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Obama Schedule || Tuesday February 5, 2013

9:45 am || Received the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with progressive and labor leaders to discuss immigration; Roosevelt Room
3:20 pm || Meets with corporate CEOs about immigration; Roosevelt Room
4:30 || Meets with Secretary of Defense Panetta

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

White House Contempt for Average Americans

It’s not pleasant to be reminded that the White House is dripping with contempt for average citizens.

Tweets issued over the weekend by former White House senior adviser David Plouffe and his replacement, Dan Pfeiffer, shed some light on how President Obama and his top advisers view their opponents.

Not just their political opponents. Their doubters and detractors among the public.

Perhaps you have seen these juvenile messages that Plouffe and Pfeiffer dispatched Saturday mocking anyone who would suggest that the photo of Obama shooting skeet at Camp David was doctored.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.36.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.36.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.33.15 PMFor the record, no, I don’t believe the picture was photoshopped. And I never thought Obama was born in Kenya.

But given all the lies and deceptions that have come out of this White House and the fantastic frauds that have been perpetrated by previous White Houses, people can be excused for having a healthy suspicion of their leaders.

A president has to be president of all the people, even those who doubt him. And even those who hate him.

Pfeiffer with Obama
Pfeiffer with Obama

This president loves to think of himself as a modern day Lincoln. But Lincoln took a magnanimous position not just toward his opponents in the North, but even toward the Southerners who were in armed rebellion against him.

This president is no Lincoln, nothing like him. He presides over a petty, fully politicized White House that has real hatred toward people it is responsible for governing.

Obama himself once counseled Hispanic voters to punish their “enemies.” That Pfeiffer and Plouffe would gleefully take to Twitter to mock those who might be suspicious the photograph – and by suggestion those who believed Obama’s birth certificate to be false – is a pure reflection of the contempt that animates this White House.

It’s no coincidence that Obama and his advisers can’t establish any kind of relationship with conservatives. They hate conservatives, and they want to crush them.

Obama and Plouffe
Obama and Plouffe

Frankly, I respect people with strong opinions. Unlike Bill Clinton, who was essentially a chameleon, Obama is a true liberal with a deep intellectual understanding of the principles that guide him.

It’s unfortunate, and even disconcerting, that he doesn’t respect the views of others, and that he surrounds himself with people who would demean American citizens from their lofty perches of power.

It’s one thing to play for keeps. But poor sportsmanship, at this level, is unacceptable.

Obama is the most successful liberal of his generation. As president, he is making serious changes in the direction of this country. But Lincoln, he is not.

Obama: I Will Raise Taxes Again, Yes

In an interview with CBS News anchor Scott Pelley Sunday, President Obama, made it clear he’ll be back in your pocket looking for more of your money.

Have a look-see.

Let me do some translating for you: Revenues means TAXES. I get why Obama doesn’t want to call it taxes, but what’s disgusting is to see a journalist playing along and using the word revenues as well.

Ditto, BTW for investments. This is what’s known in the none-spin world as SPENDING.

You can see from the video where Obama’s focus is. He has specific ideas for raising taxes, but only vague ideas for cutting spending. And the vague notions he offers up suggest he’ll be delivering painless – i.e. meaningless – cuts. That’s what’s meant by “smart spending reduction” and reducing “waste in the system.

IT MEANS HE PLANS TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Unless forced to do otherwise

What’s more, as the country becomes ever more deeply buried in debt, Obama is still talking about adding NEW SPENDING, “like education and research and development that are going to help us grow.”

I know what’s growing:

national debt

Top Obama Economic Aide Cuts and Pastes His Statements

White House Council of Economic Adviser Chair Alan Krueger has begun his monthly statements on the nation’s employment situation with nearly the exact same sentences almost every month since November 2011, just after he was installed as one of Obama’s most senior economic advisers. With the exception of some variation in the May 2012 statement,… Continue Reading