b) short term, and (c) long term is subject to debate on the following scale.

          (a) No one knows, and we usually follow along as a population on any disaster and wait for the shoe to drop on everything else…

          (b) We form along divisional / party lines and try to spin outcome, but begin to get a sense of how things are really playing out…

          (c) History does the most of the work for us, and we really have no control of the outcome unless we are a well respected historian…

          @JP – Sorry you consider my posts tormenting… “Spewing Venom”… Oh my. Funny, even folks who know me on this Blog and completely disagree with a lot of what I say can see through you.

          I mean really, JP… Who is spewing Venom… I can send you a link to an anger management seminar if you want…

          Peace Out!

          ~ RT

    • Not “nuf said”. How do you balance Obama’s 116 outings just barely into his fifth year with Bush’s 24 outings in eight years?

      • Julie – Why don’t we count bike rides? Go retrieve some data on that…

        I get the frustration – I read it in most every post. I am not immune… Have you ever really stepped back and read some of this stuff? With everything going on in the world, we are counting golf outings? And, when someone like ole RT here does a bit a math, tongue in cheek, and the house of cards come falling down, I am “spewing venom” and not counting the right “outing types”?

        I can play. Take a peek at how hard Jefferson worked and what he worked on (when he worked at all)… Oh, he was a lazy, lazy, boy…

        • The problem is we are talking about golf outings and not Benghazi because that is where the MSM go. However, his perpetual campaigning is just as bad as the golf. He has no need to leave DC as often as he does and what should be his work, w-o-r-k. He’s on an endless joyride.

          I hate to break it to you, but you haven’t brought anyone’s house down on WHD.

  5. So he didn’t even do anything ceremonial for Presidents’ Day. Usually he likes ceremony–over substance. He showed up back in DC with Reggie Love on AF1.

  6. His Arrogance and Tiger “the Adulterer” Woods. Priceless. Really. Probably that outing cost us taxpayers millions. i.e. Lessons, green fees, carts, 19th hole, etc. Oh and the secret service security. Priceless.