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Daily Archives: February 2, 2013, 10:52 am

Okay, He Shot Something

Updated 12.22 pm ET

The White House this morning released a photo of President Obama shooting “clay targets” at Camp David. The incident occurred August 4, 2012, which was Obama’s 51st birthday.

This doesn’t settle Obama’s claim that he shoots “all the time.” But yes, it does appear he has fired a weapon.

Peace out.

Obama shoots skeet

UPDATE: Several of you have noted that though he’s supposed to be shooting clay targets, which are normally flung through the air, Obama is holding the barrel level.

In fact, White House Dossier has determined that the White House is lying, and Obama wasn’t shooting at clay targets at all. A source at Camp David has sent us this photo, taken just after Obama finished firing, of the actual target.